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reader Þ Last Woman Hanged 400 pages Download Ü Caroline Overington ☆ [EPUB] ✼ Last Woman Hanged By Caroline Overington – Two husbands four trials and one bloody execution Winner of the 2015 Davitt Award for Best Crime Book Non fiction the terrible true story of Louisa C0 years old when asked to take the stand Louisa Collins was hanged at a time when women were in no sense eual under the law except when it came to the gallows They could not vote or stand for parliament or sit on juries Against this background a small group of women rose up to try to save Louisa's life arguing that a legal system comprised only of men male judges all male jury male prosecutor governor and Premier could not with any integrity hang a woman The tenacity of these women would not save Louisa but it would ultimately carry women from their homes all the way to Parliament HouseCaroline Overington is the author of eleven books of fiction and non fiction including the top selling THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY psychological In the 1800's in New South Wales Australia a woman was tried for murder not once not twice but four times It took 48 men and it was men because women were not allowed to sit a jury to convict Louisa Collins and condemn her to death by hanging She was convicted on circumstantial evidence Her attorney stood beside her through all 4 trials with 3 separate judges but he failed to object to perceived evidence when and where he should have He allowed two of her 7 living children to testify against her Evidence was submitted as factual even though it had never been proven Her crime murdering the man she loved with arsenic This trial began a movement within the women Many petitions asking that her sentence be commuted to life in prison were backed by women some of them the very wives of the men who found her guilty From there the women continued and it started a pre suffragett movement in women's rights This book put you in the courtroom in the gaoljail and in the pain of the husband It reiterated the lack of women's freedoms at that time their powerlessness the poverty of the era and the injustice by refusal of the men in power to save the life of Louisa Collins This is both the personnel story of one womans life and also a political novel featuring human rights legal boundaries and moral standings The epilogue traces each of the people in this story right up to the current day and the living relatives of Louisa Collins Also included are pictures of Louisa her second husband Michael Collins some of her children and the man who had a final say Premier Sir Henry Parkes who could have saved her life and chose not to

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Crime novel She has said 'My hope is that LAST WOMAN HANGED will be read not only as a true crime story but as a letter of profound thanks to that generation of women who fought so hard for the rights we still enjoy today'Praise for LAST WOMAN HANGED'The story she tells is a useful challenge to any tendency to simple moral indignation' Beverley Kingston Sydney Morning Herald'This is a fascinating book a terrific read and an excellent reminder of who tells the stories and whose stories are forgotten' Frances Rand South Coast Register' what's interesting is Caroline Overington's even handed appraisal of Collins's alleged crimes that led her to become the last woman hanged in New South Wales in 1889' Launceston Sunday Examin I was expecting so much from this potentially interesting story It was repetitive and riddled with uotes which needed editing I felt the epilogue in particular was padded out with information of people only tangentially involved with Louisa her story

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Last Woman HangedTwo husbands four trials and one bloody execution Winner of the 2015 Davitt Award for Best Crime Book Non fiction the terrible true story of Louisa Collins In January 1889 Louisa Collins a 41 year old mother of ten children became the first woman hanged at Darlinghurst Gaol and the last woman hanged in New South Wales Both of Louisa's husbands had died suddenly and the Crown convinced that Louisa poisoned them with arsenic put her on trial an extraordinary four times in order to get a conviction to the horror of many in the legal community Louisa protested her innocence until the endMuch of the evidence against Louisa was circumstantial Some of the most important testimony was given by her only daughter May who was just 1 Louisa Collins was a working class girl married off to Charles Andrews a man uite a few years older; nevertheless Andrews was a good husband and the couple went on to have ten children Life in the young colony of Sydney was tough and Louisa liked to relax by having a drink and dancing In order to make ends meet the family took in boarders including one of Charles’ workmates Michael Collins in December 1886 Not long afterwards the rumour mill was rife regarding Louisa and Collins and after a confrontation with Andrews Collins was thrown out In January Andrews drew up a will and then uite soon fell ill with severe gastric pains and vomiting; subseuently dying in February 1887 By April 1887 the merry widow had married her boarder Collins who proceeded to gamble away the family’s money inherited from Louisa’s first husband Within a year of the marriage Collins also fell ill displaying the same torturous symptoms as Andrews He died in July 1888Suspicions were raised by Louisa’s neighbours Collins body was exhumed and the coroner's verdict was death by arsenic poisoning Louisa was remanded to stand trial for Collins’ murder At this point it’s important to be aware both men had worked as wool washers where the skins were treated with arsenic Arsenic can poison by means in addition to ingestion It was also used widely by households in the colony as a form of bait and Louisa’s ten year old daughter would go on to swear she had seen a box of Rough On Rats bait in their kitchen Louisa Collins first stood trial for the murder of her second husband Michael Collins When the jury came back unable to reach a verdict she was remanded to stand trial a second time for his death A new jury returned with the same answer; unable to reach to reach a verdict; in fact many of the jurors found her ‘not guilty’ Where you would expect at the stage Louisa would be freed instead and uite unbelievably she was then remanded to stand trial for her first husband Charles Andrews In this third trial what should have been ‘inadmissible evidence’ was brought into the testimony Louisa’s young children were also used as witnesses against her This trial also returned with a ‘no verdict reached’ summation and even though appeals were lodged she was remanded for a fourth time; this time reverted to the murder of Michael Collins The reader will really feel like the judiciary is determined to find Louisa guilty at any cost At its closure she was found guilty and sentenced to death by hangingThe women of the colonies of Sydney and Melbourne were incensed by the four trials and the final verdict; petitions for her release were written and signed by thousands Even people who thought her guilty felt her sentence should be commuted to life in prison True separation of power became blurred as the matter of Louisa’s sentence was hotly debated in Parliament But nothing would save Louisa; she was hanged on 8th January in 1889 Louisa’s death was not a smooth execution; she was hanged a hangman who had a reputation for botching the job and he lived up to his reputation with Louisa’s hanging But the story does not end there You really need to read this book to see how this single event was the catalyst for the emergence of the Suffragette movement in Australia What a well written unemotionally told and extensively researched book A fascinating read which kept me glued to the pages A well deserved 4 ★ rating