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84 Charing Cross RoadMuchas veces sin un duro la señorita Hanff le reclama al librero Frank Doel volúmenes poco menos ue inencontrables ue apaciguarán su insaciable sed de descubrimientos Veinte años más tarde continúan escribiéndose y la. A beautiful sincere and humorous correspondence between a writer in New York Helen looking for uniue books all the time and having them shipped over from Europe and a bookstore manager in London over the years Fun nostalgic read with a smile

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Un día en octubre de Helene Hanff una joven escritora desconocida envía una carta desde Nueva York a Marks Co la librería situada en el 84 Charing PDF de Charing Cross Road en Londres Apasionada maniática extravagante y. As a child I loved writing to pen pals Anywhere I went that offered a chance to sign up to be a pen pal I did with earnest None of the pen pals ended up amounting to much but it was thrilling to receive letters from them in the mail I come from a line of pen pal writers as my mother wrote to an English girl her age for her entire childhood and teenaged years It is not surprising then that I one of the first books I reviewed on goodreads was Foreign Correspondence A Pen Pal's Journey from Down Under to All Over by Geraldine Brooks where Brooks details her own experiences with pen pals one that eventually lead her to move to the United States and a career in writing It comes of less of a surprise that I would be lead to 84 Charing Cross Road a short book of correspondence by former television writer Helene Hanff A proclaimed Anglophile who wrote to employees of the Marks and Company Book Shop in London over a twenty year period Hanff published her letters in book form as a gift to future readers and letter writersHelene Hanff is enad by out of print hard to find British literature The only location close to her where she is able to obtain any just to look at is at the main branch of the New York City Public Library Yet that library is 50 blocks from her home and most of the time she is unable to bring the books she finds back to her apartment The books she can read are new and do not have a history behind them By chance Hanff's upstairs neighbors are British and they give her the name of Marks and Co Starting in 1949 Hanff begins writing to Marks' employees reuesting new or slightly used second hand copies of all things British everything from Chaucer to Austen and all rare books in between While Hanff has got to pay for the air mail and shipping fees she is happy to do so as it opens a new world of books to her What started as an enuiry becomes a twenty year correspondence with employees at the shopThe main pen pal Hanff wrote to was an employee named Frank Doel In time she also wrote to his wife and neighbor as well as other employees at Marks and Company At first they referred to each other by names of ma'am and sir but gradually they grew to use familiar names Helene and Frank Engaging in intelligent conversations about books and about their lives Hanff became emotionally invested in the lives of the Marks and Company family Each year she would send the staff gifts of hard to find rationed items as meats eggs sugar and nylon stockings For this they were forever grateful going out of their way to send Hanff any book she reuested even an extremely rare copy of the Complete Works of John Donne While money did not allow her to travel Hanff had an open invitation to visit London and stay as a guest of any of the shop employees What had started as a simple letter morphed into a lifelong friendshipThe correspondence that Helene Hanff engaged in seemed as a precursor to goodreads as she discussed books with otherwise strangers on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Finding like minded readers from all over the world is one of the things I enjoy the most about goodreads so I was drawn to Hanff and her uest to obtain British literature Even though she was unable to visit London Hanff's sincere writing left me with a smile as I envisioned her thrill of opening the letters and packages that emerged from a simple correspondence With the majority of correspondence now done electronically letter writing has become a lost art Hanff's letters to Doel took me back to a simpler time and that their relationship centered on books was only an added bonus4 stars

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READ & DOWNLOAD è 84 Charing Cross Road È ❰Read❯ ➵ 84 Charing Cross Road Author Helene Hanff – Un día en octubre de 1949 Helene Hanff una joven escritora desconocida envía una carta desde Nueva York a Marks Co la librería situada en el 84 de Charing Cross Road en Londres Apasionada maniátic Un Familiaridad se ha convertido en una intimidad casi amorosa Esta correspondencia excéntrica y llena de encanto es una peueña joya ue evoca con infinita delicadeza el lugar ue ocupan en nuestra vida los libros y las librerí. Loved every single page of this wonderful little novel told in letters The lost art of letter writing but amazing how much we can tell of the relationship between the author in New York and a bookstore in London Reuesting books to be sent to her she makes the acuaintance of Frank Dole his wife his neighbor and other employees of the bookstore Starts out as a purely business relationship we can tell letter by letter as they become friendly discussing their families friends jobs and other events going on in the world at the time particularly the rationing that was still in place in London after the warMade me want to go out and buy a brand new gorgeous stationary set and write my friends some letters Wonderful wonderful book