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Book ó Grave Peril Î 378 pages Download ✓ Gwairsoft È ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ Grave Peril Author Jim Butcher – An alternative cover edition with a different page count exists hereHarry Dresden WizardLost Items Found Paranormal Investigations Consulting Advice Reasonable Rates Oversexed vampires Psychotic werewolves It comes with the territory when you're the only professional wizard in the Chicago area phone bookBut in all Harry's years of supernatural sleuthing he's never faced anything like this The spirit world has gone postal All over Chicago ghosts are causing trouble an Meh I keep hearing about how awesome this series is but someone needs to tell me when it gets good Three books in and I am still not super impressedThe first problem I have is that everything he makes up sounds so convenient and unbelievable I know that fantasysupernatural stories involve a lot of made up stuff but usually the author makes it sound believable With this book and the previous ones whenever the main character is in peril the author would pull something out of thin air to save the day ie OMG the giant monster is going to eat me But that monster is from Pittsburgh and it is Tuesday and the ancient chronicles say that monsters from Pittsburgh cannot attack wizards on Tuesday Therefore with a flick of his wrist Harry decimated the monsterThe second problem is how conveniently every character seems to show up in every scene Toward the end of the book they are at a vampire party and every few minutes the main character runs into someone else from the story It does end up being relevant to the plot but it feels forcedThe third problem is how whiny Harry Dresden is I don't know feel like he is believable as a wizard that would take on the forces of evil Also because of this I find it hard to believe that he would attract so many friends and women who want him He is just kind of blah to me and if he says Hells bells one time The fourth problem is that the author freuently preaches against the church even though some of the main characters who help him are from the church He doesn't have to like the church but it doesn't really seem to advance the story and if I were his Christian friends I would probably leave him in the dustThe fifth problem is that every time a woman walks in the room we get a detailed description of her breasts and nipples Seems kind of weird; like he doesn't know any other way to describe a woman Descriptions like this work if used in moderation but in excess it gets kind of creepy The sixth problem relates to the audio version of the book The reader whispers most of the book very slowly which sometimes made it very hard to hear Also it didn't always seem to fit what was happening Not one of my favorite readingsDespite all of this a part of me wants to keep going and find out what happens next I see that this book generally gets good reviews so I am wondering if maybe this story is just not for me

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An alternative cover edition with a different page count exists hereHarry Dresden WizardLost Items Found Paranormal Investigations Consulting Advice Reasonable Rates No Love Potions Endless Purses or Other EntertainmentHarry Dresden has faced some pretty terrifying foes during his career Giant scorpions ummm I don't know if I like being in Harry's head

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Grave PerilD not just of the door slamming boo shouting variety These ghosts are tormented violent and deadly Someone or something is purposely stirring them up to wreak unearthly havoc But why? And why do so many of the victims have ties to Harry? If Harry doesn't figure it out soon he could wind up a ghost himsel Ghostbusters meets Nightmare on Elm Street with vampiresThis 2001 novel is the third installment in the Harry Dresden files professional wizard and the only one in the yellow pages Butcher stated that he felt and many fans have seconded that this is where the series really took off And I can see that this is fun urban fantasy and built to move along to the next bookTaking place some time after the events in Butcher’s 2001 novel Fool Moon where Harry fought some werewolves and even a super duper kind of ancient werewolf; Grave Peril sees our hero with a new friend White Knight paladin Michael and some of the same characters from the previous two Ghosts have been getting freaky of late and Harry and Michael have been busy Then Harry gets an invitation to a Monster’s Ball at the local vampire’s place and that’s when the fun begins The party BTW is classicWriter Jim Butcher has a winning formula and a seemingly endless supply of urban fantasy drama to draw from His magic rules and allusions to folklore mythology and demonology makes this purr like the finely tuned vehicle that it is It helps too that Butcher is a talented writer with plenty of tricks up his sleeve pun intendedAll said this is a good one and I will be joining the legions of fans who will read them all