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Download The House on the Edge of the Cliff Book Ì 456 pages µ Carol drinkwater Õ [Epub] ❥ The House on the Edge of the Cliff By Carol Drinkwater – Available to pre order now Carol Drinkwater's epic story of enduring love and betrayal from Paris in the 1960s to D from the world in a magnificent Provenal villa perched atop a windswept cliffEvery day she looks out over the sea the only witness to that fateful night years agoUntil a House on the PDFEPUB #195 stranger arrives at the house A stranger who knows everything and won't leave until he gets what he wantsThe past and present spectacularly collide in this gripping story of love and betrayal echoing across the decades 'I was hooked from a start threaded with mystery and menace and it kept me gripped' Grace’s past may not be as far behind her as she thoughtGosh What a textured and multi layered story Carol Drinkwater has wrought in The House on the Edge of the Cliff The story tracks back and forth in time making its structure remind me of the ebb and flow of the tide that so mesmerises Grace in the south of France The structure and time scale are fascinating because there is a real sense of the way the past makes us who we are in the present so that there’s a compelling sociological element to the story I loved the fact that I had no idea how The House on the Edge of the Cliff might finally resolve itself and Carol Drinkwater kept me guessing throughout Her writing is seductive so that I had to keep reading to see what happened nextWith a sweeping love story at its heart The House on the Edge of the Cliff explores the nature of obsession guilt betrayal and history in a manner that scoops up the reader and makes them wonder just what might happen if their own past reappeared I found the Parisian setting of 1968 fascinating and Grace’s theatrical background allowed me to experience a world completely unfamiliar to me in a vivid and captivating manner I thought the iterative image of drama and theatre was so fitting to a book where identity is fluid unsettling and complicated In addition the cultural references to contemporary history people music and politics made The House on Edge of the Cliff a truly immersive activity Indeed I found reading The House on the Edge of the Cliff felt a bit like lifting the lid on an animated memory box bringing all kinds of connotations and experiences into the effect it had on meI love the multi faceted uality of Carol Drinkwater’s writing style A smattering of French lends authenticity to The House on the Edge of the Cliff but it is her attention to detail the descriptions of nature heat the sea and food that make the narrative sensuous and luxurious The author’s love for France shines through her writing The house and France are as much characters as any of the peopleThe portrait of Grace is superb Her development from selfish sybarite to mature woman feels completely natural so that whilst I didn’t much like her to begin with I felt an affinity with her Grace’s narrative voice is so affecting and very conversational as if she is speaking directly to the reader There’s a wistful melancholic tone that makes her story feel confessional and draws in the reader so that they experience her emotions with her I can’t say too much about some of the other characters without revealing the plot; the men in Grace’s life have an important impact on her but you’ll have to read the book for yourself to find out whyThe House on the Edge of the Cliff feels mature complex and atmospheric I thought it was sinuous and compelling I thoroughly enjoyed it and really recommend it

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Dinah Jefferies author of The House on the Edge of eBook #180 Missing Sister'A beautifully woven and compelling tale of passion love and intrigue' Rowan Coleman author of The Summer of Impossible Things'Carol Drinkwater's writing is like taking an amazing holiday in book form' Jenny Colgan author of The Bookshop on the Shore'Given extra resonance by the beautifully drawn French landscape Emotional and tenderly written' Elizabeth Buchan author of The New Mrs House on the Edge of eBook #180 Clift Novel set in SOUTH OF FRANCE PARISI have been very much looking forward to reading this novel We visited Carol back in the late Summer of 2018 at her Olive Farm and on the morning we met she had literally just pressed send on the manuscript for this bookThis is a dual timeline novel that accompanies Grace aged 16 to Paris in 1968 when there was huge unrest The City of Light is where she first meets Peter Peter from the get go falls in love with her Leaving the tumult and unrest in the city behind they head down to the South of France to stay with his aunt Agnes in the eponymous house of the title A wonderful artsy house overlooking the Mediterranean not from Marseille Cassis and le Ciotat are within easy driving distance“The energy the stillness the immensity the awesomeness of the surrounding nature The villa cleaving to its cliff beckoned; a haven in its panorama” An Idyllic location for sureIn present day Grace and Peter now in their 60s are living in the very same house and Peter is awaiting a heart operation and must not suffer any stressA blast from the past – Pierre – suddenly descends on their generally easygoing life Grace was smitten with this older man during the Summer of Love 1968 and although she was technically ‘with’ Peter she had her first real sexual awakening with this attractive and simultaneously bad boy reprobate drug user it was the time of LSD use psychedelic passion free love and Peter not to be confused with Pierre took a back seat and faced her affair with dignity Or so it seemsBack in those heady Summer days Pierre and Grace were swimming and Pierre disappeared after an argument and under the influence of drugs She did her best to locate him but the conclusion was that he surely died But as the past comes back to haunt Grace she has to re examine what went on all those years ago whilst managing a very aggressive and stalkerish intrusion into her now comfortable life She must also keep Pierre’s resurrection from Peter in his fragile state whilst they await his surgery and she thus lays herself open to manipulative and controlling behaviour which she has to manage on her ownWith a few deft twists along the way the story unfolds with a nice rounded conclusion Some of the descriptions of life in the 1960s feel as though they may be autobiographical especially as Grace is an actress and because that period in particular is written with aplomb and a sense of veracity And of course we at TripFiction have been privileged to visit Carol’s house where she now lives overlooking the Mediterranean so perhaps her beautiful home has inspired much of this bookAs author Jenny Colgan says “Carol Drinkwater’s writing is like taking an amazing holiday in book form“ That is a very acute observation Enjoy

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The House on the Edge of the CliffAvailable to pre order now Carol on the eBook #9734 Drinkwater's epic story of enduring love and betrayal from Paris in the s to the present day No one else knows what happened that summer Or so she believes Grace first came to France a lifetime ago Young and full of dreams of adventure she met two very different menShe The House ePUB #199 fell under the spell of one The other fell under hersUntil one summer night shattered everything Now Grace is living an idyllic life with her husband sheltere I’m not rating this book as I didn’t finish it but I had to give up at 40% I’ve tried to stick with it but I’ve decided life is too short and I have many other books I would rather be reading It’s a shame as I loved “The Lost Girl” but this is far too historical political and unfortunately boring for me