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DOC í READER Off centre One play series ✓ GWAIRSOFT õ ✼ Off centre One play series Epub ✿ Author Haresh Sharma – Off Centre is The Necessary Stage’s landmark play in the history of Singapore Theatre It is best remembered for bringing mental illness and its patients’ plight to Ght to the attention of the media and the publicThe play uses effective techniues of flashbacks; moving the characters in and out of their schizophrenic and norm I've never been exposed to any plays even before taking Literature so I'm glad my school chose 'Off Centre' and that my first experience have never been better I love how Haresh Sharma touches on mental illness fully as society often stigmatises it In the play the protagonists are of two very different personalities which slowly evolves into a bitter sweet friendship Haresh Sharma touches on how society often shield and isolate the mentally ill ones which they did not realise it might leave a huge impact on the protagonists later in the play From snippets of Vinod's work employer to his university days army days and even scenes with Razali All of it slowly adds up to his vulnerabilities which lead to his first major breakdown during his army day which made him turn into solace towards Razali which then fails on him too and made him lose trust on people even Saloma on the other hand starts off being shy very different from Vinod But towards the middle of the play she became someone that none of us will probably think of A role reversal between the two characters which is shocking yet beautiful in some sense All mental patients deserves a second chance and they will shine as brightly as one of us one day too There's a sayingMental illness is just like any other medical illness which I resonate to very much as I personally feel that we should treat them in a similar manner like how we treat others

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Al selves to elicit the rational and emotional experiences of two schizophrenics Vinod and SalomaOff Centre was first staged in September 1993 at The Drama Centr Studied this text for 3 years and i must say that it is one of the best text i’ve ever read I really the emotions that were brought out were powerful and exuisite and also the way the text captures the struggles of having mental illness well In the play the friendship of the protagonists were brought out beautifully with the distinct personalities and race saloma who is shy and is a malay and vinod who is the alpha and is an indian Though both of them are different but the way they are able to help one another despite having different mental illnesses was touching As the play continues in the later part we get to see the build up of vinods vulnerability which led to his breakdown and eventual suicide and the growth of saloma which was uite shocking as there was a role reversal which i did not expect I highly recommend to read this text as it touches many sensitive areas of stigmisation which not many playwrites are able to do and the way it has brought an emotional impact to the readers teaching us that we should accept anyone regardless of our differences

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Off centre One play seriesOff Centre is The Necessary Stage’s landmark play in the history of Singapore Theatre It is best remembered for bringing mental illness and its patients’ pli Initial thoughts First staged in 1993 Off Centre is much progressive for its time than I had anticipated Mental health is so misunderstood and until today many in Singapore vilify anyone with mental illnesses There's a fair bit awareness sure but prejudice discrimination and fear still existIn 2002 when I had first moved to Singapore and was in fifth grade my form teacher would threaten misbehaving classmates and classmates who didn't do well academically that they'd end up in Woodbridge if they continued like that Woodbridge Hospital had been renamed to Institute of Mental Health in 1993 but years on Woodbridge collouially still was referenced when calling others crazy — obviously as an insultTo read a script that shed light on how misunderstood mental health was and still is in the context of Singapore surprised me and simultaneously gave me hopeI remember my mother telling me that depression was the result of the devil possessing you I was eight This was exactly what Saloma's mother believed telling her that prayer and incense would cure her not health care and medication Happy to report that my mother has come to accept that mental health is a medical issueVinod's parents thought he was too smart to have a chemical imbalance and his platoon commander accused him of being lazy and using mental illness as an excuse to be downgraded to administrative workReading about their struggles as they grappled with what it meant to live or to die I could only empathise It's difficult to heal when there's a lack of understanding love and support As a society we need to do so much better for others and for ourselves Vinod What's the use Saloma? Sooner or later they'll find out If I join a company that hires ex patients I don't have much choice of jobs and I get paid less anywaylike that Mr Chow And if I lie then everyday I live in fear wondering when the boss is going to find out So what do we do? I wish I had chosen an excerpt from Off Centre for my A Level Theatre Studies monologue because it's so important to spread awareness Too bad with so many scripts I skimmed this book was too far down my pileIn any case The Necessary Stage will be performing Off Centre again in February 2019 I for one intend to watch it If you're interested you can get tickets here too