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In Indien begann und nun in New Mexiko ihren Lauf nimmt Amina beginnt die Unwägbarkeiten des Lebens The Sleepwalker's Kindle anzunehmen und sich endlich mit den Geistern ihrer Familie auseinanderzusetze. Thirty year old Amina is called away from her photography job in Seattle by her mother Kamala who has growing concerns that something is seriously wrong with her father Thomas her father is a brilliant neurosurgeon who years before relocated the family which then included his wife and young son Ahkil from India to New Mexico Upon arriving home Amina finds much than she bargained for Thomas is indeed acting unusual doing such things as conversing with dead relatives leaving Kamala beside herself with worry and cooking up a storm There is also an actual sleepwalker who causes big problems for this familyThis is a beautifully written family saga which spans from the family's past in India to their present in New Mexico with glimpses of all the times between One reviewer called this book emotionally bountiful and I agree although I would add that it is also a bountifully magical read 5 stars

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The Sleepwalker's Guide to DancingDa stürzt sich ein Mann Guide to Kindle #209 von einer Brücke in Seattle und Amina schießt das Foto das berühmt werden wird Doch wie abgebrüht muss man sein in einem solchen Moment auf den Auslöser zu. but I might be a bit biased

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SUMMARY ✓ The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing À ❰Read❯ ➪ The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing Author Mira Jacob – Da stürzt sich ein Mann von einer Brücke in Seattle und Amina schießt das Foto das berühmt werden wird Doch wie abgebrüht muss man sein in einem solchen Moment auf den AuslösDrücken Amina verzeiht sich das nicht verdingt sich fortan als Hochzeitsfotografin Als ihr Vater sterbenskrank wird muss sie sich ihrer bewegten Vergangenheit stellen einer Geschichte die in den er Jahren. I don't remember what I was thinking when I reuested an advanced reader's copy of The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing I know when it showed up in the mail however I was wondering why I had wanted this book in the first place The premise and the cover no longer enticed me I set it aside and put off reading it until the last minute I believe the fates must have been looking out for me when I originally reuested this book because it was greatOne of my concerns was that this was going to be yet another story of the Indian diaspora in America That's a great story and all but I've personally had a bit too much of it lately There are certainly elements of that story here but they're minor and it's not the focus The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing is a delightfully written story of career family and destiny—all those things that make people love Star Wars Seriously people should be standing in line to read this book The prose is fantastic The story remains interesting and poignant through all its 500 pages It's wonderful and it does so much Mira Jacob goes back and forth between places and time and she does so without a hiccup There are so many subplots going on yet they all fit together and are not only terrific in their own right but relevant to the larger story It flows so seamlessly that you have to applaud the author and her editors The characters are detailed The dialogue is witty The story itself has moments of humor and heartbreak I really enjoyed this bookThe biggest problem I foresee this novel facing is that it is being published in a year with so many great novels If it doesn't get the right publicity doesn't hit the target audience doesn't attract enough prepub attention this debut may be ignored on the lists of the year's best I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen Take note this is one of the most compelling breathtaking and lyrical books to be published this year It's full of life Put it on your to read list now and if you want to thank me you can do so later