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Shakti AUTHOR Anuja ChandramouShe is the Mother Goddess Mahamaya the enchantress the supreme consciousness the pure source from which all creation emerges and to whom all must eventually return As Usas the enchanting goddess of the dawn she is loved passionately and hated fiercely leading to a horrific tragedy As Durga the invincible warrior she d Shakti The Divine Feminine by Anuja Chandamouli is a 2015 publication focused on the feminine deity a force of passion that can be accessible to allAs a man reading this and a Western man at that I had to open my mind to ideas I had only a prior flirting awareness Chandamouli has crafted this as a theological spiritual narrative and I was reminded of Norman Mailer’s evocative Ancient Evenings his historical fictional treatise on Egyptian mythology Chandamouli explores Indian and Hindu myth with a fresh eye for detail and a storyteller’s talentThe reader is introduced to Brahma Vishnu Shiva and Shakti The author has researched her subject well and this novel is a wealth of information But than just an encyclopedia of Hindu knowledge Chandamouli is a talented writer and makes this story come alive Like Mailer’s Egyptian story Chandamouli creates a historic depth for the pantheon and the reader is guided on a tour of the religion The author tells of legends within legends and adds specificity to her designInteresting well written and also entertaining

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Her awesome power forged on the flames of love and hate; and watch her teach the male dominated pantheon a lesson in compassion Witty engaging and thought provoking Shakti The Feminine Divine will force readers to re evaluate everything they know about the gods and goddesses and inspire all to embrace the Shakti with Shakti – the Divine Feminine is Anuja Chandramouli’s third book Her first book Arjuna had caught my attention and the second book Kamadeva was wonderful As such it was a no brainer that I would pick her third book up without second thoughtsIn this installment the author narrates the story or rather the stories of Shakti the mother goddess in all her forms Starting with the story of Usas the author goes on to paint the many lives of Shakti in brilliant and vivid colours Lord Indra and his wife Sachi play the part of the antagonist and while I was a bit surprised with this take at the beginning it soon started to make sense There are a lot of shades and hues to each character and the story is one heck of a roller coaster journey What remains constant is Shakti’s relationship with the Holy Trinity providing some resemblance of stability If I have to point out one thing that I did not like about the book or felt was the only weak link in the book was the author’s focus on Indra his wife’s life There are places in the book when it was almost difficult to remember that Shakti is the protagonist and not them Other than that I enjoyed reading this book immensely The author who was uite good to begin with seems to only grow with each book Her language is grand and has mesmerizing moments But the best part about her narration is that it is almost impossible to figure out which part of her book is fictional It is easy to get lost in the book and forget that it is after all a work of fictionAnother shining element of the book is the fact how relevant it is in today’s world while talking about Indian mythology Many aspects of the book really resonated with me and I would recommend this book to not only women but also to men – to read it and to try and understand how relevant it is

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Shakti AUTHOR Anuja Chandramouli kindle é 288 pages Download ↠ ✰ [BOOKS] ✸ Shakti By Anuja Chandramouli ✽ – She is the Mother Goddess Mahamaya—the enchantress the supreme consciousness the pure source from which all creation emerges and to whom all must eventually return AsEfeats the savage Mahishasura whom none of the male gods could vanuish As Kali the fearsome dark goddess she delights in chaos Yet she is also Shakti beloved of all who when united with Shiva restores balance to the universeIn this captivating narrative explore the contrasting facets of the sacred feminine; experience I read this book long ago just got the time to reread it and post my opinion The mahamaya supreme enchantress plays varied roles in the lives of various people She is Shiva's intoxication and Mahishasur's bereavement She is the most loved and worst abused woman in the world All her forms dimensions and incarnations suggests only one thing about her which happens to be her dynamism against transgression Be it timid Usas or ferocious Kali or vibrant Durga the variations that Ajuna has brought forth in defining the divine supreme Shakthi is very interesting and precise As Vishu rightly says Goddess belongs to everyone and no one can have a claim over her The book was too good but got a little draggy at the end Overall a decent book to fall in love with