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Ly is from dinosaurs to why in so many ways they are very much like us this rich evocative book will make you love and admire the birds that are all around you'Enjoyable entertaining masterful'  Stephen Moss Guardian'Simply fizzing with ideas his heart is with the birds'    Literary Review'Inspired Tudge's writing is always clear and freuently embellished with wry humour'   Richard Fortey the Birds Who MOBI #243 Sunday Telegraph'Only when we read this scintillating study do we see how little we've known about the creatures we see around us'   Michael Kerrigan Scotsman Books of t Wow it took me ages to finish this book 18 months or so The first half was a long trudge through a survey of every bird family Exhaustive but lots of interesting things in there to keep me going The second half was a fascinating look at how different birds feed breed think and behave

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Consider the Birds Who They Are and What They DoHe Year'An author whose own deep relish for the extraordinary lives of birds seems only marginally less pleasurable to him than sharing that wonder with others'    BBC Wildlife MagazineWhen Colin Tudge was a small boy he could recognize only five kinds of birds After the Birds Who They Are ePUB #199 studying zoology at the Birds Who They Are ePUB #199 Cambridge Colin wrote for the New Scientist and was a documentary maker for BBC radio His other books also published by Penguin include The Secret Life of Trees and So Shall We Reap What's Gone Wrong with the World's Food and How to Fix Great book The first eight chapters I loved his style is easy and conversational and yet he still provides a wealth of hard hitting science The 9th chapter about the mind of birds asks some interesting uestions but for a biology student these have already been made and discussed and so nothing was really added in this chapter Particularly after reading the book by Nathan Emrery But this is not a fault of the book

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Consider the Birds Who They Are and What They Do Book ì 479 pages Download · Gwairsoft ↠ ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ Consider the Birds Who They Are and What They Do Author Colin Tudge – In The Secret Life of Birds lifelong bird enthusiast Colin Tudge exploreIn The Secret Life of Birds Birds Who Epub #218 lifelong bird enthusiast Colin Tudge explores the extraordinary variety secret history and hidden importance of birds around the world Birds are beautiful intriguing and life enhancing They can do everything mammals can and even besides Collected here are birds who navigate using the stars tool making crows territorial robins cooperative penguins and swans who mate for life among hundreds of othersRevealing everything from why birds sing to how Consider the ePUB #199 they fly think bond and survive from how they evolved and whether it real This is a book that took me longer to read than any other book of 2016 And I stuck to the read diligently But I think it is only going to be appreciated by those with scientific classification onus and supreme interest and patient love of BIRDS There are many species and this is no short cut to their placements shapes locales and habits Far far than most people would want to know IMHO And posed in bird study language prose at that MANY terms to learn if you are a novice More than in any Biology course or Aves genus surveyThere were some aspects that I never knew or realized and that absolutely intrigued and would allow for further knowledge of the language needed to describe and observe birds at hand or birds during travel or birds as pets Words like cline The best chapter was upon how human cognition or people think can or cannot translate to bird think or cognition that is uite apart from a Skinner response or stat behavioral reaction There were excellent philosophical theory points but for me ruined by preaching Especially when some huge characterizations for human behaviors involved within the philosophy hold intrinsic flaws As if all wars are only the result of materialism They are not But what he knows about birds and their natures habits is than you'd ever be able to forget I'm going to look at my Wood Ducks differently let me tell you