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Free read ñ The Nurses Bodyguard ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð ❰Download❯ ✤ The Nurses Bodyguard Author Melanie Mitchell – A danger she can't understand  Claire Olsen has been in Seoul South Korea for only one month She doesn't know anyone—aside from her roommate and her Meone would attack her Desperate to forget about the violent mugging Claire tries to focus on her nursing but one man won't let her hide The Nurses MOBI #234 from the truth Naval intelligence officer Luke Llewellyn is d. this is a lightweight mystery romancebut gives an interesting insight into Korean life and the orphanage system

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Etermined to keep Claire safe whether she wants him to or not But finding out why she's been targeted means helping Claire unearth the secrets of her past And following his heart means trusting Claire with his own secret. Mary Claire Olsen goes to South Korea to work on a research grant but her personal reason for going relates to her having been born there and adopted by a Minnesota couple When she is attacked no one can figure out why The naval intelligence officer on duty when she reports the crime is taken with the small womanHe vows to find out why she was attacked and is smitten with her in the process She is eually smitten with him but unsure it will work out when he tells her he's getting out of the military in two weeks and plans to go back to Texas to work with his father and brothers in the family businessHow they find out why she is in danger and what that has to do with her mixed parentage makes for an intriguing story one that explains much about trans international adoptions at a time when they occurred so often

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The Nurses BodyguardA danger she can't understand  Claire Olsen has been in Seoul South Korea for only one month She doesn't know anyone aside from her roommate and her colleagues at the medical center and she certainly doesn't know why so. Claire goes to Korea to work at a hospital to take care of kids with cancer and during her stay runs into trouble with someone who keeps trying to kill her She doesn’t know why and the people keep changing Eventually she finds the woman who took care of her as a baby at the adoption center who she finds out os her great aunt Her mother had to give her up because her family is of status and her father was a american soldier Her uncle on her moms side is Min sik and was scared of Claire overtaking his status and kept trying to kill her by hiring out men eventually he died by jumping off a building instead of going to jail for trying to kill Claire while she was visiting in China She ends up falling in love with her protector Luke and they marry Later on when they have two boys of their own they go back to the same adoption agency and adopts a child like herself part Chinese part American that no one of the country wants to add to their two boysI haven’t read her before but l really enjoyed this story and it uickly pulls you in