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We Are Not Ourselves Read ☆ 104 × [PDF / Epub] ☆ We Are Not Ourselves ✩ Matthew Thomas – Gwairsoft.co.uk Non siamo più noi stessi racconta la storia struggente di Eileen Tumulty figlia di immigrati irlandesi del ueens che da sempre sogna un futuro migliore lontano dalla madre alcolista e dal padre opera Non siamo più noi stesSordio di Matthew Thomas è un magnifico affresco che ripercorre la vita di una coppia alle prese dapprima con il Grande sogno americano e poi con una malattia crudele che sembra voler cancellare i loro anni feliciIncensato dalla critica come uno dei libri più belli dell’anno è una storia epica coinvolgente e magnificamente scritta che mettendo insieme una documentazione sterminata e una scrittura impeccabile ci parla dei sogni delle promesse mantenute e di uelle accantonate e della lotta che ognuno deve compiere ogni giorno per dare un significato alla propria vita. How can We Are Not Ourselves be a debut novel If you had the opportunity to hear Matthew Thomas explain it it would make sense Ten years yes ten years of hard work tweaking and self editing before he even tried to sell his manuscript Ten years Thomas' diligence paid off in a bidding war for his novel and with glowing early reviews from professionals and readers alike It was enlightening to hear Matthew Thomas speak at RJ Julia's in Madison CT this past Monday evening It also makes my thoughts on We Are Not Ourselves harder to express Not only did I really like We Are Not Ourselves but I liked Matthew also These two things combined make we want to get this right but unlike Matthew I don't have ten yearsSimply stated We Are Not Ourselves is an impelling saga of a multigenerational Irish family and their life in New York Would this description alone make you want to read this We Are Not Ourselves has beautiful language a well constructed plot is atmospheric and has characters with great depth What makes this one stand out in a crowd of good books and worth your time to commit its 600 pages For this reader it was the feelings it evoked It is like watching ordinary people with ordinary dreams and passions a window to their soul or self Eileen Tumulty daughter wife mother is at the center and the driving force of much of the novel The author's thoughts on naming her were uite interesting but I leave you to your own conclusions We meet Eileen as a young girl and it is here like most of us that her self is formed She is the daughter of an alcoholic mother and a father who is like the mayor of the local pub Early on Eileen becomes fixed in her caretaker role These things should make Eileen a strong woman with the power to be whatever she wishes yet somehow she becomes a shadow of what circumstance choices leading to her own undoing She wants she yearns she strives and the uest is always just a bit beyond her reach She is a sad rendering of a smart woman and it is hard for me to like her Ed Leary her husband became my focus A man who is content to just be A college professor who truly believes motivating and teaching his students is far important than position or money A man with a brilliant mind that is slowly falling apart Clues are given the thought of Alzheimer's is there but it is kick in the gut when it is confirmed Connell the offspring their son The relationship between Connell and his parents bears close attention The fatherson affinity is powerful and doubly sad in consideration of Ed's disease Watching this sensitive boy dropped in the middle of this nest was painful In the end I haven't disclosed muchWe Are Not Ourselves is a book that needs to be digested in its own way by each reader I do feel it is worth your time Read a few reviews Consider the subject matter Enjoy

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Onnell Eileen decide che tocca a lei lottare per il benessere della famiglia Risparmiando parte del suo salario da infermiera riesce ad aprire un mutuo per una casa a Bronxville ma proprio uando finalmente il suo sogno sembra avverarsi la famiglia viene messa a dura prova da un colpo del destino Ed è ui che si aprono le pagine più straordinarie del romanzo di Matthew Thomas Eileen Tumulty – come Oliver Kitteridge – è un personaggio che il lettore non dimenticherà maiBalzato subito ai primi posti della classifica dei bestseller del New York Times il romanzo d’e. Did not finish Characters were flat and plot mundane It was just unrelenting misery throughout the story alcoholism miscarriages death illness bullying and that was only the first uarter of the book I know I am in the minority as most people loved this book but I needed to see a glimmer of hope or even a likeable character and Matthew Thomas failed to deliver it

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We Are Not OurselvesNon siamo più noi stessi racconta la storia struggente di Eileen Tumulty figlia di immigrati irlandesi del ueens che da sempre sogna un futuro migliore lontano dalla madre alcolista e dal padre operaio Eileen sposa Ed Leary uno scienziato serio e dai modi gentili che indaga gli effetti degli psicofarmaci sul We Are PDF cervello Non le ci vuole molto per capire che Ed rinuncia volentieri a un lavoro meglio remunerato a una casa più grande o a delle amicizie più stimolanti per dedicarsi anima e corpo alla ricerca e all’insegnamento Così dopo la nascita del figlio C. It was a bit hard for me to rate this review with stars There were times that I thought that I was going to give it 3 and other times 5 stars so I've settled in the middle of the twoInstead of being plot driven this book seems to be solely character driven where you get a feel of the families individual idiosyncrasies and if you pay particular attention to detail you can see how the twists and turns in their lives cause subtle changes in each character as you would in real life This story is best summed up as being centered around one family mostly following the mother Eileen and their ups and downs throughout life Although I would have to say that it was mostly downs than upsEileen wants to live a life of prestige She not only graduated from high school but received a BS in Nursing as well as a Masters in Nursing Administration At some point she finally meets a man that she deems worthy enough for her after giving up the dream that some wealthy man would sweep her off her feet and allow her to live off of his wealth And when life sets in and things start to move off track Eileen chooses to overlook them as if they weren't happening because in her mind her life was going to be projected the way she wanted her life to actually beEileen and her husband Ed eventually have a child and name him Connell Luckily for Connell his dad seems to be great at giving him emotional support Growing up Eileen's mother was very distant and as a result Eileen is hard and off putting almost as though she were narcissistic but I am not sure that she could be labeled as so It seemed that her image would shift from indifferent to cruel to passive and then controlling I couldn't uite figure her out but I felt sorry for her son because she treated him horribly at times I think deep down though that she loved him the best way that she knew howBecause this story is mainly character driven it is long and at times slow moving I think this would be the only reason why I didn't take the plunge and give it five stars I think as much could have been achieved with developing the characters in the story had it been tightened down to at least 100 less pages but this is my personal opinion The author did an excellent job with making the characters three dimensional because I found myself getting angry and frustrated at the mother when she would act so indifferent to her son or controlling toward her environment and at other times when she was so oblivious and chose to see things not as they really were At times it was painful to read these parts because as the book progressed I began to loathe her She reminded me a lot of the mother from the moviebook 'Ordinary People' Beth Jarrett because she was wound so tight and was so concerned with outside appearances than to open her eyes and look at her life as it really was At first I thought that the book failed by making the MC so dislikable but the I thought about it afterward I realized that the character of Eileen was so well developed that she pulled some serious emotion from meIf you are looking for a great character driven novel then this is definitely the book for you