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Remote and wretched outposts of the empire Morocco Algeria and finally to Malta for a stunning and bloody battle on the high seas that will challenge even the battle hardened Alatriste's resolve Now seven. Arturo Perez Reverte is a fantastic writer and his Captain Alatriste series in amazing The thing I truly like about this series of novels is the amazing portrait the author is showing me of the Spanish Empire in the days of its gradual decline He writes about war in the late Renaissance as if he lived through it himself How often do you read novels that describe in perfect detail how an infantryman could fire a matchlock haruebuses while fighting in a drizzle In many ways I enjoyed this book than the others because Alatriste's adopted son is growing older and their relationship is growing complicated Alatriste is trying to warn him of the complications of loving a femme fatale such as Angelica de Aluezar but of course the boy will not listen On a sour note the novel did miss the presence of the evil Italian sword for hire Malatesta but it was hinted he survived his brush with Imperial law and will be available to cross swords with Alatriste in the future I really like the way the author shows how men pull together and fight in war for causes and regimes that they do not really believe in It shows how a soldier's sense of honor and devotion can be corrupted into something less than honorable Yet the book is not a simplistic call to pacifism Violence is eternal and in the thoughts of Inigo Balboa Christ called us to all be brothers but he did not call us to be naive of depravity Cain slew Able

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Corsarios de LevanteTeen Íñigo is almost ready to leave Alatriste his foster father and fellow soldier But will age Corsarios de MOBI #234 and experience bring wisdom or is he likely to repeat many of his mentor's mistakes. Nothing happened I was bored the whole time

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Download Å Corsarios de Levante ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Corsarios de Levante By Arturo Pérez-Reverte ✸ – Accompanied by his faithful foster son Íñigo Captain Alatriste accepts a job as a mercenary aboard a Spanish galleon The ship sets sail from NaplesAccompanied by his faithful foster son Íñigo Captain Alatriste accepts a job as a mercenary aboard a Spanish galleon The ship sets sail from Naples on a journey that will take them to some of the most. The sixth book in Arturo Pérez Reverte's Alatriste series continues the adventures of the Spanish musketeers After having found themselves in a position at the end of the previous installment of the series where they deem it best to stay away from Spain for a while Alatriste and his companions travel to Naples and take part in some very exciting sea adventuresUnfortunately however Pérez Reverte continues to write his books in the manner that I've learned to dislike The first half of the book is yet again spent wistfully reminiscing the state of Spain and its people while dropping some inconseuential information about the political situation on the Mediterranean inconseuential in the sense that it has very little to do with the plot of the novel Also a new character is introduced into Alatriste's company in this section of the book Rather than showing the readers how their relationship grows in this and future novels the author decides to tell us that this new fellow became a good friend of theirs and only dies several years after the events described in this novel oft repeated problem with Pérez Reverte he tells us when and where his heroes will die so that we'll never really worry about their fates until that time and place arrivesThe story only picks up at around the half way point when Alatriste et al are finally in Naples and head off to sea From that point onwards the story flows uickly with lots of action and fine characterisation and storytelling The story ends with a very dramatic battle scene that I assume was taken from the pages of history books but brought to life very finely indeedDespite the slow beginning I'd recommend this novel to any fan of the era I look forward to the next book in the series which unfortunately is yet to be translated to any language I know