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FREE DOWNLOAD Rufus the Writer ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB è [Read] ➪ Rufus the Writer Author Elizabeth Bram – Want to encourage a child to write creatively Introduce him to Rufus The joy of writing and reading fills every page of this charming picture book   Why have a lemonade stand when youIster Annie a story for her birthday about a girl who shrinks to the Rufus the ePUB #199 size of a teacup Sara trades flowers for a story about a family of buttons And then they all sit down and read the wonderful stories together. One summer Rufus decides not to have his regular lemonade stand Instead he will do a story stand So he gets all set up wtih plenty of paper pencils pens and markers When Millie and her little brother Walter stop at the stand Rufus agrees to write them a story in exchange for a special shell from the beach The story is about Walter’s favorite color Sandy stops by with a box of kittens and even though they are free Rufus writes a story in exchange for the black kitten a story about cats Rufus is reminded that his little sister’s birthday is tomorrow and he knows that a story will be the best present Sara stops by and asks for a story about buttons so Rufus agrees in exchange for whatever Sara thinks it should be worth All of his customers pick up their stories at the same time and sit right down to read and enjoy themThis smart blend of lemonade stand and creativity makes for a book premise that is very engaging and fun Particularly pleasant is the lack of focus on money as payment and instead allowing a warm and friendly bartering system in exchange for Rufus’ stories The values make sense paid in kittens shells and flowers Also great is the way that Rufus’ stories are each designed specifically for that reader with their favorite color or via the subject matter The stories are engaging and fun just brief enough to give a flavor and not slow the main storyline downGroenink’s illustrations are done in gouache acrylics and pencils with Adobe Photoshop They are warm and bright showing a friendly neighborhood with plenty of ethnic diversity in Rufus’ customers They have a playful feel with the trees around Rufus’ stand done in a whimsical way and various woods animals peeking at what is going on The illustrations in Rufus’ stories are drawn with fine details and show the coloring lines They have the same uality and feel of the other pictures but also have a distinct style of their ownA celebration of creativity and writing this book may inspire children to find their own variations on lemonade stands or even try their hand at writing and illustrating their own stories Appropriate for ages 4 6

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Boy with a big imagination decides And once he’s in business he starts creating little gems for his friends and family Millie and Walter trade a shell for his story called “Why Orange Is the Best Color” Rufus writes little s. Instead of a summer lemonade stand Rufus opens up a story stand and barters with his friends to share his stories Shows how stories spread joy and bring people together Cute imaginative illustrations round out this offering

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Rufus the WriterWant to encourage a child to write creatively Introduce him to Rufus The joy of writing and reading fills every page of this charming picture book   Why have a lemonade stand when you can have a story stand That’s what Rufus a. I read far children's picture books than I review but I think some are worthy of talking about than others This one fits into that category I'm in love with Rufus Instead of having a lemonade stand this year Rufus has decided to have a story stand He'll write you a story in exchange for something else He writes stories for all the neighborhood kids and one special one for his sister's birthday They're all short and have accompanying drawings I think what I admire about his stories most is that they're not perfect but that he puts them out into the world as they are and calls them complete This is one of those rare children's picture books I want to own And I look forward to reading Rufus' novels one day ; Edit Since we checked this out from the library my daughter has asked me to read it to her every single night sometimes twice not usual except for the very best of books And she wants it for Christmas