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R elemental dragons and their human companions in a desperate uest to free Air from her. Erde knows the dragon guide to Air A being part human and part beast from her time Gerrasch has now evolved into a techno wizard But no one still has any idea where Fire has hidden the final dragon Air Now the dragons and the dragon guides must race to discover Air before it grows too late for their destiny before the world can endOverall I really enjoyed this series I read the foreword in the first novel how Kellogg enjoys the space between and how this series is a blend of fantasy and science fiction It started out very much fantasy in The Book of Earth and the science fiction came in full swing here But I have two complaints First I feel like the ending of the novel happened just a little too uickly For me I feel like the reveal of the true nature of this world happened and then the ending came a little too uickly so I would have like a little time to process and digest just what Kellogg had set up with this series because I absolutely loved the idea that she had with the story My other complaint is the love triangle between Paia Kother and Fire In The Book of Fire she set up this huge thing that Paia and Kother were tied together by destiny and fell in love at first sight Then nothing happened with it With how the book ended it was kind of unavoidable but she still should have addressed it in some way because there's no resolution to this thing that was critical to the plot of the third bookBut again I love this series I feel like it deserves recognition than it gets Though I do believe one major factor about it not being as popular is because this series came out around the same time as Harry Potter and it just wasn't what people wanted If it had come out in the 80s though I'm sure it would have been huge because this series has a very 80s fantasy feel to it

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The Book of AirAs yet undiscovered prison and stop Fire before his devastating reign destroys the world. I think I got a little out of this book than I did the first time I read it When it first came out I had been waiting for an end to a beloved series for a long time I remember that I didn't like it and was very disappointed in the big reveal for the dragon Air I reread the other 3 occassionally but this one stayed on my shelf for about a decade Knowing everything that was coming this time I was able to observe the cryptic words and actions of certain characters and interpret them instead of just being confused and annoyed that no one would say what was going on In terms of story the intensity and drive of the previous books is kinda lost and this one meanders around in a big empty city for a very large chunk of time The major conflict point of the entire series is resolved or less without words at all The actual ending itself is weak sudden and very deus ex machinaLoved the other three this one is only okayAnd what is with the horrible meat dragon on the cover

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The Book of Air Read & Download · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù [BOOKS] ✸ The Book of Air Author Marjorie B. Kellogg – In the fourth novel of this popular tetralogy Marjorie B Kellogg brings together the four elemental dragons and their human companions in a desperate uest to free Air from her as yet In the fourth novel of this popular tetralogy Marjorie B Kellogg brings together the fou. This book wraps up the Dragon uartet The originality of the Book of Earth has been lost by this last book in the series SPOILER Ending very reminiscent of The Matrix I feel like it's a cop out ugh