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Flateyjargáta Reader ´ 348 pages Ë Viktor arnar ingólfsson Ë ➶ [Read] ➲ Flateyjargáta By Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson ➾ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Ketilsey Island 1960Near this deserted island off the western coast of Iceland the dawning of spring brings with it new life for the local wildlifS symbology and secret societies to find the killerViktor Arnar Ingolfsson’s Glass Key–nominated Nordic mystery captures the era with visceral authenticity and the austere uiet of a world far off the beaten track Full of surprising humor complex clues and brooding intensity The Flatey Enigma is so captivating you won’t be able to put the book down until Kjartan has cracked the code This one was really interesting It´s a mystery thriller taking place on a small island in Icland in the 60s To be honest if I wouldn´t have read about it being in the 60s I wouldn´t have known because the people were like I would expect them to be living on a remote island A dead man is found and soon everybody thinks the dead one is connected with an old book the book of flatey which exists in the real world In the thriller the book is connected to a riddle in 40 parts concerning the saga told in the book of flatey The story is interrupted with pieces of the saga and the riddle which corresponds to this part of the saga Sounds complicated but that´s my fault I just don´t know how to describe it But one learns uite a lot about this iclandic saga The main character is a civil servant from Icland who is sent there to report what´s happened Then the story evolves and in the end everybody is connected and nothing is as expected The language fits the island simple short sentences But nevertheless it was very good written

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Ketilsey Island 1960Near this deserted island off the western coast of Iceland the dawning of spring brings with it new life for the local wildlife But for the decaying body discovered by three seal hunters winter is a matter of permanence After it is found to be a Danish cryptographer missing for months the ensuing investigation uncovers a mysterious link between him and a medieval manu This is a mystery with different meanings with a couple of mysteries threading through out the whole story and the dead bodies are almost incidental to the true story which is a snapshot of small Icelandic island life during the 1960's If you're a fan of modern formula driven mysteries or hard and fast action this book will bore you to tears I enjoyed the book because I am an armchair anthropologist and I loved the hints of many different mysteries within the mystery of the occult and of the ancient mythology This is a story of a book of ancient sagas called The Flatey Book that happened to be written on the small island of Flatey which is in the 1960's of fading glory and population and which was noted in the book maybe misnamed as it just happened to be written on the island and should have been named after the fantastic poets and illustrators who made the book It is also a story of despair professional greed and national pride all centered around the Flatey Book When your roots even as a poor farmer go back to the powerful times of the Vikings how far will you go for this book that keeps this history alive? How much meaning does this ancient book have in their lives? The author painstakingly allows you to find out how each and every islander feels his or her connection to The Book it's one of the pluses of this story things unfold you aren't just TOLD how people feel You are told how the islanders feed themselves and stay alive but you are allowed to get to know them and decide for yourself how they feel about The Book It's difficult to write as it would be easy to give it all away and that would ruin the mystery part of the book though dead people are almost incidental to THE BOOK The only problem that I have with the book is that it is a little slow and I had to keep reminding myself that it's on a very small island in the 60's that the slowness just mirrors the style of life in a place where getting to the mail boat on time was the most exciting thing that happened in years But all in all I've already recommended it to friends who might like it It's worth the read and I hope to read from this author

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FlateyjargátaScript known as the Book of FlateyBefore long another body is found on Flatey another tiny island off the western coast This time in the ancient Viking tradition the victim’s back has been mutilated with the so called blood eagle Kjartan the district magistrate’s representative sent to investigate the crime soon finds himself descending into the dark dangerous world of ancient legend This book is actually a decent story and makes for a somewhat typical mystery The Icelandic setting and reliance on a historical Icelandic Norse manuscript as a center focus adds a somewhat uniue twist but in many ways it doesn't move any further than being a Icelandic version of a Dan Brown novel a la The Davinci CodeThe story is entertaining and uick however so it isn't what I would call bad The 3 star review reflects the entertainment value The reason it is no higher is of a reflection of a less than idea translation or a bit of a simplistic writing style I suppose when you are going for the action mystery type genre the writing style has to be simplistic but I can't help but think that the real book isn't a bit better Word choice is odd at times and references from the Norse book are difficult to read; likely these are translation issuesLast the setting is something that may be a little difficult for readers I feel fortunate to have recently visited Iceland and even traveled the mail boat route referred to often in the book It really helps in placing one in the story I can see this being challenging if you don't know the setting Some care is made in putting those without knowledge of the setting into it but it could have been done better