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FREE DOC Ï READER Keep Sweet Children of Polygamy ✓ 9780968794333 Á DEBBIE PALMER Ö ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ Keep Sweet Children of Polygamy Author Debbie Palmer – Keep Sweet Children of Polygamy journals Deb Palmer's experiences growing up as a L near Creston BC She was subjected to emotional physical and sexual abuse It was when she saw this cycle repeating itself in her children's lives that she fled Bountifu The 10th first hand account of FLDS polygamy I've read This one was particularly heartbreaking for me and though I really really enjoyed the book I felt it seemed cut short I want to know the rest of Deb's story how did she escape who did the prophet marry her to next? Where is she now? I've scoured the internet for a seuel to no avail so I am assuming she's never written one I'm sure the first was a work of blood sweat and tears as she wrote about such an extreme and painful life Maybe someday we'll get to enjoy the rest of her story Definitely recommend if you are interested in reading about polygamy specifically in the FLDS church

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S married to three different men the first time at the age of fifteen during her thirty three years with the group of Mormon Fundamentalists in the community of Bountifu This is Debbie Palmer's experiences growing up in the FLDS religion from the age of 4 to 18 Debbie was the first woman to escape the religion with all 8 of her children She now speaks at conferences all over to help educate others on the horrors she lived When she was 4 her parents devote members of the LDS faith moved to Canada to join the FLDS faith Her father soon took a second wife the daughter of the man she would later marry Starting at age 4 she was sexually assaulted by the other children that also lived in the community Because of all the secret ceremonies that the adults participated in she was not aware that what happened was wrong After the death of her mother her fathers 2nd wife began to beat Deb when ever she was disappointed in anything And at age 16 she married a 55 year old man who already had 5 other wives At 18 she is a widowed and an outcast in the group This book is a powerful story of all that is wrong in polygamous groups This book is a powerful story of all that is wrong in pologamous groups

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Keep Sweet Children of PolygamyKeep Sweet Children of Polygamy journals Deb Palmer's experiences growing up as a child in a community where plural marriages and religious dogma were the norm Debbie wa This book is so horrible I dnf'd it but it is still worthy of 4 stars There was a scene where the little girl the author is held down by nurses much older girls for the doctor a teenage boy to thrust a stick covered into cow grease into her vagina She was told it was the Work a religious act and that she had to suffer like Christ on the cross and she should thank him She bled for days I couldn't read any Earlier in the book there had been one passage that really rang true in three ways Firstly as both a justification for the sin of forced polygamy it is forced if you are brainwashed and these women talk constantly about being goddesses on their own Earths to rule like God with their own husband godsSecondly the cynical expedience of religion and the elders of any religion when it comes to political matters that will benefit their organisation And lastly how religion really is the opiate of the masses as concocted and administered by the priests prophets or whatever they are called in every religion where those at the top do not live the same lives as those they make the rules for and make sure that they will end up having as close to heaven on earth with all it's riches as they can possibly manageThe passage was Although he Uncle Isaac was not interested in having than one wife he claimed he couldn't denounce his son and nephew because the church still taught the principle of the plurality of wives in the temple ceremonies and Joseph Smith's revelation had never been repudiated He maintained that the manifesto given by Wilford Woodruff in 1890 to condemn the practice of polygamy in order to pacify the government of the United States was not a revelation and did not contravene the serious commandment God gave to Joseph Smith to preserve plural marriageThe same Uncle Isaac also talked aboutthe Lord needing a white and delightsome people to be worthy of the highest degree of the celestial kingdom to be gods and goddesses on their own earthsShe is 13 and dancing with her uncle who is 53 and he whispers to her as he holds her close Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins which feed among the lilies from the Song of Solomon A religion for men controlled by men adapted whenever necessary by men and forced onto women from birth At least The Stepford Wives was fiction and worthy of discussion this is pedophilia hiding from the law under the guise of religion And allowed to continue in part because there is no one to complainIt is a vile book to read It isn't enlightening I'm very sorry for the author who sufferered 32 years of it but saw the light and escaped into the real world with all it's myths superstitions and ways of keeping women down still I'm much sorry for her mothers aunts granddaughters she had grandchildren at 15 because of plural marriage her husband having them by other wives and all the other women who had never been allowed to have a single thought in their head that wasn't put their by the men who kept them as domestic slaves breeders and sex objects for the use of Puts me in mind of ISIS but this is America and it couldn't be allowed to flourish here could it?