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The Bride of Willow CreekDetermined to put her past behind of Willow PDFEPUB #235 her and get on with her life Angelina Bartoli Holland heads for the Colorado mining to. BIG SPOILER ALERTI picked up this book because I really enjoyed this author's Silver Lining However this one just did not hit the same note with me I think the main issues I had with this book were 1 I do not tolerate infidelity and 2 I don't tolerate whiny stubborn charactersAngie and Sam eloped when Angie was 16 and Sam was probably not much older Angie is the daughter of a brick mason who thought that carpenter Sam was not good enough for his daughter So on the night of their elopement they return to Angie's parents' house where Angie's father orders her to her room Angie being only 16 goes to her room and Sam has never forgiven her for doing so Angie also never forgave Sam for not telling her to stay Long story short Sam leaves West with Angie's father's words that he'll never amount to anything ringing in his earsFast forward 10 years During this entire time Angie has been living as an abandoned wife She has no family of her own husband and children and no prospects for one since everyone knows that she's married Her parents refuse to file for divorce during this entire time because of the scandal Angie's mom gets severely ill and her medical bills drive the family into bankruptcy which Angie doesn't know about until both of her parents dieThroughout the 10 years Sam has been forwarding his current address so that Angie will know how to reach him when she files for divorce Now that her parents are gone she goes to Sam to get a divorce only neither of them can afford it And Sam's excuse for not filing for a divorce himself Because gentlemen don't do that to women; they allow the women to fileSo how has Sam been living Well he shacks up with a woman Laura who recently passed away and he has 2 daughters Sam hasn't been doing too well financially because as he realizes about 45 of the way into the book he's always been looking for a uick payout ie gold and silver mining instead of just working up his skill as a carpenter So he's barely scraping by because he also sucks at money management now that Laura is dead he has to pay for all the labor that Laura did for free and his younger daughter has a club foot that he needs to save money to fixRight off Sam isn't much of a gentleman is he since he has no ualms about shacking up with a woman when is already married to another Seriously If Laura was a decent woman then what was he doing even sniffing around her when he's married And if they were so in love why didn't he file for divorce before shacking up with Laura not to mention the kidsAs it later turns out the children are actually not Sam's biological daughters Laura had also eloped at 17 had children and then her husband died So at least Sam didn't go and have children while depriving Angie of them but it still doesn't erase the fact that Sam just is not a likeable characterI just felt so bad for Angie and really did not feel much sympathy for Sam at all Yes Angie could have had of a backbone but then women in that era lived under a man's rule Also she was only 16 Afterwards she was in this weird limbo stage and the best years of her life were wasted sitting at home embroidering while Sam went on with his life And his excuse for not filing for a divorce especially in light of his actual actions just made me lose all respect for himAs you can guess there is a happily ever after However that didn't appease me either The way they reach the happily ever after was not satisfying Also it seems that Angie never has any children of her own And while she came to love Sam's daughters as her own I still feel that she was robbed of experiences all because of Sam's own selfishness

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Download The Bride of Willow Creek ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß [Download] ➺ The Bride of Willow Creek By Maggie Osborne – Determined to put her past behind her and get on with her life Angelina Bartoli Holland heads for the Colorado mining town of Willow Creek intending to divorce the husband sWn of Willow Creek intending to divorce the husband she hasn't seen since marrying him as a teenager ten years before But when finances force A. wow this just crosses way too many lines for me Misunderstandings perpetuated by lack of communication til the last few pages A cheating bigamist of a hero who is in NO way a hero Overly stubborn prideful MCs So even though it's on sale for 99cents and I've loved this author in the past it just isn't worth it shudder not my idea of romance

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Ngie and Sam to set up housekeeping together they gradually realize that they have somehow fallen in love with the adults they both have become. This was a somewhat painful book to finish but it was mercifully shortThe main issue was the convoluted plot twists 10 year estrangement of husbandwife because of a ridiculously minor misunderstanding people winning gold digging lotteries people fervently fighting for kids who aren't theirs etcWould have expected from an author whose previous books I read were entertaining and almost inspirationalAlso I hated the 'Italians are passionate' stereotype At least one star was lost solely because of that