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Read The Hidden Kingdom eBook ä Hardcover µ gwairsoft ñ [KINDLE] ❁ The Hidden Kingdom ❄ Tui T. Sutherland – The WINGS OF FIRE saga continuesDeep in the rain forest danger awaitsGlory knows the dragon world is wrong about her tribe After all she isn't as lazy as a RainWing she isn'T of Pyrrhia Worst of all they don't realize or care that RainWings are going missing from their beautiful forest But Glory and the dragonets are determined to find the missing dragons even if it drags the peaceful RainWing kingdom where they never wanted to be in the middle of the wa This one was much exciting and fleshed out than the second in the series nearly back to the excellence of the first I'm still disappointed that some of the dragonets aren't as featured I LOVE CLAY but they had bigger parts in this one in other words they weren't just held prisoner nearly the whole book like the last one I enjoyed getting to know Glory and watching her become a happier dragon even when her tribe wasn't uite what she was expecting I'm interested to read Starflight's story next especially since I haven't particularly liked his character all that much Hopefully there's some hidden depth to discover

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The WINGS OF FIRE saga continuesDeep in the rain forest danger awaitsGlory knows the dragon world is wrong about her tribe After all she isn't as lazy as a RainWing she isn't lazy at all Maybe she wasn't meant to be one of the dragonets of destiny as the older dragons constantly remin And yet another gem of an addition to this awesome series Can I just say wow I love how every dragon has it's own uniue personality To me the characters seem well developed Yes I realize this is a middle grade book but let me say if me a teenager can really enjoy this book and for that matter all the books in this series then the series is definitely worth reading I say it doesn't matter all that much if a book is in the YA section or the juvenile section in the library as long as it's a good book And therefore I have no ualms with reading books that are considered middle grade fiction Imagination knows no bounds Okay so now that we've go that out of the way let's get on to the review I love the excitement the surprises and the adventure So far with each book I've read in the series I sympathize most with the character that's telling the story; probably because I'm inside that characters head So far I've been inside Clay Tsunami and Glory's head The next book is going to be told from Starflight's point of view Now let me just say he's the dragonet of destiny that I least like Ever since Morowseer took him to the Nightwing kingdom he's been acting weird I mean weirder than normal Really I think that deep down he's a good lil' dragon but he still seems might suspicious to me So we'll just have to see how that goes Oh and can I just mention how much I LOVE all this horrible betrayal thing that's going on? The whole struggle of ending the war and the uestion of Who's gonna be ueen of the Sandwings? just really sparks my interest And the fact that none of the Sandwing ueens seem to be deserving of the thrown is uite a problem I'm really excited to see how that turns out And HM I really am just going on and on about this aren't I I promise no matter what age you are you'll absolutely love this series I'd recommend this series to anyone Wellexcept for really little kids Okay then little kids And ADULTS Hey they can totally stick to their philosophical books And there health books And their weirdviolent mystery books And really any other kind of books that adults read Unless of course they happen to have an awesome imagination Then they'll find that they love the books just as much as us kids do

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The Hidden KingdomD her but Glory is sharp and her venom is deadly except of course no one knows itWhen the dragonets seek shelter in the rain forest Glory is devastated to find that the treetops are full of RainWings that no dragon could ever call dangerous They nap all day and know nothing of the res RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU GREW UP WATCHING THE LAND BEFORE TIME I know what you’re thinking “Hey these are dragons – not dinosaurs”bonks you on the head Don’t be silly Where do you think dragon stories come from? Dragons are basically like dinosaurs so – shush Pay attentionEven the group dynamic reminds me of The Land Before Time team with certain dragons bearing a marked resemblance to my beloved Littlefoot Cera Spike and DuckyAnything that reminds me of The Land before Time is something that I’m going to be positively disposed to It also helps that this series is fun in its own right This series is so intriguing so fun so uniue – it’s impossible not to enjoy itAll of the books are well written but also surprisingly on the grim and violent side considering they are middle grade This book was the least intense or violent installment of the series which I personally preferredThe author does a good job in switching narrators for each book but I thought she especially shone in this tale about Glory previously one of the least likable dragonets in the fivesome as she dives into the girl’s motivations and feelings with great successBeautifully written and with appealing characters and mesmerizing world building there’s something truly irresistible about this book Dragons drama and danger – what’s not to love?