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kindle Þ The Naked and the Dead Paperback read ó gwairsoft ´ ❮Read❯ ➫ The Naked and the Dead Author Norman Mailer – Based on Mailer's own experience of military service in the Philippines during World War Two The Naked and the Dead' is a graphically truthful and shatteStill basking in the glories of the Allied victory it altered forever the popular perception of warfareFocusing on the experiences of a fourteen man platoon stationed on a Japanese held island in the South Pacific during World War I can't recall how many years ago I tried to read this probably 30 or I recall hearing that it was the best story about war ever written so impressionable as I was at that age I decided I'd have to read it My only recollection is that very early on there was a scene of such grim death and destruction that I felt physically sickened Coward that I was and probably still am I gave up the attempt to work my way through this tome immediately I noticed an excellent review from a GR friend and it reminded me of this unfinished task that of my failure to complete the book not that of recording my failure to do so So I'm now asking myself whether I'm man enough to give it another go I have no answer to that uestion at present Maybe I will in another 30 years

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II and written in a journalistic style it tells the moving story of the soldiers' struggle to retain a sense of dignity amidst the horror of warfare and to find a source of meaning in their lives amisdst the sounds and fury of battl This is a book about America Its no secret that Tolstoy is Mailer's favorite author and reading this book right after reading War and Peace gave me a good perspective on everything defined in this book It captures a uniuely American milieu of characters at a time when a uniuely american sence of Idenity and patriotism was being forged It spoke of the physical and intellectual challenges of various backgrounds through about a dozen main characters with learned empathy And in the end and throughout you get to glimpse all the indelible cruelity of reality as would be expected by for forboding titleThe book is also brashly written by a novice Mailer himself will admit his syntax tends towards the simplistic which lends the book a 'page turning' 'thiller' characteristic that actually aides the reading experience possibly to the chagrin or the established lit snobs What does hurt the book is some occasionally akward diction and character development for some of the books figures The hispanic sergant for example who is a capable if not confident soldier for some reason has an inner monologue that is written in fractured and childlike stream of consciouseness as if Mailer euated difficulty speaking a English as a second language with stupidity The crudeness of the soldier banter also can occasionally ring hollow especially given liberal use of standin euphenisms for censored swear wordsIn the end the book is of extreme high uality readable illuminating passionate and empathic It is well structured and mostly well written and in a couple places exremely influencial I'm tempted to give it five stars but in the end I think the book maybe wasn't as beautiful and influencial as some of my favorite five star readsParting ShotsDid anyone else think the writting of Japbait was somewhat oversimplistic?Who else loved that last line of the book?So the Leiutenent admitted he hated Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain but his conversations with the General really reminded me of Catsorp's relationship with Leo Naphta in Mann's classic

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The Naked and the DeadBased on Mailer's own experience of military service in the Philippines during World War Two The Naked and the Dead' is a graphically truthful and shattering portrayal of ordinary men in battle First published in 1949 as America was “Nobody could sleep When morning came assault craft would be lowered and a first wave of troops would ride through the surf and charge ashore on the beach at Anopopei All over the ship all through the convoy there was a knowledge that in a few hours some of them were going to be dead” Norman Mailer The Naked and the DeadNorman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead is War and Peace as written by Larry David It has all the Tolstoyean hallmarks dozens of main characters; an ever shifting third person point of view; lengthy turgid digressions on History Philosophy; and an ending that fizzles rather than explodes It also has a thoroughly misanthropic point of view resembling nothing so much as an episode of Seinfeld set during the Pacific War The characters are all hateful spiteful little men None of them are likable Nothing really happens There is no great set piece battle which you might expect when reading a war novel the war novel according to the cover And the ending devolves uickly from black comedy to farce with the hateful spiteful little characters left utterly unredeemed Mailer's ultimate disgust for his creations is utterly brimming on the last few pages The Naked and the Dead takes place on the fictional island of Anopopei The main characters are the men of an Intelligence and Reconnaissance IR platoon Lieutenant Hearn Sgt Croft Sgt Brown and your typical ethnic and cultural grab bag of enlisted men Goldstein and Roth the Jews; Martinez the Mexican; Wilson the redneck At the beginning of the novel I was actually impressed with the depth of these characters Though some most? of them are archetypes of the genre Mailer gets really deep into their psyche You literally are privy to all their thoughts which are often petty self absorbed and relatable Then after a while I realized that all the characters were having these same thoughts And all of them exhibited the same disgust for their fellow man while outwardly attempting to conform to the expectations of society Pretty soon the characters started to meld into one and all I knew was that they were all pretty much assholes I had to recall the one thing that set each guy apart Red had bad kidneys; Gallagher had the pregnant wife; Stanley was a brown noserA note on likability in fiction I don’t think a character has to be – or should be – flawless and angelic To the contrary plenty of authors have developed irresistible villains and antiheroes What I need at a certain point is some indication that I should care what happens to the people I’m following This is especially true in a big fat war novel where I’m being asked to accompany a platoon into danger Only three men stood out General Cummings because he was a general; Lt Hearn who was Cummings's foil and engages in a series of Important Discussions™ with the general; and Sgt Croft the psychopath Of the three only Croft is really memorable He is as unlikable as the rest; even so Yet his awfulness at least elevates him to an over the top antagonist Croft was ably embodied by Aldo Ray in the film version For instance in one unforgettable scene Croft gives a Japanese prisoner a cigarette then blows him awayCroft felt his head pulsing with an intense excitement There were tears in the prisoner's eyes again and Croft looked at them dispassionately He gazed once about the little draw and watched a fly crawl over the mouth of one of the corpses The prisoner had taken a deep puff and was leaning back now against the trunk of the tree His eyes had closed and for the first time there was a dreamy expression on his face Croft felt a bitter tension work itself into his throat and leave his mouth dry and bitter and demanding His mind had been entirely empty until now but abruptly he brought up his rifle and pointed it at the prisoner's headThe prisoner did not have time to change his expression before the shot crashed into his skull He slumped forward and then rolled on his side He was still smiling but looked silly nowI suppose that the reality of military service as in life itself is that there are moments of boredom moments when there isn't a lot going on or you're just waiting for something to happen It's tough to make this work in a novel though Herman Wouk proved you can do it in The Caine Mutiny Still when you read fiction it's typically for reasons other than a strictly faithful recreation of reality You want something to happen In a war novel that generally means a position to storm or a hill to defend or some other clash of armsMailer being Mailer decides to ignore this imperative For the first 400 pages or so the book just meanders forward with the men of IR sitting around grousing to each other and generally being insufferable There is a brief skirmish at the river which is really sort of distracting owing to Mailer's gross over use of onomatopoeia For several pages my copy of The Naked and the Dead looked like an old Batman cartoon POW BANG ZOOP Finally the IR platoon is given a scouting mission They are sent around to the back of the island and told to gather intelligence on the Japanese They run into trouble One man is killed and another wounded The suad splits half the men taking the wounded man back the other half plunging forward Suddenly there is conflict there is forward progressand then?Well details behind the tag view spoiler Inexplicably the farce begins After hundreds of pages of struggle and toil the platoon is sent running after it stumbles into a bee hive Later the finale focuses on Major Dalleson's attempt to get a Betty Grable pinup for a map reading course I acknowledge that some may find this amusing as satire Not me It felt like Mailer was having a laugh at my expense hide spoiler