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FREE MOBI Ó DOC The Bad Decisions Playlist 9780544096677 µ MICHAEL RUBENS × [Ebook] ➧ The Bad Decisions Playlist Author Michael Rubens – A stranger rolls into town and everything changesespecially for Austin Methune when the stranger turns out to be his father presumeIn has a long history of getting himself into trouble with the assistance of weed inertia and indifference And he’s in deep trouble now the deepest ever He’s talented though Maybe his famous father will help him turn his life around and re 35 StarsAustin Methune is the worst and he knows it Not even self deprecatingly He makes bad decision after bad decision and never seems to understand that there are conseuences and for that I hated him and I thought I was going to hate the book but I didn't What I loved about the book was the writing is well done so kudos to Michael Rubens There are some really great zingers in the book and I LOL'd a lot especially in the last few chapters I loved Josephine too She just was a really great character What I hated about this book was that Austin's mother told him his father was dead so he has believed that since he was 4 years old She apparently told him this because his father really didn't want to be a father but also because he too was an addict THIS IS NEVER OK And due to events in the book I felt like the mother was very unsympathetic to Austin's behavior when he finds out his father is actually alive Anyway that's all I'm going to say It's an enjoyable read once you get past the first few chapters

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A stranger rolls into town and everything changesespecially for Austin Methune when the stranger turns out to be his father presumed dead and his father turns out to be Shane Tucker a bigtime musician just the role Austin wants for himselfAust At sixteen Austin in some ways is a pretty typical teenager He puts in his time at school he has his pals and he dabbles in some extracurriculars that could be construed as illegal He's also really into music In fact he has scores and scores of half written songs The problem is that he just can't uite finish any of themThis is a metaphor of sorts for Austin He's half formed and in many ways he's remarkably uninterested in becoming fully formed Maturation reuires a certain amount of realism not to mention acknowledgement of your shortcomings Neither of those appeals to AustinRaised by his mother Austin has asked over the years after his father The most information his mother has revealed is that Austin's father was an a hole Austin's obsession with music seems to set his mother off; she destroyed the CD of one particular musician by sticking it in the garbage disposal That this musician turns out to be Austin's father surprises no one except AustinUpon learning the identity of his father Austin lures Josephine a girl he recently met and with whom he believes himself in love into his father's world This is the latest in a long line of bad decisions Austin has made He misjudges people he makes excuses repeatedly for himself he hears only what he wants to hear and he believes what benefits him most Really not much different from most sixteen year olds Involving Josephine may not be the kindest thing he's done but she goes alongYou can sense impending doom Michael Rubens establishes Austin's myopia effectively and even though the story is told through his eyes you still can see how none of this will turn out well As you read Austin's adventures you feel tense and anxious waiting for everything to implode One of the things I appreciated about Rubens' book is that he doesn't try to make things shinier than they are He doesn't smooth over Austin's rough edges nor does he make excuses for his characters The bad guys turn out to be pretty decent people and the good guys wind up disappointing youTeens and pre teens will enjoy this book as will those of us who are a few cough years past teendom There are moments when you will laugh out loud and there are bittersweet moments that will make you feel a certain melancholy Knowing his audience well Rubens does offer some Life Lessons but he couches them in entertaining ways teaching his readers while keeping them regaled with his talePublished on VoxLibrisnetVoxLibris

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The Bad Decisions PlaylistAlize his musical dreamBut maybe Austin has inherited than talent from Shane who also does drugs screws up and drops outAustin is a tour guide to his own bad decisions and their conseuences as he is dragged kicking and screaming toward adultho Austin's life gets turned upside down when the father that he's always thought was dead is actually alive and is a well known musician Austin is also a musician and has also made some bad decisions but they seem to be getting worse as he struggles with this new knowledge and dealing with his mom's serious boyfriendSteer to high school due to language smokingdrugsalcohol and situations Writing is a bit predictable and pedantic