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Resolute Kris Longknife #4 characters Æ 9 Ø [BOOKS] ✭ Resolute Kris Longknife #4 Author Mike Shepherd – Kris Longknife is back and ready for battle Kris Longknife has been given her first independent command in the very remote system of Chance an assignment that's as much exile as promotion But Kris isn Kris LoEmote system of Chance an assignment Resolute Kris ePUB #199 that's as much exile as promotion But Kris isn't on the. And she thoguht it would be boringThat Kriswhat a fun readI really enjoy Mike Shepherd

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Kris Longknife is back and ready for battle Kris Longknife has been given her first independent command in the very r. This book was frustrating for me for a lot of reasons 4 and a half books into the series I'm looking for growth from the characters cohesion with her team and some major problem solving in regards to her issues with her government and relatives Instead Nelly seems glitchy and childish Jack is still pretty 2D Alpha cookie cutter Penny is in free fall I have no idea where we are going with her She has a mysterious skill set and seems to be able to run anything on command and then vanishes into the background Abbey has similar issues Kris' relatives and superiors are all still patronizing her and apparently trying to hamstring her as well We are thrown into the setting as Kris arrives at her new duty station with no lead in or explanation She is sent to the edge of space and seems unable to send reports or get any backup or orders when needed We also don't know what her mission is supposed to be or if there is one She doesn't have any contacts on the planet or in nearby space that she is supposed to be using for mentorship or backup either I guess we are supposed to assume that when Mac says he has no idea what to do with herhe really means it For some reason a large bureaucratic entity that has thousands of years of tradition has no idea how to train a junior officer Suddenly there is a backstory with Nelly and the alien chip that is just thrown at us as well if there is another novella aside from Training Daze explaining everything for the life of me I can't find it Aside from feeling jerked around by the story line I think I'm just fed up with Kris as a character at this point She's supposed to be a billionaire business guru a military genius and a political scion all wrapped up into one but she doesn't actually seem to be good at much of it or have the support structure that you would imagine such a person might Instead we get to watch her flub an exciting discovery and possible business venture mess up relations completely with Peterwald's group not take advantage of relations that she does build with a planet or a neighboring confederation not manage her PR well at all and insist on staying in the Navy when she clearly hates the chain of command and has no use for the intelligence branch I would enjoy seeing her build something at this point either going into intelligence for Ray or starting her own fleet mercenary or otherwise or getting going on the business end of thingsbut she just seems stalled Don't even get me started on her romances which go from nonexistent to darned confusing Speaking ofthe villain seems to have suffered some kind of mental breakdown He wasn't portrayed as being anything like this in the other books but now he is comic book evil Think Harry Osborn and Spider Man after Harry becomes the Green Goblin Don't know if I'll read the next book or not I have to take a break from the bad taste this one left first

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Resolute Kris Longknife #4Job long when she captures pirates hiding the location of an uncharted and unpopulated planet of miraculous technolog. The series gets better and better as an entertaining read