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Ome in a nice neat box Together they'll have a lot than tea for three Publisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual. Jack and Craig have been lovers for a long time They love each other and are perfect together However Craig sometimes miss being with a woman They are both bisexualOne night Craig met Wren a woman he's instantly attracted to But she leaves when Jacks shows up Only 3 months later Wren enters her life again by being a consultant to Jack's business From this point on they become colleagues friends and best friends with herUntil they feel like they could take their relationship further throwing hot sex in the mix They are both attracted to Wren and she is eually attracted to themThey put their friendship in risk by getting in bed but they can't ignore their feelingsI liked this book a lot It was fun and sexy Wren is a scarred woman because of an accident when she was a teen but she isn't bitter about it The men love her the way she is and it was really nice to read their story

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Tea for ThreeContent graphic language and Tea for PDF situations that some readers may find objectionable mm sex practices mmf menage. 35 stars Why I read it This book was recommended to my by one of my Twitter friends when we were having a discussion about mmf menage stories so I went and bought itWhat worked for me and what didn't If there are two men and one woman in a romance my personal preference is that it is an mmf rather than an mfm story I have enjoyed mfm stories but I think they work better where there is a sexual connection between all three parties it has something to do with my sense of euality I think When GrowlyCub said that she thought this book was one of the better examples of the genre I couldn't resist I didn't end up liking it as much as she did but I did enjoy itRead the rest of the review here

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Tea for Three Read & Download Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Read] ➮ Tea for Three By Anne Douglas – Gwairsoft.co.uk Straight gay or in between turning thirty is never easy Craig Jack and Wren are about to find that love doesn't always come in a nice neat box Together they'll have a lot than tea for three PublisherStraight gay or in between turning thirty is never easy Craig Jack and Wren are about to find that love doesn't always c. In case you don't want to read through the massive spoilers I'll start off saying I adored this book I'd recommend it for anyone who wants a romance with a heroine who is less model perfect and everyday woman without sacrificing the perfect heroes and the perfect romance Note I'll remind you again before I hit real spoilers so read on if I captured your interestThere are three types of romances from a female reader's perspective1 Those where you slip into the heroine's shoes and become someone completely different than yourself The hero the heroine and the story are all fantasy2 Those where you don't put yourself in anyone's shoes you watch from the fly on the wall perspective This is obviously how most heterosexual women enjoy mm romances 3 Then there is the rare romance where the heroine doesn't feel that much different that you Where it feels like you are slipping into the story This book was that third category for meIn this type of story the hero or heroes in this case are just as perfect The romance is just as perfect But the heroine feels enough like you in your own skin that you connect in a totally different way She's not perfect and somehow that's okay Warning I feel the need to do an excessively detailed summary You will be spoiled as much as you can be knowing this is a romance with the reuisite HEA Wren doesn't have a model perfect figure Add to that she was in a serious car accident that left her with scars and physical limitations Her hip is weak and she walks with a cane This all happened when she was a teen and she missed most of her high school years in the hospital recovering She's never really dated never been in love never felt like the type of person men would be attracted to She is confident in her career and with her personality but she has only found romance in the pages of novelsThen there is Craig and Jack Both men are bi sexual but they're in a long term committed relationship with each other As Craig's 30th birthday approaches he contemplates the road not taken A wife children the white picket fence He loves Jack but there is this niggling desire for Okay spoiled you on the characters here comes the detailed plot spoilersCraig meets Wren in a bar She's been dragged along by her friends and he's entertaining out of town business associates Her friends and his associates are all knotted up on the dance floor leaving each of them alone Craig sits down buys Wren a drink and they talk Wren is unsure if he's flirting or just entertaining himself but she's enjoying their talking their connection In pops Jack who leans between them kissing Craig Oh that's it Wren thinks All the good ones are gay or married She slips away before Craig can push Jack away and introduce them properly Craig is strangely bereft by the fact that Wren got awayJack is waiting for an analyst come to help him expand his nursery plants not children business He's shocked to find out it's the woman his lover pursued several months ago He recognizes her but she doesn't recognize him having only seen the back of his head Their business relationship is ideal She is just what he needed for the business and as they work together Jack senses the same spark that attracted CraigAbout three weeks into their collaboration Jack confesses who his analyst is and they invite Wren to a BB Wren is flustered at first to find Craig answering Jack's door but she easily slips into a deep friendship with the handsome couple she thinks is strictly gay Craig and Jack on the other hand have to excuse themselves to work on dinner instead seeking mutual relief in the kitchen gThe attraction is mutual but Wren is lusting after Craig and Jack as unattainable lovers her own mm romance being played out in front of her But she is happy to have their friendship They get together weekly all three of them or in pairs During separate dates with Wren each man sneaks an unexpected kiss When the men confess their stolen kisses and their mutual interest they decide to invite Wren to join them for the night They make their offer then walk away to give her time to digest everything She had no idea they were bisexual let alone interested in her Before they make it home she calls and leaves a message telling them she's a virgin but she's interested if they still are They areI can't say how much I adore Craig and Jack They made it so that Wren was comfortable with them and they were all friends before anything sexual was brought up And when it came to the night they did everything to make her feel special Relaxing her body and mind with a massage before moving into the bedroom Then they pulled out special pillows designed to ease the pressure on her weak hip Thoughtful beyond anything Wren could have hoped for Their night together was beautiful And the sex was hot gAfter the fantasy night they all go back to their friendship Wren is sure that it was a one time thing and is happy to have lost her virginity in such a beautiful way An end of the season BB a few weeks later ends with the drunken threesome falling into bed again Only this time Craig and Jack don't just take turns with Wren they have sex with each other as well During the first encounter she sees them kiss but not much than that Wren approves gAgain they pull back to their friendship with the men trying to decide what Wren is to them Is she a friend with benefits or something They both want something They want a lover a wife and a future mother to their children So again they approach Wren offering her the moonThere is some serious soul searching on Wren's part but she eventually accepts that they both want her and love her The last barrier being a difference in understand about whether the men will want closed door privacy alone sometimes They don't Sometimes they will pair off any of them but the door will always be openThe HEA that Wren never believed she could ever haveJust a perfect story for me The self insertion fanfic of my dreams come to life