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reader Ó Moon The Life and Death of a Rock Legend ↠ Tony Fletcher When the young Keith Moon was beating the tar out of his drum kit in Shepherd's Bush in 1964 it would have been unthinkable that this sparky little mod kid would have been the subject of a door stopping 500 page biography But young Keith soon mutated into Moon the Loon and joined the pantheon of legendary rock and roll wild men who lived fast and died young and 500 pag Classic rock biography of the Who's original drummer Keith Moon was the one and onlyOne of the sad things about getting older is that you outgrow your heroes When I was a teenager the Who were my favorite band hands down Not because their music was the best but because I could relate to the anger and confusion and power of their greatest songs I especially loved the songs on uadrophenia like I'm One and Dr Jimmy My hero in those days was Pete Townshend the songwriter who took life seriously not Keith Moon the drummer who made everybody laugh But still I admired Keith and I understood why it was so important to have someone fun like him in a band that was so dark and angry This book is a classic and yet in a way I wish I hadn't read it Because Tony Fletcher really exposes you to the dark side of the Moon This is an author who does his homework and is unbelievably thorough It's obvious that he loves Keith Moon and that he interviewed every single person he was ever close to during his days of fame and madness Though I did feel that Keith's parents were curiously absent from the interviews and that the difficulties of his early childhood were uickly skimmed over instead of being explored in fullTony Fletcher tells you everything The only problem is you find out too much I knew Keith Moon loved to run around and do crazy things but I didn't know he got drunk enough to break his wife's nose twice by mistake I had no idea he was obsessively jealous to the point of being a stalker I had no idea how much rage was underneath all the constant clowning and carrying on and having fun I didn't know that and I really didn't want to know it Reading this book was fun at first but as things got darker and darker I really wished I could go back to being a teenager and not knowing all the things I didn't want to know So it turns out that in his own way Keith Moon was just as self destructive and angry as Jim Morrison of the Doors But being a working class Britisher instead of an affluent American he felt the need to camouflage this with a lot of clowning around It's no fun for me to say this but I think I'm a little too old to be messing around with heroes like this But I still love the music of the Who and I think this is the best book ever written about them And about Keith Moon

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Moon The Life and Death of a Rock Legend kindle ☆ 608 pages Download ´ Tony Fletcher ç [Read] ➮ Moon The Life and Death of a Rock Legend By Tony Fletcher – When the young Keith Moon was beating the tar out of his drum kit in Shepherd's Bush in 1964 it w Es now seems the minimum space needed to cover his many excesses Tony Fletcher has drawn heavily on interviews with Moon's wife his sister and his girlfriend for the last eight years of his life Oliver Reed Alice Cooper and Larry Hagman also have their say and the picture that emerges is of a man whose outrageous antics sprung from an absurdly over generous personality This may be the saddest book I've ever readYou know we just shot a lot of film for the interview and talking about all that I was wondering if you'd tell us the truth and stop lyingWell no I mean the truth is you want to hear it? I can't do that You couldn't afford me

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Moon The Life and Death of a Rock LegendThe drink the drugs and the trashed hotel rooms are all splendidly chronicled as is the music His drug fuelled demise is not a pretty sight but Moon had always walked the walk and so the fact that unlike the other members of The Who he actually did die before he got old ultimately comes as no surprise Nick WroeAlso published as Moon The Life and Death of a Rock Legend This was a really good book and it is very evident that Tony Fletcher really did his research Whether you're a fan of the Who or the legendary drummer that powered them this book provides great insight into the complex mind of Keith Moon and his contributions to rock 'n' rollAnyone who knows even the slightest detail about Mr Moon knows that he was basically insane He took superhuman amounts of drugs he played the drums far wildly than anyone had every seen before and he lived a life of wild excess There are countless Moon the Loon stories out there and Fletcher does a great job of digging into these stories determining which are true and conveying them in a way that shows Keith's incredible sense of humour and creativity He also does a fantastic job of showing Keith's many other sides as well whether it's his softer side his insecure side his jealous side a little bit scary or his unhinged side downright terrifyingBe warned though especially if you like me see Moon as a rock 'n' roll hero The last half of this book is very heavy That's not to say that it becomes hard to read or takes a long time to get through because it actually read faster for me toward the end No the hard part is seeing how Moon handled his battles with depression alcoholism and addiction while also seeing that all he really wanted to do was drum with the Who again It really makes you feel bad for a guy who just couldn't get onto the straight and narrow whether you may feel he had it coming or notMoon's story is in the end a tragic one Along the way to his early grave however he always found a way to put a smile on other people's faces and even in death this book helped him put a smile on mine as well