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Doug Heavy Runner left the life of an openly gay Miami police officer and returned to his home on the Salish Kootenai Indian Reservation when his mother got sick In the two years since she passed he’s carved out an empty A Casual MOBI #234 life as a small town deputy relying on out of town one night stands to keep him sane Then he meets Detective Christopher Hayes and they share a wild ni. 4 starsReview completed May 30 2013 Christopher Hayes is a homicide detective with the San Diego police department and currently off duty His partner Ray Delgado saved him when he’d been severely wounded while chasing down a criminal The bullet had pierced his right shoulder and it looks like it caused nerve damage as well since three fingers of Christopher’s right hand are totally numb As long as he won’t regain a complete functionality of his right hand he can’t go back on duty Besides Chris has a hard time to warm up to the prospect of a possible desk job let alone taking early retirement on disability Chris needs to talk to his boss Captain Jenkins telling him about his predicament Once there though Jenkins has something else on his mind He wants Christopher to call sheriff Brubaker in Elkin Montana Christopher is shocked when he hears that his brother has committed suicide in Lone Pine State Park Peter Hayes’s body has been recovered by Doug Heavy Runner Doug is in charge of the backcountry search and rescue team in Baker County and he is also the only member of the Baker County Sheriff’s Department who isn’t white He is a Native American Note to readers Baba is a sucker for NA heroes Chris hasn’t seen his older brother for two decades and when sheriff Brubaker is telling him about his suicide an old and long buried rage consumed him again He doesn’t want to feel anything because Peter wasn’t worth mourning After all he’d been a pedophile and made Christopher’s childhood a living hell Peter is the reason why Christopher became a cop He always felt guilty and wanted to stop his brother “No” he managed calmly “I’ll have to contact someone to make arrangements for his disposition” In the end though Christopher has to fly to Montana to “take care” of his brother’s body The nearest big airport is in Missoula and when he arrived there it was too late to drive to Elkin He decides to spend some time at a gay bar He hooks up with an attractive dark haired man and they are spending the weekend together Finally when he arrives at the Baker County Coroner’s Office he is surprised to see his weekend lover again It’s Doug It was supposed to be A Casual Weekend Thing however neither of them believed it would develop into something deeper and serious Aside from their impending relationship Peter’s mysterious suicide is the beginning of a complex and ugly case involving view spoilerrape child abuse kiddie porn blackmail and murder hide spoiler

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A Casual Weekend ThingGht so incredible Doug breaks his own rule and allows a one night stand to grow into a weekend of amazing sex When Christopher travels from San Diego to Montana to deal with his abusive brother’s suicide he doesn’t expect to find the man he spent the weekend with to be handling his brother’s case He certainly doesn’t mind spending time with Doug but then an arsonist destroys the hou. For all intents and purposes this should book should rank among my favorites It has cops It has a lot of San Diego references my hometown It has a small town element Some drama Some hotness Money rightErmkindaI liked parts of this book a lot I liked the two MC’s Christopher the injured San Diego cop who’s forced to small town Montana to take care of family drama from the past is broken but strong sad but certainand there’s a power but a softness to him He’s sympatheticand when we find out some of the dark parts of his youthyou can’t help but want him to be okDoug Heavy Runner is a Native American cop forced back to the small town near his tribe’s reservation when his mother falls ill He is in a nowhere job and doesn’t uite fit in anywhere He’s got a heart of gold and is sexy sexy sexyThis combination worksmost of the time And there’s decent chemistryThe story itself takes the reader into some really dark and yucky places and the mystery element was actually uite fascinatingThe only problem is the book inexplicablybored me I mean there was a 5 page stretch where the author over details the history of San Diego Mexican gang signs And I kept skimmingand skimmingand skimmingto get to the point of it all There was onebut it was actually fairly minorAnd then there’s the “casual weekend thing” thing Seethe two MC’s hookup for a casual weekend thing And when the run into each other they decided to have another casual weekend thing And when they tell other people about it they make sure you know it’s a casual weekend thing And then there’s the whole realization that it’s not just a casual weekend thing But neither wants to admit it’s than a casual weekend thing SEE WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS We GET it It’s the title of the book It’s the foundation of what it’s built on You don’t have to actually use the same wordsoverand over again rant doneAnd the whole partner who I have a crush on who may or may not be gay thing was just a throwaway story bitin my opinionAnywhoooit was a decent enough readyou knowif you’re looking for a casual weekend thing

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FREE READ ñ A Casual Weekend Thing æ ❰Reading❯ ➿ A Casual Weekend Thing Author A.J. Thomas – Doug Heavy Runner left the life of an openly gay Miami police officer and returned to his home on the Salish Kootenai Indian Reservation when his mother got sick In the two years since she passed he Doug Heavy Se Christopher inherited from his brother and Christopher and Doug discover they are the primary suspectsAs they investigate they discover Christopher’s dead brother has set them on the trail of a psychotic pedophile who will stop at nothing to silence his last victim However the search for the victim goes horribly wrong leaving Doug hospitalized and Christopher at the mercy of the killer. This is definitely what I like to read when it comes to thrillers The story was engaging and we had an actual romance plot going on not just the crime solving aspect of the plot The book was written by a new author and she did an incredible job I loved Chris and Doug they were the perfect couple for the book I loved their chemistry and the overall connection they had Although this is insta love it didn't really feel like it I'm not bothered either way but for some that can be a major turn off when it comes to a book I will say the relationship went at the right pace for the book It didn't all bombard people at once but it didn't take a long time for something to happen eitherThis book is not a light and easy read For me that's a good thing I like darker stuff Fluffy is good and I do enjoy reading the nice and easy reads But sometimes I just crave something that has a darker twist A Casual Weekend Thing fit the bill You can see from the genre's that the book deals with some sort of abuse It's also a thriller so those two things should be pretty fair warnings for a readerI didn't figure out everything beforehand So the book kept me guessing the whole time I like that in a book especially when it's not as simple as finding the criminal and throwing them in jail This book takes the reader on a journey And I found myself really getting into the book When you know who the killer is in a book it can be frustrating so I do prefer not knowing But I also like knowing without being told who the killer is I don't like not knowing Surprisingly it didn't bother me that I really had to keep guessingThe secondary characters are well written and integral to the story Ray Chris' partner pissed me off sometimes But in the end I kinda liked the guy Maybe Eh he was funny I don't think I love him yet though I highly recommend this book for fans of a good mysterythriller with a romance plot It's not a light story but for fans of the genre's it is a must read