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The Sea of Light Free download ç 9 À [PDF / Epub] ★ The Sea of Light ✪ Jenifer Levin – The Sea of Light is a wise beautiful and very American story of three women and their desire to excel and win and heal one another in the highly charged world of athletic competition Angelita is the h The Sea of Light is a wiTo compete at the international level Babe Delgado is a young Cuban American woman presumed dead who is rescued from the crash Fifty one hours in the Atlantic have left her scarred in body and spirit afraid to compete again Brenna Allen is a tough driven swim coach at a small university grieving for a lover lost. I really loved the first two thirds of The Sea of Light; Levin's writing is beautiful and lyrical the characterizations are sharp and the plot is deftly woven through the voices of the characters The story is told through the perspectives of several characters in the form of interior monologues Each character's voice is distinct from the other characters and presents a separate cohesive view on the events in the book Levin's description of what it is like to get the rhythm of wave breaststroke is amazing and her choice to have a character swim a great practice immediately before breaking down gives insight into the psychology of elite swimmers than would the obvious choice of having that swimmer struggle during the same practiceThe book itself breaks down in the last hundred pages Where the first two thirds of the story are elegant and subtle the last portion is like a cudgel and Levin starts throwing in plot elements that are not necessary The worst of these and the one that broke the novel for me concerns the reveal of a traumatic event in the protagonist's life The Sea of Light is bookended by the tragedy of a plane carrying a Division I championship swim team in the Atlantic Ocean killing all but two of the team One Babe is the main protagonist and her struggles to put herself back together in the aftermath of the crash make up a lot of the book We see her struggle and take her trauma at face value; she was floating alone in the ocean for a couple of days before she was rescued and this alone would be basis enough for her difficulties Later we find that Babe had a complicated relationship with two other swimmers and this might color her ability to recover This is all fine; these events give us insight to Babe and we can see at times how she is barely holding it together But then right about a hundred pages from the end we find that there was another horrific trauma that happened to Babe shortly before the plane crash view spoilerShe was raped by her sadistic coach hide spoiler

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To cancer She finds solace in building her own winning team driving her overworked captain Ellie Marks ever harder Ellie is a child of holocaust survivors struggling to own herself and her sexuality as hard as she's working to win Brenna recruits Babe promising to help her rebuild her damaged body strength and wil. Found itI've been thinking about this book and Water Dancer also by Jenifer Levin but I couldn't remember the titles of these books or the name of their author Finally with a little bit of trial and error internet searching I found them Yippee That's two books in my life that have been successfully accounted forAmy Laura recommended this book and Water Dancer to me In fact she loaned me her copies to read She was a big fan I liked these books too and have obviously remembered them all these years If I remember correctly I liked this one better than I liked Water DancerI especially liked the character whose parents were Holocaust survivors She was a lesbian but feared telling her folks that she was a lesbian I can't remember if she told them eventually or not

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The Sea of LightThe Sea of Light is a wise beautiful and very American story of three women and their desire to excel and win and heal one another in the highly charged world of athletic competition Angelita is the hurricane that brings down a plane carrying a The Sea ePUB #199 team of star uality swimmers groomed from childhood. A lot of book blurbs show up in my inbox I'm on the e mailing lists for my own publishers plus all the publishers from whom I've purchased books in the past I skim most of the notices I receive; rarely do I take any action When Untreed Reads sent me the blurb for Jennifer Levin's The Sea of Light however something moved me to contact the publisher and reuest a review copy which they were kind enough to provide Only later did I learn that the novel originally published in 1993 is considered a classic of modern lesbian fiction It deserves the acclaim it has received The Sea of Light is the elouent painful and ultimately transcendent story of three exceptional women – their ambitions their secrets their weaknesses and their passionsBabe Delgado has been groomed from childhood to be a champion swimmer As she reaches her peak in her late teens the Olympics beckon Then a hurricane named Angelita dashes her team's plane into the Atlantic killing the men and women closest to her Two days adrift in the pitiless sea leave her hovering on the edge of death herself irrevocably scarred both physically and psychologically Brenna Allen wanted to be a champion but her body betrayed those dreams Now she coaches the swim team of a small Massachusetts university tough driven channeling the near vicious intensity of her own forme coach Mourning the loss of her English professor lover Kay to cancer Brenna pours every ounce of her emotional energy into transforming what she knows is second rate material into a winning team She is perceptive intelligent and exercises fanatical self discipline As she manipulates parents colleagues and her own swimmers in the uest of victory she tries to ignore deny or hide her own needsEllie Marks captain of Brenna's team knows she'll never be than an average athlete but that doesn't stop her from dedicating herself to serving the coach she loves and admires The child of holocaust survivors Ellie knows than a twenty year old should about suffering and loneliness She recognizes that her desire for Brenna will never be consummated and yearns for someone who will love and accept for who she is – a woman who loves other women A year or after Angelita Brenna manages to recruit the still fragile and damaged Babe to join her team Under Brenna's careful tutelage the former winner begins to heal and her performance begins to approach her former capabilities It is difficult though to rebuild her shattered spirit Gradually her friendship with Ellie helps Babe overcome her survivor's guilt and her self disgust Ellie however needs than a friend Narrated mostly in the first person present by these three women as well as several ancillary characters The Sea of Light is a terrifyingly intimate book Babe Brenna and Ellie each conceal far of themselves than they reveal to the outside world but the reader gets a glimpse into their souls and that's not always a comfortable place to be For these women honest communication presents a nearly insurmountable challenge even when they are in the company of people they love Every character – even the minor ones – experiences a level of isolation so painful that I was tempted to put the book aside for something less taxing However Ms Levin's insight into the subtleties of emotional experience kept me reading And the ultimate connections between the characters imperfect though they are have a luminous joy that balances the pain I would not label The Sea of Light as erotica but sex and sexuality are recurring themes The author vividly describes the experience of being ueer in a straight world Brenna in particular fears being “outed” but even Ellie accepting of her own sexual or