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He path when SPLASH Grandpa fell in Aunt Hinka came to the rescue in her little boat just in time Oh what a menacing and magical journey it was from Peppermint Stree. My dear late aunt bought this book for us a very long time ago I finally got around to reading it It takes place in the early 1900's in Holland It is the story of a 10 year old boy who has never left his home village as he travels inland with his grandfather to visit his great auntsWhile the book won several awards including a Newberry I am mixed about how good it is The descriptions of Dutch life are very fascinating However the internal states of the boy take away from the story He is far too maudlin about too many things I don't think we see the boy ua boy but as an adult would have us think a boy thinks

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Journey from Peppermint StreetSiebren could hardly believe it here he was walking with his grandfather all the way to Aunt Hinka's in the dark too Now he and Grandpa had reached the marsh It was. I don't have the words So much wisdom insight are woven into this tale of a certain special child's uniue set of adventures some small some dramatic some mundane some Philosophical over the course of an easily countable number of hours in a setting most of us are completely unfamiliar with at the beginning but that will feel like a second home by the end DeJong has outdone himself I appreciated it even the second timeA writer would appreciate it even as the author is a master of language characterization pacing etcA better review is Erica's believe it to be a sort of touchstone book If you like it too we probably have a lot congruity in our taste in books and vice versa Check it out on openlibrary especially if you want a good book to read aloud to your about 7 10 year old childWhere the sun went down would be the marsh and the monastery in the marsh and the frogs and the storks and the cranes and the herons and two people walking and nobody laughing and everything strange lovely wonderful'To the end of all our days' It sounded like a prayer; it was as lovely as a litany

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Free read Journey from Peppermint Street è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ç ❮Ebook❯ ➧ Journey from Peppermint Street Author Meindert DeJong – Siebren could hardly believe it here he was walking with his grandfather all the way to Aunt Hinka's in the dark too Now he Alive with ten Journey from PDF hundred thousand fireflies darting in the night and frogs booming at them But Grandpa said it was dangerous too they had to keep on t. This is my favorite book from my childhood I read it in fifth grade The writing is so vivid that I fondly remembered scenes from the book thirteen years later It's out of print now but I recently read it again and still think it's wonderful It is written from the point of view of a young boy and while his experiences are told in a childish manner adults can still relate to the physical pain and emotional turmoil he experiences in the story