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read kindle Ç Cinderella Unmasked Ñ Kindle Edition Ñ gwairsoft ↠ ❧ Cinderella Unmasked free download ➛ Author Bonnie Dee – Three balls Three sexual adventures One true love In the years since her husband King Charming boarded a pirate ship to “find himself”W indulgences? A masuerade is just the ticket to find fulfillment Charming never gave her With Sebastian’s encouragement and a little help from a fairy godmother Ella prepares to make some magicThe first masked stranger she dallies with gives her a taste of what she’s been craving And it’s just not enough A second ball follows A third Each one and each anonymou King Charming has left Cinderella Ella to find adventure with his pirate lover Ella is no longer the young girl infatuated by the charming prince She’s had to grow up and take on the responsibilities befitting a ueen Her only true friend and confidant is her steward Sebastian who is forever at her service Ella longs for out of her life than lonely nights alone in her bedchambers She decides to throw a masuerade ball intending to find herself a lover for the night She’s the ueen and she should be allowed a night to indulge Only the wonderful night with her masked lover leaves her longing for and wondering why the man seemed vaguely familiar Craving the sexual pleasure denied to her in marriage she decides to throw another ball hoping her masked lover will attend again Instead she is reunited with her first love and a satyr who is than willing to let ueen Ella experience the fantasy of her dreams There is something similar about the satyr and her masked lover from the first ball and Ella suspects magic is involved since her fairy godmother has been visiting Ella is determined to have the man reveal is true self Sebastian will do anything for his ueen even if means ignoring his own desires He knows Ella better than perhaps she knows herself She yearns to be loved but first she must learn to trust againUnfortunately Ella’s indiscretions are noticed and there are those who wish to have her removed from the throne Ella must trust completely in her masked lovers for all to work out in the endWhat a tantalizing seuel to the beloved childhood fairytale Cinderella I read this in one night wanting to know what would happen next The loves scenes scorched the pages and will leave the reader trying to fan the flames This is no doubt an erotica with nights for pleasure but there is also passion and undying love too giving you hope for the happily ever after You will undoubtedly fall in love with this romantic adult fairytale Review for PNR Paranormal Reviews Reviewer Recommended Read

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Three balls Three sexual adventures One true love In the years since her husband King Charming boarded a pirate ship to “find himself” ueen Ella has ruled alone Romantic love? It’s a girlish emotion These days her only confidant is her steward SebastianFive years is a long time to forego sexual pleasures She’s the ueen after allshouldn’t she be allowed a fe Cinderella Unmasked by Bonnie Dee and Marie TreanorThis is an erotic version of Cinderella I adore funky new twists on fairy tales and this one is uite good Dee and Treanors' twist on the legend Prince Charming abandons the kingdom to take up with a male pirate hee heelove that and leaves Cinderella in charge is a kick ass premise for a book The authors manage to throw in some sexy adventures for the ueen a hot hero a fairy godmother wicked stepmother and stepsisters and even the return of Charming This is well written and entertaining but I felt like the pacing should have been faster This would have worked better as a shorter story I will definitely be reading stories by these new to me authorsGrade BA

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Cinderella UnmaskedS man sends her to new heights of sexual pleasure And reawakens the notion that maybe just maybe love does not always lead to painHer indiscretions have not gone unnoticed As her stepfamily makes a move to take over the throne Ella has nowhere to turn no one to trustexcept the men behind the masksWarning This is the new “happily ever after” strictly for grown ups Bonny Dee and Marie Treanor take crafting fairy tales to a whole new level This Cinderella story does not disappoint I staid up well into to wee hours of the morning eager to know what happened next