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The Flamethrowers kindle Þ 383 pages ô gwairsoft È ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Flamethrowers By Rachel Kushner ❤ – The year is 1975 and Reno—so called because of the place of her birth—has come to New York intent on turning her fascination with motorcycles and speed into art Her arriThe year isand Reno so called because of the place of her birth has come to New York intent on turning her fascination with motorcycles and speed into art Her arrival coincides with an explosion of activity in the art world artists have colonized a deserted and industrial SoHo are staging actions in the East Village and are blurring the line between life and art Ren Reading this was like sitting in the back of a cab You're pretty sure you're headed SOMEWHERE but the way is circuitous confusing and sometimes nonsensical It drives just like a cab uick accelerations that slam you into the seat and jarring stops that throw you into your seatbelt none of it for a good reason Maybe you think this kind of slam startslam stop driving has a purpose Maybe saves gas Maybe cruel fun at the expense of the rider Maybe simple distractionoopscar ahead stop now Your thoughts are similar as you read this book You think There is probably an underlying structure here a reason for this 'style' and briefly you feel you're getting it when you slam into another hipster moment and it turns you off to caring about the underlying themes to even finishing the book Maybe that IS the theme Playing with the real and the fake But overall it was choppy unsatisfying and self congratulatory in a way I found annoying It was an interesting read but I wouldn't read it again Feels like it needed another one or two good edits before publishing to smooth out the ride

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Seventies Betrayal sends her reeling into a clandestine undertow The Flamethrowers is an intensely engaging exploration of the mystiue of the feminine the fake the terrorist At its center is Kushner’s brilliantly realized protagonist a young woman on the verge Thrilling and fearless this is a major American novel from a writer of spectacular talent and imaginatio The Flamethrowers follows Reno a would be artist nicknamed after her hometown who moves to New York and through a relationship with an older wealthy Italian artist becomes a peripheral member of the city’s vibrant art scene Though she spends her days among uirky artistic people Reno only makes half hearted attempts at work of her own; rather she spends the bulk of the novel acting as a sort of mascot for her older morally corrupted friends When Reno does attempt to an art project of her own capturing images of a motorcycle ride across the Utah salt flats it goes horribly wrong and ends with the young pro artist falling literally and figuratively in with an Italian race team sponsored by her boyfriend’s family’s tire business are you rolling your eyes yet Reno then becomes a Danica Patrick like racing pin up for the company and is invited to Italy for some promotional work with the team After some hemming and hawing Reno and her boyfriend go to Italy where you guessed it things once again go terribly wrong and Reno kind of joins the Brigate Rosse sort of Or maybe notI really wanted to like The Flamethrowers I really did but the novel is a profound disappointment Reno spends the entire novel on the verge of something on the verge of developing her own artistic style on the verge of racing fame on the verge of being a member of a radical leftist group without ever doing anything Instead Reno passively ping pongs between men who direct the course her life will next take; she is entirely devoid of agency within a socio historic moment that was about claiming and utilizing one’s agency This uestion of agency who has it who claims it who uses it doesn’t even amount to subtext; instead Kushner distracts her readers with one winking New York in the 70s reference after another “Forget about the act of becoming” the narration seems to say “here’s the Blackout of 1977 Here’s a generic Max’s Kansas City type place Pay no attention to the novel’s decided lack of depth” The novel leads you to believe that something profound will happen to Reno that within all that she has experienced all the power she has relinuished to others she will somehow in someway come into her own she will be able to amalgamate all that she has seen into a profound work of art But by the end of the novel Reno hasn’t acted on anything After investing a week and almost four hundred pages worth of bus reading efforts into The Flamethrowers I expected than Kushner delivered

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The FlamethrowersO meets a group of dreamers and raconteurs who submit her to a sentimental education of sorts Ardent vulnerable and bold she begins an affair with an artist named Sandro Valera the semi estranged scion of an Italian tire and motorcycle empire When they visit Sandro’s family home in Italy Reno falls in with members of the radical movement that overtook Italy in the I remember when John Banville won the Booker Prize someone remarked that despite the enormous cultural changes in our world British writers were still writing about art historians The New York art scene seems to serve a similar function for American writers I’ll confess here that the New York art scene bores me And globally speaking probably lost any real influence with the demise of Andy Warhol New York’s cultural relevance after Warhol is its street life most notably rap and graffiti Kushner attempts to give her New York artists relevance by marrying them to the social unrest in Italy in the 1970s which never comes across as anything but a rather random parallel There’s a really good novel buried in these 400 pages The problem for me was that Kushner wasn’t interested in writing a good novel; she overreached herself and set herself the task of writing a work of artThe good novel is the story of Reno a young nameless girl referred to by the town of her birth who arrives in New York full of ambition She’s faced with a world of hideous men Narcissistic vain egotistical pumped up with their own self importance and sense of entitlement In 1970s New York pretty young girls it would appear were reuired to be little than groupies There are two brilliant pivotal moments in Reno’s uest for identity One when a simple odd jobs guy treats her with kindness pretty much the only act of kindness she receives from a male in the entire novel She’s not interested Can’t blame her for that She has her sights set higher The other is when an aristocratic Italian woman the best character in the novel treats her with utter disdain which is how you feel she deserves to be treated if she’s ever going to wake up The Italian section of the novel was easily my favourite even though it was also the most baffling because it’s called upon to make sense of the New York section which for me it didn’t How the New York art scene in the 1970s relates to Fascism and its backlash in Italy baffled me You sense the author wanted to write about two worlds she knew – New York and Italy – and her means of connecting them was arbitrary rather than inspired I love reading James Wood’s reviews but rarely agree with his final judgements He had nothing but praise for this and yet freuently finds fault with DeLillo Ironically this often came across to me as DeLillo fan fiction Unfortunately though she can write well Kushner never hits the heights of DeLillo