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SUMMARY Hothouse

SUMMARY ✓ Hothouse ¸ ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Hothouse By Brian W. Aldiss ❅ – Znanstveno fantastični roman o posljednjim ostacima čovječanstva koji se bore za opstanak s mnogobrojnim mesoždernim biljkama i grotesknim insektnim životom Zemlja pritom podsjeća na staklenik; Znanstveno fantastični roman o posljednjim ostacimZnanstveno fantastični roman o posljednjim ostacima čovječanstva koji se bore za opstanak s mnogo. Millions of years into the future the Earth is tidally locked with the sun and the sunny side is dominated by a banyan tree of mind boggling size Mile wide plant spiders crawl from the Earth to the moon on vast webs As for man he is now a foot and a half high green and running scared all the timeI got this from Netgalley I was pretty conflicted about this book On one hand I love the setting Come on A far future earth dominated by colossal plants with giant spiders crawling from the earth to the moon and back Telepathic mushrooms Flying plants Giant insects What's not to likeWell there isn't much of a plot to speak of The story starts with one band of humans moves on to the kids they leave behind when they Go Up and then follows two of them I think some of this is due to the book being a patchwork of several of Aldiss' stories set on the Hothouse earthStill it's not without its charms There's a wackiness to it that I enjoyed It reminded me of Philip Jose Farmer's Dark is the Sun uite a bit Also the setting reminded me a bit of Harry Harrison's Deathworld 1I guess I should wrap this up somehow I love the setting but I don't think the story ever came close to doing it justice Two out of five stars

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Brojnim mesoždernim biljkama i grotesknim insektnim životom Zemlja pritom podsjeća na staklenik v. In the far distant future with the dying Sun above all the Earth has been overrun by vegetation old Sol stays in the same position in the sky shining on half the world The other part is a frozen wasteland in perpetual darknessIt's a plant world for sure an atmosphere thick by heat as much as the vines that flow down to the hidden ground if there is oneThe few tiny humans left have returned to the trees there is just one a Banyan in reality and become green the humans I mean A Hothouse the name of the novel originally in fact Terra has become this These people are primitive living high above and not even being able to see the below No technology no knowledge of their past history ignoramuses trying to survive against man eating plants Lily yo is the leader of a small band of humans always alert against the plants who are animal almost extinct here than vegetable The tribe has pieces of carved wood which they carry around and call their weirdly souls When one of them dies which happens often the humans climb the tree to the top level and leave the souls there hopefully soon to be taken to heaven The biggest organism in the planet are called Traversers mile long flying vegetation spider like plants Lily yo and some of her band are transported by the Traversers all the way to the nearby Moon Gren a boy maybe man rebel and others are left behind to form a new group On Luna where life is much easier and safer oxygen in abundance made by the plant life there which had arrived in earlier trips Abundance of delicious fruit a great amount of fresh water an alluring paradise compared to the old Earth ruled by Flymen humans who have grown wings a sight to behold Back on Earth Gren is expelled from the new group he is a human that cannot follow rules Now with just a female companion along to survive the perils of this strange land he'll need help but where can he get it Weird but very entertaining tale of what might be in the future I hope notImaginative science fiction book with enough plausibility to keep it always from being sillyA tale which never fails to entertain

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HothouseRućina svjetlost vlaga i bilje koje stalno raste neobuzdano podređujući se svom neotuđivom zakon. I'm really impressed with this 1962 classic I was fully prepared to assume it would be outdated and skimpy on the characters but what I actually got was a thought provoking tale that was so heavy on the worldbuilding that the worldbuilding was like three or four characters in its own rightI mean you know its some serious science fiction if we're transported a billion years in the future where men and women are a fifth our current size where the earth and the moon are locked to constantly face the sun and the world had devolved and mixed and blurred lines between animals and vegetables The prose was than strong enough to prevent such a monstrosity of a novel from collapsing filled with tantalizing images of truly odd creatures and situations I can barely guess at I only had a few issues with some of the characters Some of the species of man were really dumb and that was kind of the point but I just couldn't believe that they'd have no sense of self preservation That point irked me But other than that I understood why the main characters didn't get much of a chance to grow or change It was an outright adventure novel exploring new lands trying to survive while being driven by the mortal enemy of mankind his brainMy god that aspect of this novel was pretty damn cool Mankind entered into a contract with a parasite that gave us our intelligence in the deep past A fungus that when combined with another living creature makes it smarter With time it moved from being a crown of spongy fungus that looked like a brain to inhabit the slowly enlarged cavity of our modern heads until all man thought this was the natural order When the sun aged and became deadly to the fungus mankind fell into the state of beasts again To have a hardy and evolved fungus drop upon you in the middle of the jungle to give you heightened intelligence you'd think that would be a good thing rightIntelligence is overrated What a mess it caused for GrenThe world was fantastic spanning from spiderwebs that spanned between the earth and the moon twilight zones where wolfmen roam trees that shoot fire and fishmen that rise up from the waters to preach about civilization and the coming nova of our sun Too coolThere's one thing These stories were written in 1961 before they were put together as one novel the next year As I was reading it I kept thinking to myself that this novel was the inspiration for Dune The Morel could access our genetic memories into the deep past The ecological concerns were breathtaking and very well thought out and developed whether or not they're inaccurate There were so many links and ties between the two novels that I had to put it down and do a little research I kept assuming that this was a homage to Dune for heaven's sake Nope It came out 4 years before Dune and does an awesome job at outperforming Dune in these waysIs that high praise Yes Do I see why one of the short stories that made up this novel won the Hugo in '62 Yes Can I imagine that during the 5 year time that Frank Herbert was writing Dune he got inspired while reading the magazines these stories were published YesWhat a fantastic coincidence