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MOBI ☆ ↠ Edward Rutherfurd Few places lie closer to the heart of the nation's heritage than the New Forest Now Edward Rutherfurd weaves its history and legends into compelling fiction From the mysterious killing of King William Rufu ''Even the forest grows new oaks'' When I see a book by Edward Rutherfurd the effects are the same as when I see a creation by Ken Follett I believe that most die hard lovers of Historical Fiction have placed these two writers on a high pedestal Rutherfurd's books aren't heavy on the romance element like Follett's and this is a significant plus for me So it was with great enthusiasm that I started reading The Forest and I was not disappointedBut why did Rutherfurd choose to write about the Forest? Well The New Forest in the county of Hampshire is a place steeped in history and folklore It is the largest ancient forest in England and therefore it stands as an everlasting witness to many crucial moments in British History Prince Richard and William II the sons of William the Conueror died in the Forest and the legend goes that they died as a punishment for their father's faults A mix of folktales and apocryphas covers the area making it one of the most fascinating and mystical places to visit in England A version of King Arthur's legend claims that there is a hidden lake said to have been the birthplace of Excalibur and the domain of the Lady of the Lake On July 31 in 1940 the English witches gathered in the New Forest and raised a powerful cone to stop the advances of Hitler's forces Many stories of ghosts and weird unexplained sightings grace the place and the village of Beaulieu is particularly high in the list of strange activityIt goes without saying that all these elements are present in Rutherfurd's book and dealt with in a uniue beautiful way The history of the forest is told in nine stories through the eyes of two opposing families Rutherfurd's favourite techniue and their course over the ages and the generations Each story centers around two powerful themes the struggle for power and the worries over the preservation of the forest We see that the machinations people use to climb up the ladder of society and the effects of greed over the natural environment are similar through time in an eerie discomforting wayFor me the stories that really stand out in The Forest are ''The Hunt'' ''Beaulieu'' ''Alice'' and ''The Albion Park'' although each story is a necessary piece of the beautiful puzzle the writer has created In ''The Hunt'' set in the era of William the Conueror we meet a wonderful allusion of Man Vs Nature in the form of the agony of a young doe to protect her newly born fawn during the continuous huntings of the nobles in the sacred forest Like the beautiful doe Adela the heroine of the story is trying to break free from the patriarchal society being in the unfortunate position of having a noble name but no dowry''Beaulieu'' is set in the era of Edward I the well known Longshanks Here we see the games the Church uses to gain control of the Forest over the noblemen At the heart of the story is a beautiful relationship between two people who are separated by the Law of God and the laws of men alike Brother Adam is an extremely well written character and I would surely read a novel with him as the central hero''Alice'' is derived from a well documented trial case during the Restoration era Rutherfurd focuses on a woman's fight to protect herself and her children from the follies of her husband in the midst of a mad civil war about Religion and Power Yes the story is obviously set in the terrifying years of Cromwell's revolution and its aftermathIn ''Albion Park'' the longest story in the book set in 1794 he has created characters that are possible to anger you to the high heavensMrs Grockleton a hybrid of Mrs Bennet and Catherine De Bourgh Adelaide Albion the unmarried aunt who has remained stuck in the feuds of the past and wants to control everything and everyone Louise who strongly resembles the empty headed gold digging girls in Jane Austen's books and Fanny the main heroine who is very intelligent but so docile and devoted to her family that she needs a rather big shock in order to face reality I could notice some elements from Austen's Emma in Fanny's character but without the sharpness of spirit and liveness of character that characterize our favourite matchmakerThe last part of the book ties the past and the present in a brilliant way I don't have much to say about Rutherfurd's writing I am not able to His descriptions take you right into the heart of the mystical forest you can feel the wind see the leaves change the huts the running deer the chirping of the birds He manages to use the right form of language for every era he depicts and it is simply astonishing You'd think that ''Albion Park'' has been written by Jane Austen his interactions are so faithful his research shows the traces of a great Historical Fiction writer eual to Ken Follett and much better than Bernard Cornwell His books are a source of knowledge and a jewell for every bookcaseSo on to the next one Will it be London or Russka The Novel of Russia?Decisions

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FREE EBOOK Ö EPUB The Forest é Æ GWAIRSOFT Ü ❰Reading❯ ➸ The Forest Author Edward Rutherfurd – Few places lie closer to the heart of the nation's heritage than the New Forest Now Edward Rutherfurd weaves its history and legends into compelling fiction From the mysterious kil S treachery and witchcraft smuggling and poaching run through this epic tale of well born ladies lowly woodsmen sailors merchants and Cistercian monks The feuds wars loyalties and passions of generations r It is rare when I read a book that I wish for it to end for other reasons that I want to find out what happens to the characters I have come to know and like This book however I just wished to end so I could get it over with and move on to something betterThe book is composed of several short stories taking place in and around the New Forrest telling stories about the people living there and following various families as they evolve through the span of the novel some 900 yearsThis idea is good and the amount of research gone into this book is staggering But what is lacking is the execution The book doesn't read well It is written well enough but the characters are flat and one dimensional and their actions and thoughts don't always make sense They sometimes break character in a way that isn't plausible Adding to that is the fact that the stories are for the most part not very interesting they are supposed to be used to tell the story of the New Forest I think but Rutherford doesn't really succeed in creating great small stories about life in the various times or creating a grand story about the forest It all just fall flat and becomes uninteresting and for a novel of 800 pages you really expect Individual review of each story belowThe Rufus Stone The ForestThis is sort of a frame around the rest of the book and begins and ends it We follow a young woman a Pride as she is investigating the forest and figuring