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review Alice by Christina Henry ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Alice Author Christina Henry – In a warren of crumbling buildings called the Old City a hospital echoes with the screams of the poor souls inside Inside there is a woman Her hair once blond hangs in tangles down heIn a warren of crumbling buildings called the Old City a hospital echoes with the screams of the poor souls inside Inside there is a woman Her hair on. 32518 ON SALE for 199 When I first read ALICE I had a hard time categorizing it It was Victorian but it wasn't steampumk It was horror ish Fortunately it very obviously a retelling so at least I had that BUT Just having read this article I can now solidly identify it at DREADPUNK grins creepilyReviewed by Rabid Reads45 starsThe first thing you should know is that I bloody hate ALICE IN WONDERLAND In fact with the exception of THE JABBERWOCKEY which I appreciate for English nerd reasons nonsense words that make sense bc masterful command of grammar I bloody hate Lewis Carroll Too weird #sorrynotsorryI've also read an installment or two of Henry's BLACK WINGS series and I wasn't terribly impressed My top two least favorite subjects in urban fantasy are dead things and angels BLACK WINGS is basically about angels dealing with dead things SO A book from an author I've previously not had much luck with on a subject I've loathed since childhood You're probably wondering why on earth I bothered with ALICE Honestly so did IAnd if it hadn't immediately captured my attention I doubt I'd've stuck with it But it did And I didThe second thing you should know is that this book isn't for the faint of heart This Alice is an adult who's spent the last ten years institutionalized after stumbling out of the Old City with blood on her thighs raving about a rabbitYES That means exactly what you think it meansAnd what happened to Alice isn't uncommon in this world Usually this kind of thing has me running screaming in the opposite direction but ALICE is a perfect example of the difference between dark and crudeDark means real life Bad Things happen It's awful it's presented as awful but you're mostly seeing the aftermath of the awful not a play by play account in real timeIt's realistic but not shockingly soCrude means your face is shoved in the awful bc this is life suck it up and deal with it you pansy suburban housewife Crude means deliberately crass terminology used for the express purpose of making something already awful even awfulI have zero tolerance for crudeDark I can handle And if the perpetrators get what's coming to them my bloodthirstiness comes out to play and rolls around in the darkness Like some kind of fiery eyed hellhoundALICE is darrrrrrrrrk But it's also a perfect blend of old school Carroll strangeness and modern urban fantasy albeit in a Victorian setting that I could not put down I read the whole thing on a Saturday afternoonI loved the characters especially our two MCs Alice and Hatcher who were each other's only solace for eight years in the hospital where they were held Despite the shared experience and insanity they are as different as two people can be their disparate strengths and weaknesses making them that much stronger togetherThe world was bleak yet fascinating Make no mistake Bad Things happen here BUT There is also justice and that makes all the difference ALICE by Christina Henry is hopefully the first of many installments in this new weirdly fantastic series definitely my most surprising read of the year so far Henry's Alice knows that sometimes you have to hurt people before they can hurt you and she doesn't hesitate to do exactly that And even if she did her mad companion Hatcher thusly named for the killing frenzy that resulted in at least six deaths by ax would not They're on a mission and if they're coming for you Run Rabbit run My other reviews for this series Red ueen Alice #2

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Ce blond hangs in tangles down her back She doesn't remember why she's in such a terrible place Just a tea party long ago and long ears and bloodThen. Welcome to the grimy tales of Alice in Darkland Team of Alice and Hatcher or let’s call them ALCHER are getting out of the asylum for avenging the people who put them there and leave for nearly 10 freaking yearsAlice was raped by a rabbit and she retaliated by taking his eye with the knife as like the rabbit put an ugly knife scar across the cheeks to mark her She ran away in front of the horrified servants of rabbit but her own family disowned her so the only person helped her to survive throughout her asylum years was Hatcher who also witnessed the massacre of his wife and kidnapping of his own daughterTeam Alcher reminds you of Natural Born Killers’ Mickey and Mallory or You’s Joe and Love but their only resemblance is being blood thirsty killers They’re not sociopaths stalkers obsessive psychopaths Both of them keeps their light and goodness inside but the traumatic experiences and abandonment made them who they are right nowThis retelling is dirty irritating nerve bending graphic brutal It’s even darker than Grimm Brothers stories There are massacres rape illegal girl trafficking cannibalism violent murders You feel like you just stepped into the dark side of the moonAt some parts I couldn’t decide if I should be afraid of the monsters of the books or inner monsters of the normal people who took control of them for diving into violent acts When Alcher leaves the asylum they accidentally freed one of the most dangerous creature Jabberwocky out there But at some parts we see that Alice can control Jabberwock so does it make her terrifying creatureWhen Alice follows her bloody gruesome vulgar path she turns into Tarantino’s Bride from Kill Bill and starts her avenging game Her partners in crime Hatcher accompanied her at everywhere they saved each other’s lives and at the end we understand their stories didn’t end so farThis one is exciting heart throbbing but also mind numbing and definitely so much bloody journey that I can ever imagine Yes this story should be adapted into series but only Tarantino’s direction can deal with so much blood violence rottennessI loved the first book and I’m so ready to dive into second one even though there are mixed reviews and heavy criticism about the direction of the story Let’s read and decide about it

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Alice by Christina HenOne night a fire at the hospital gives the woman a chance to escape leaving her free to uncover the truth about what happened to her all those years a. 35 ⭐️ “I wish I were a magicianI’d find all those lost girls and bring them home I’d take all those men who hurt those girls and make them cry” Woah This adds an entire new dimension to the word dark If you can think of something gruesome or violent or harrowing – it’s probably in this bookI read Lost Boy by Christina Henry and although that story contained murder and fighting and battle it wasn’t nearly on the same scale as Alice was This bordered on horror for me at leastAlice and Hatcher met while in a mental institution Both have committed horrific crimes though Alice can remember very little of her past – something to do with a rabbit and being kidnapped When the chance for them to escape arises they grasp it with both hands and leg it However a shadow monster – the Jabberwocky has also escaped the institution and seems to be following themAlice and Hatcher must find a way to destroy the Jabberwocky passing through the many areas of the Old City meeting some familiar characters – but not as you would remember them Alice is a far cry from the timid young girl we know from Lewis Carroll’s stories and from Disney This Alice has seen some horrors and will do whatever necessary to surviveI did find this book entertaining albeit slightly sickening in places I’ll say I still preferred Lost Boy as it remained truer to the original story than this one did But I liked it enough that I will order the seuel from the library and see what happens to Alice and Hatcher next “She must start believing in impossible things for impossible things kept appearing before her eyes”