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The Long ShotIn this haunting extraordinary novel award winning novelist Paul Monette vividly captures an unconventional cast of characters whose tangled lives play out against the backdrop of a Hollywood that is at once luminous and melancholy a Hollywood where making it to the top can be far harrowing than never making it at allIt was just a surreal one night stand with a virtual stranger a gypsy eyed I was so excited when in 1990 it was announced that David Lynch's series 'Twin Peaks' was going to be shown on tv I taped the entire series but by the end of the series I was lost and wondering to myself what had just happened It was a great story with some intriguing special effects but I couldn't make head or tale of it and I never did understand 'who killed Laura Palmer'????Reading the Long Shot has left me feeling the way I did back then The mystery is lost in the surrealism of the story and the complicated languageIt is written well and I enjoyed what I could understand but this book is like Twin Peaks all the way When Paul Monette first published The Long Shot it didn't go down well with the critics I am not surprised I don't think they were clever enough to 'get it' because it isn't enough to get this story you also have to get Thoreau and other references that Paul Monette makes in this bookOne review from 1981 describes this book as 'almost entirely ineffectual in its straining for serious emotional substance'httpswwwkirkusreviewscombook reOuchI think that is rather harsh It isn't that bad I just think the book is not easy to understand but beneath the complexity there is a story trying to come out a bit like a butterfly trying to emerge from a cocoon Alas the butterfly doesn't make itThe documentary Brink of Summer's End about Paul Monette's life describes how he felt frustrated by the critical reviews of this book and his other early books Monette was a harsh critic himself describing his early novels including this one as 'silly and glib novels'Well I didn't think this was silly or glib it was just very complex and surreal Apart from that I uite enjoyed the little that I was able to follow even though its writing style is really different to his later writing Paul Monette's writing style changed when he went through the furnace of AIDS loss and grief Who can remain unchanged having gone through such a thing? And so his later books have a fierceness and a directness of a person who is running out of time but those were his later works and this is his early workAnd so it meanders with a dream like uality dancing around in the explanation with so many things not being said rather peculiar characters and a mystery that doesn't feel like a real mystery Although we do get to find out who did it in the end Unlike Twin Peaks and Laura Palmer So reviewing this book is challenging because the story is like modern art and those paintings that you study because it could either be a beautiful cathedral on a mountain top or fish bones on top of a rubbish dumpIn the end I reflected on this book in a different waySome thirty four years after publication I read this book with knowledge of the author's life and I read this not just as a novel but also as a chapter of Paul Monette's lifeAnd I am not the only one to do so because this book has been republished and released as an audio book and people are reading it as they discover Paul Monette and because they want to read his fiction So despite all those terrible reviews in the eighties hard luck Kirkus and despite its surrealism this book is still going strong in 2015It is not an easy book to read I had to slow down and re read some passages in order to understand the story Paul Monette doesn't tell us about the characters in this book he shows us but he shows us through glimpses of the characters hidden by some very flowery languageJasper a supposedly straight and married Hollywood star is found dead in a hot tub with a young man Harry It appears to be a joint suicide but Greg who was at the very beginning of a relationship with Harry does not believe this and thinks it was murder He then sets out to solve the crime and enlists the help of Viviene Jasper's wifeSo this appears to be a straightforward murder mystery but it isn't It has a kind of dreamlike uality as Greg imagines that he can solve the murder by observing those close to Jasper and by imagining what Harry would have done even though he didn't actually know Harry very well himself Greg is assisted by his two neighbours Edna and Sid with whom he runs a business selling fake autographs to Hollywood fans And Viviene has someone she suspects killed her husband and so together her and Greg try to solve the crime And they do but the mystery is lost in the surrealism the past the self discovery the dream like uality of the story the peculiar characters Hollywood and the film industry Thoreau and Walden stardom wealth and failed careers Yes all those and The good thing is it was well written The bad thing is it was hard to understand The best thing is we know 'whodunnit'But I am still trying to puzzle out who killed Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks????

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Drifter with an inexplicably infectious passion for Thoreau Yet for would be screenwriter Greg Cannon the fleeting encounter bears the promise of something even elusive in this jaded town than coveted stardomThen Harry Dawes is found with his wrists slashed naked in a hot tub with the body of Hollywood's hottest and also closeted actor And Greg who has lost a hundred men in his time but on While Monette can definitely write a pretty sentence the density of the language gives the book a hazy turgid atmosphere that sometimes obscures the decent Hollywood murder mystery at the book's core Still it's an insightful human story with much to say about the nature of fame and fortune I wished the book had been sexier though the main characters are all widows or aged who seem to have abandoned hope of sexual or romantic redemption Ultimately it was a sad and chilly read rife with a kind of agoraphobic fatalism although the offhand mystery kept me reading through the over literary downbeat thickets of language

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Download Book × The Long Shot Ë 324 pages ↠ Gwairsoft ò ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Long Shot Author Paul Monette – In this haunting extraordinary novel award winning novelist Paul Monette vividly captures an unconventional cast of characters whose tangled lives play out Ly this one to violence finds himself robbed of the chance to fall in love Reeling from the loss of a man he barely knew he sets out to uncover the truth about the apparent double suicide Ultimately his attempt to unravel the enigmatic public and private lives of the tragic victims and those they left behind leads him on a complex journey as remarkable and revealing as the final destination fun older gay novel