out how to make a television program about it and discovers that she herself has roots in the forestThe HuntThe first part of this book takes place in 1099 and features two parallel stories One about a young deer and her search for her first mate and the other larger part about a young Norman woman Adela and her search for a proper husband The two stories intertwine when Adela saves the deer from being killed by a hunting party Otherwise it's a rather simple story about how Adela are pretty much on her own except for a cousin and how in her search for a husband she falls in love with one man and hears rumours about an assassination attempt on the king William RufusI didn't care much about this story it was not very interesting too simple and the plot was too straightforward without any twistsBeaulieuThis second story begins in 1294 A young man a lay brother in the monastery Beaulieu accidentally hits another monk and thinking he has killed him flees and goes into hiding The young man is Luke Pride and the entire Pride clan gets into a fight with the Furzey clan because John Pride has a pony that Tom Furzey claims belong to him This put Mary Luke and John's sister and Tom's wife in an akward position and causes a lot of trouble between Mary and Tom One day the monk brother Adam helps Mary after Tom hits her and the monk and Mary start an affair But such things are hard to conceal in the forrestThis was a better story than the first one I actually cared about what happened to the characters in this oneLymingtonIn 1480 we follow two young boys living in Lymington The two boys are friends even though they come from different social classes It must have been exciting to have been a boy back then they go dragon hunting and are aboard a ship taking part in a race But than anything this is a story of the relationship between fathers and sons especially between Jonathan Totton and his father who are alone with each other after the mother died and are having problems with finding the right way to communicate with each otherAgain an okay story but I don't know if it's just my not being fan of short stories that makes me feel that each of these stories are too simple and too short to really get you to care for the charactersBut I liked the little fact that if a ship was wrecked often than not nobody survived because the cargo belonged to whoever found it as long as there were no survivorsThe Armada TreeThis fourth story takes place in 1587 a time of religious trouble in England Because of Henry VII England is no longer a part of the Catholic church but some of the English people still want to be One of these is Clement Albion's mother a devout Catholic woman Her daughter is maried to a Spanish man and she works hard to make sure the Spanish will attack England and bring it back to the Catholic Church One of her ways of doing this is promising that when the Spanish attack Clement will support them along with the men he commands as being in charge of part of the English defense Clement is having trouble deciding which cause to support so he strings both sides along He seems rather weak minded in some ways but towards the end of the story he takes a rather drastic decision a decision that seemed rather out of character This ruined the story somewhat for meAliceThis story takes place from 1635 to 1685 before during and after the reign of Cromwell It follows Alice Albion from a young age to her death Because of her husband she becomes a regicide a person supporting the execution of King Charles I and it follows her life as such and what happens during Cromwell and after he dies I didn't know they dug him up and hanged him posthumously and a new king takes the throne Also her life as a mother and a wife and as a part of the Forest with both suporters and adversaries surrounding herThe most interesting part of this story was the portrayal of the English society at that time I remember reading about Cromwell in Children of the New Forrest when I was a child and I find this period very interesting and must admit that I know too little about itThis is the second longest story in the book but because it covers fifty years it still feels to short and I didn't really feel that I got under Alice's skin I didn't really get to know her This story could possible have made into a novel and through one person's life have shown the transformation of the English society in these 50 years As it stands here it only touch the surface unfortunatelyAlbion ParkThis the longest of the stories takes place 1794 1804 and has two stories mainly Firstly we follow Fanny Alice Albion's great grand daughter and her life with her old father and aunt and her search for a suitable husband We also follows the Grockletons He is working as a Customs officer and trying to stop the vast smuggling going on at this period of English history and she's working on making it in society in LymingtonAgain the characters don't work For instance at one point Fanny who is a well behaved and decent young woman promises that she will not speak with a certain gentleman and she keeps her word but when the person she promised it too dies she just breaks it without a second thought and she just doesn't strike me as the type of person who would do that It's not in characterAnother thing that doesn't work is that when in the end we find out who's behind the smuggling it's not really directly stated but hinted at but the author can't just let it be with the hinting He sort of explicitly tells us that he is hinting at something And to me the revelation destroyed part of the earlier book When an author tells us what people think it seems strange that they don't even themselves seem to be aware of what they have done and are doing before the author sees it fit to tell the reader To me he sometimes becomes too clever for his own good and thereby

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The ForestEach their climax in a crime that shatters the decorous society of Jane Austen's Bath and whose ramifications continue through the age of the Victorian railway builders to the ecologists of the present day This is the second Rutherfurd book I have read and it was just wonderful I learnt so much about the New Forest and its ways and the lives of the people who lived there I love his books but because they are so huge they take me such a long time to readBack Cover BlurbFew places lie closer to the heart of the nation's heritage than the New Forest The author weaves its history and legends into compelling fictionFrom the mysterious killing of King William Rufus treachery and witchcraft smuggling and poaching run through this epic tale of well born ladies lowly woodsmen sailors merchants and Cistercian monks The feuds wars loyalties and passions of generations reach their climax in a crime that shatters the decorous society of Jane Austen's Bath From the cruel forest laws of the Normans to the danger of the Spanish Armada from the free roaming herds of ponies and wild deer to the mighty oaks which gave Nelson his navy Rutherfurd has captured the essence of this ancient place Forest and sea there is no perfect English heartland