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Breakfast at Giovanni's characters ß 104 ↠ [Reading] ➮ Breakfast at Giovanni's ➶ Kate Hardy – Having just been fired Francesca has three immediate reuirements a coffee an extremely calorific pastry and a new job Stopping off at her favorite café Giovanni's she manages to pick up all three Wor Having jusS to pick up all three Working for darkly handsome Giovanni Mazetti is fantastic except Fran discovers the job comes with a tantalizing caveat pretending to be his adoring gi. Giovanni runs a chain of coffee shops and happens to be closing one night when he spots Fran looking sad She's just been let go from her job as an office manager Turns out Giovanni sees an opportunity to hire someone to take care of his business while he tries to figure out what he wants to do with it and to examine other life options So he hires her but his family seems to think that they're romantically involved So when his grandmother comes to visit thinking he's settling down Giovanni asks Fran to pretend to be his girlfriend to make her happy She agrees but before long they realize nobody is pretendinguntil it's time to end it and then there are doubts This is Harleuin lite There is virtually no angst except for the last little part of the story Giovanni is not your typical hero he's not a millionaire he can't buy anything under the sun or whisk the heroine off to exotic locales he's not tortured or cynical about women he's not a manwhore and he's honestly a really nice decent guy So this felt wildly unusual compared to the rest of the genre A good kind of unusual I think Needless to say I liked Giovanni I liked Fran too But they were rather a bit staid in the first 40% of the book It read like a journal of daily activity with some mentions of attraction and yearning but kind of on the boring side Around the 40% point though the UST starts to build and this becomes a much better story At that point the chemistry turns on between them and I enjoyed reading about them I didn't completely understand Fran's decision to view spoiler completely ignore Gio's texts and phone calls given that he hadn't really done anything wrongsurely as her former employer she could think of some good reason to pick up the phone and listen to what he had to say Or for that matter wasn't he leaving at least halfway decent messages I'm also not uite sure why Gio was the one to make the effort Fran is the one who walked out and has been making all the phone calls Why didn't Fran fight hide spoiler

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Having just been fired Francesca has three immediate reuirements a coffee an extremely calorific pastry and a new job Stopping off at her favorite café Giovanni's she manage. I loved this book it was so romantic I adored Gio and understood Fran very well She was such a sweet girl but always doubted herself I also liked how close Gio's family was to him and how he loved everyone This book had no villians which in my opinion is great because you don't read many books now days without having to read about many conflicts There were some problems but they were problems that Gio and Fran had with themselves and it took them some time to finally sort it out I loved their chemistry and the romance was so strong I got my HEA in the end so it made me love this book even What I didn't like about this book was that it was so short I wished the author could have wrote it a little longer p

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Breakfast at Giovanni'sRlfriend Soon their kisses start happening in private as well as in public and although Fran knows it's all a game to Giovanni she can't help wishing his feelings were for re. This is a gorgeous story and Kate Hardy's 25th publication for Mills Boon This in itself is a milestone to be proud of and Kate couldn't have celebrated better than with sexy Giovanni he is HOTFrancesca is a warm loveable heroine and just what Giovanni needs His large Italian family fall in love with Fran from the moment they meet her and Fran reciprocates the feelingsKate Hardy delivers everything her faithful readers have come to expect a well researched story a very sexy hero who is deserving of the lovely heroine and secondary characters who don't take over the story yet are integral to the plotThis is a story that touches the reader on all levels it's humorous romantic and emotional A delicious read on all counts