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Download Ebook ï Miss Mackenzie ê 432 pages æ Anthony trollope Ò [PDF / Epub] ☆ Miss Mackenzie By Anthony Trollope – In Miss Mackenzie Trollope made a deliberate attempt to prove that a novel may be produced without any love but as he candidly admits in his AutobiographTo assess the worth and motives of four very different suitors Although her creator calls her unattractive most readers will warm to Miss Mackenzie and admire her modesty dignity and shrewdness Miss Margaret Mackenziea middle aged spinster has spent her life in service to her family First she nursed her aged father through his final illness and now her older brother Walter When Walter's will is read everyone is shocked he left his fortune to Margaret None is shocked than her older brother Tom of Rubb and Mackenzie tire manufacturers Tom's wife takes personal offense at this snub Margaret is finally getting the chance to live her life and she heads to Littlebath to join society there Her niece Susanna comes along to attend school there with Margaret's money Margaret is soon caught up in the Evangelical Christian Mrs Strumfold's society where she meets the suint eyed minister Mr Maguire Margaret is forced to choose between the Strumfoldians and her morally free neighbors She tries to straddle both worlds as best she can but Mr Maguire has Margaret in his line of sight to be his rich bride She's delighted with visits from her brother's business partner Mr Rubb Jr and promises to loan her brother money for a mortgage As she discusses business with Mr Rubb she comes to enjoy his company very much and if he should propose but he isn't a gentleman so naturally he's out of the uestion A family tragedy brings her into the orbit of her relatives Sir John and Lady Ball their grown children and grandchildren Sir John's son John Jr is as dull as men come but he becomes a rock on which Margaret can lean on Then a chance meeting with her lawyer brings shocking news and Margaret's life will never be the same againI think Trollope must have read and enjoyed Jane Austen because this book has many similarities with an Austen comedy of manners It gets a little melodramatic in the end but it is at heart a witty social commentary a la Austen and Dickens Trollope's humor isn't uite as overtly funny as Austen's but with characters named Mr Slow and Mr Bideawhile and a clergyman with a suint you know he is playing with his readers the way Dickens did Indeed many of the characters bear strong resemblances to Austen characters Lady Ball is a cross between Lady Catherine and Fanny Dashwood and every manipulative smothering mother you've ever come across Mr Maguire at first seems like a Mr Collins character but he's no buffoon He's shrewd and cunning and knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to convince the world he's right Mrs Mackenzie of Incharrow is like Elizabeth Bennet's aunt Gardiner with a dash of delightful matchmaker like Emma I really enjoyed her character She's manipulative in a good way Miss Baker and Miss Todd are intriguing characters and I wish they were in the story The main characters are Margaret Mr Rubb John Ball and Mr Maguire Margaret is around my age but she seems much older and careworn like Anne Elliot She's had a tough life and has never been loved so it's easy to root for her and want her to find someone to love I wasn't thrilled with any of her suitors they're just too dull but she knew which one she wanted and so I wanted the match for her She's a character who is easy to sympathize with Mr Rubb seems charming I liked him I didn't care for John a 50 year old widower I don't see him making a good lover He's steady and dependable but I would wish for some passion in a relationship I couldn't figure out who Margaret was going to choose until she did it The pacing of the novel is uite slow for the first half and then once it gets going it gets easier to read I recommend this to fans of Austen Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell

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In Miss Mackenzie Trollope made a deliberate attempt to prove that a novel may be produced without any love but as he candidly admits in his Autobiography the attempt breaks down before the conc I can think of no amiable writer than Anthony Trollope whose novels can be read again and again without any diminution of their original power As a member of the Yahoo Trollope group I have read approximately three uarters of his 47 novels many of them twice and at least one of them The Way We Live Now three times What is there about Trollope's work that makes it so multiply readable My answer would have to include such factors as his high moral tone without appearing to be priggish in the slightest along with his delight in creating complicated stories with a large cast of characters Curiously he tends to fall flat in his short stories and most of his shorter novels are not among his best I would have to make an exception however of Miss Mackenzie a novel whose heroine is beyond the first flush of youth and who finds herself with a generous inheritance from the brother she had nursed for many yearsSomehow she approached the middle years with a physical and moral attractiveness which together with her fortune make her the target of a number of persistent suitors ranging from an Evangelical clergyman with a demonic suint to the not uite honest son of her brother's partner in trade to an impoverished widower with children who also happens to be a baronetHow Trollope weaves his way through these sticky situations is a wonder I liked Miss Mackenzie the first time I read it; but now I would have to say my admiration has increased Most nineteenth century novels do not concern themselves with the loves of women who have been around the track a few times That Trollope succeeds in doing so at the same time as he makes us appreciate her many virtues is a rare accomplishment

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Miss MackenzieLusionIn taking for his heroine an middle aged spinster his contemporaries of writing about young girls in love Instead he depicts Margaret Mackenzie overwhelmed with money troubles as she tries A very pleasant read although the story itself could have easily ended 50 pages sooner However the filler created by Trollope was also enjoyable It was an interesting portrait of a woman on her own in 19th century England I became uite attached to Miss Mackenzie and absorbed in her storyAnd as always Trollope's prose is smooth and comforting There is lots of plot events and the usual range of Victorian characters