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The Last Family Free download Ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä [EPUB] ✻ The Last Family By John Ramsey Miller – Martin Fletcher wants revengeand knows how to take it Once an elite drug strike force agent Fletcher was framed by colleagues who knew he was feeding information to the drug carPaul Masterson who for six years has lacked the courage to see the people he loves most in the world must face them again He must create a foolproof safety net around their New Orleans home all the while using his wife and children to lure an inhuman predator And to prevail he must rediscover the fierce instinct to survive that once made him Martin Fletcher's match. A good story but there were some significant implausibilities and the characters weren't as well developed and complex as I like I'm not sure if I'd read any from this author

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Martin Fletcher wants revengeand knows how to take it Once an elite drug strike force agent Fletcher was framed by colleagues who knew he was feeding information to the drug cartels framed and sent to prison Vowing revenge he escaped and began to kill one by one the families of those he blamed And the man he blames most is Paul MastersonOnce The Last eBook #8608 Pa. Usually I find these types of books hard to follow and there are so many characters it could get confusing Yes there were a lot of characters in this book but for the most part I was able to follow this intense and jam packed thriller Paul Masterson who worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency DEA has been hiding out for six years in a cabin in Montana He was badly scarred and wounded from a shoot out where others were killed but a Martin Fletcher is still alive an escapee from prison and out to kill families of the DEA agents I’m still not uite 100% sure why Fletcher wanted to kill everyone’s family even though it was explained several times throughout but it made sense when I read it and we all got the gist that this guy is bad After killing DEA Rainey Lee’s two children and wife there is one last family left alive that of Paul Masterson Joe McLean and Thorne Greer from the Justice Department visit Paul in Montana because they need Paul’s help to get Fletcher Paul agrees From this point on task forces are set up to watch Martin’s mother Eve in North Carolina and Paul’s family in New Orleans The task force following Eve’s every move for uite some time makes it to when she goes on a plane to visit Martin in Miami But she gets off before the plane takes off goes back inside the airport and unbeknownst to her through her son’s planning is exploded when she opens a locker with a key gotten out of a phone receiver The task force taking care of Paul’s family isn’t perfect either since the kids figure out they’re being followed and Erin the teenage daughter sneaks away thinking she’ll meet up with a boy But when Paul visits to see how things are going they agree it would be safer to be on Laura’s Paul’s ex wife boyfriend’s boat Reid Dietrich is actually someone else another part of the story I didn’t fully understand He’s been hired by the DEA acting director to kill Martin But that never happens since he’s actually killed by Martin when he and his partner Kurt Steiner get on the boat Once Martin and Kurt are on the boat a lot of killing happens Erin actually is able to escape and then Martin drives the boat away after bombing everything in the harbor Paul catches up to the boat with his cronies gets shot but manages to shoot Martin with his “007” cane Of course that didn’t kill him and Paul ends up in the water Rainey Lee in the meantime just wants revenge for Martin killing his family He’s in a cigar speed boat and rams into the boat with Martin on it That’s the end of that I guess it’s a good thing this wasn’t the ocean because Paul is spotted by his son floating in the water and is saved All in all an exciting book I would recommend for those who like this kind of book Even though it was published in 1996 it didn’t seem dated or “old”

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The Last FamilyUl Masterson was the best at what he did Then two young agents were killed saving his life in a drug raid that left Paul maimed and half blinded Shattered by guilt he left his job and family for the mountains of Montana where he has lived in his own prison of silenceNow the family Paul has not seen in six years is Martin Fletcher's final target the last family And. I read this a long time ago and don't remember details now But I do recall that I liked it a lot The author used to be active on the old AOL message boards and there were some great discussions back in those days