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Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó Mia Archer T involve falling in love before she got to college where it was safer to come out Lily was popular Lily was high school royalty Lily had it all and she hated her life More specifically she hated Lisa and the crowd of mean girls she called friends Sure she was with the popular crowd but it came at a price Like being forced to play along when Lisa forced her to join some new gay dating app. I keep reading Mia Archer's books because there isn't that many YA girlgirl romance books I don't really like many of her early books but I really liked Cheer which I read last week so I decided to give this new book a tryIt's def better then some of her older books but it's really only ok It was fine for a lazy summer day but I wouldn't really recommend it I gave it 3 stars but it's really a 25 and I rounded it up because I like the subject and want to encourage others to write these type of booksThis book is about two former best friends Lily and Eve Lily is part of a mean girl cliue while Eve is a geeky studious and gay Lisa the leader of Lily's cliue convinces her she should join a gay teens dating app to prank other teens in her school Lily winds up matching with Eve The story is about Lily realizing she has real feelings for girls and Eve in particular and the way their relationship develops The characters are mostly likable the story is generally rewarding and there is a happy ending The story pace was good and I was mostly into it and felt good about the girls winding up togetherThe worst thing about this book is the whole idea that if there are some mean people in your school who will make your life miserable if they find out your gay It's such a bad message for girls who are confused about being gay and I think YA authors should be responsible I suppose that this sort of thing still happens in some places in America but it's 2018 and honestly most people don't even care and if some 'mean girls' did something like this in most school they would be in serious trouble and probably expelled I didn't take away stars for this because in the end when the girls do come out no one really cares at their schoolAlso like most Mia Archer books this story has two character viewpoints The two girls have their own background and motivation but they sound the same they use the same words and their personality is only very slightly different Not only that but they sound like all the other girls in all other Mia Archer books There is also lots of rambling internal monologuing which doesn't add to the story at allI also think that the actual romance isn't really very sweet You don't really feel it It's like reading about what happens when people have feelings for each other but you really don't feel the feelings like you do in good books

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Read & download è Swipe Right 100 ✓ [BOOKS] ⚣ Swipe Right By Mia Archer – Two former friends An impulsive swipe in a hot new dating app A secret that will change their world Eve played it safe Keep uiet Keep your head down Graduate top of the class That was the plan Now if Two former friends An impulsive swipe in a h So they could find and out anyone using it Only what started as a prank becomes a whole lot as Lily realizes there are important things than being popular Even if she is risking the only life she knows for feelings that are strange new and than a little scary Two girls from different worlds Two girls afraid of what they're feeling Two girls who will have to risk it all for a chance at love. The idea behind the story was so promising and exciting but the book unfortunately fell shortI love YA books and how fun fresh and hugely temperamental the characters are; it reminds me that I'm still young and my immature actions are completely normal after I've read all the other lesbian books where the characters are above 30 and doing grown up stufflol This book though had too much narrative writing; which made me wonder if the characters took long breaks in the middle of barely there conversations to think about all that stufflol againIt'd be nice if it had banter and funny conversations and an insight of their family life and how their parents took the whole coming out issue plus whether Eve and her friends patched things up or not but those were left open and It kinda felt incomplete when it endedLily and Eve had so much potential chemistry that I felt was not well utilised but I loved the effort and the plot of the book so 2 stars it isThis book gives me Wattpad nostalgia All the mean girls falling in love and bad girls wrecking havoc to people's hearts plus pretty good sex scenes I wonder why I stopped reading I'm definitely going back so I can catch a break from older hot women

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Swipe RightTwo former friends An impulsive swipe in a hot new dating app A secret that will change their world Eve played it safe Keep uiet Keep your head down Graduate top of the class That was the plan Now if only she'd stuck with that plan Because the plan didn't involve signing up for a hot new app for LGBT teens It didn't involve discovering her former best friend on that app It certainly didn'. Not a favMia Archer's books and I have a lovenot so much relationship This book is one of those not so much for me There was just too much monolgue when dialogue and interaction would have helped understand the situation better When that did happen in the book it was great and you could see the characters Well I give this one three stars It's free on kindleUnlimited and though not my cup of tea too much monolgue it doesn't make it bad Got time enjoy her books run out of your book fundthen give this a go