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Den som älskar något annat Read & download ´ 2 Ç ➹ [Reading] ➻ Den som älskar något annat By Karin Fossum ➮ – A married couple Reinhardt and Kristine Ris are out for a Sunday walk when they discover the body of a boy and see the figure of a man limping away They alert the police but notArdt to Kristine’s horror kneels down and takes photographs of the dead child with his cell phone Inspectors Konrad Sejer and Jakob Skarre begin to make inuiries in the little town of Solberglia But then another boy disappears and an explanation seems remote than. I love Karin Fossum's books Full disclosure my heritage is half Norwegian and I'm intrigued by the Skandinavian perspective They take the genre of murder mystery to a brilliant new level by focusing on the effects of the murder on all the different people involved instead of on figuring out whodunnit So refreshing With every new book Fossum explores a different dynamic a different type of relationship and issue in society In Water's Edge the relationship we follow is that of the couple who finds a young boy who was sexually abused and then murdered; the issue is abuse of all kinds I found it fascinating to see how Fossum gradually revealed and about the charactersthe couple Sejer Skarre the people in the communityand how the murder and the elements of paedophilia and other types of abuse tapped into their personal values and experiences I like to read some books just for escapism but Fossum's books feed my need for reflection and emotional inuiry into the human conditionas another reviewer said warts and all And it amazes me how much Fossum accomplishes in such relatively short volumes Her writing is rich yet economicalnot a single unnecessary word She captures a snapshot of an aspect of society that is at once harsh yet hopeful No small feat But I hate for her books to end I'm addicted

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Ever Meanwhile the Ris’s marriage starts to unravel as Reinhardt becomes obsessed with the tragic events and his own part in themA riveting portrayal of a community its insiders its outsiders its fissures and its secrets from Norway’s ueen of Crime Karin Fossu. A young boys body is found in some woodland closed to a lake Insp Konrad Sojer takes up the case with his partner Skarre The couple who found the body had seen a man near the entrance to the path and reported this to police Unfortunately there the plot falls apart as the police appear to do nothing except philosophise about their feelings regarding the type of person who would sexually assault and kill a young boy The couple who found the body then see the man in a local supermarket and follow him but the police are tardy about following this up Eventually another boy goes missing and there is much navel gazing about his obesity and his school life It takes until the following year for his decomposing body to be found by some young people Sejer then starts to talk to his school friendsThis was a uick reads just as well as it might have been abandoned There was nothing dark or scary about the story and nothing at all about police procedures It does begin to examine relationships and how people feel but left me with a feeling of being short changed2 stars at a push Not nearly as good as previous titles in this series

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Den som älskar något annatA married couple Reinhardt älskar något Kindle #180 and Kristine Ris are out for a Sunday walk when they Den som eBook #220 discover the body of a boy and see the figure of a man limping away They som älskar något PDF #9734 alert the police but not before Reinh. I cannot rate this book I cannot even tell if it is well written or not I just kept wondering what the author was trying to do here My guess is that she is trying to elicit sympathy for a disgusting pervert but I may be wrong because I cannot be rational when the lead detective Inspector Sejer says things like he needs to be unbiased and that he cannot understand why gay men are accepted but pedophiles will always be hated and later on tries to euate pedophilia and one who ended with a dead child at that with oral sex between adults HINT CONSENT the issue is consent Also homosexual and oral sex don't end up with bleeeding dead people and psychologically scarred for life victimsI don't mind an author trying to get into the mind of the criminal or in this case the poor misunderstood pedophile poor man his mom was a nag In fact this is my favorite part in crime books But presenting the criminal's viewpoint is a far cry from trying to elicit simpathy for a disgusting pervert by the series heroes On to the next book in the series because I do like the way Ms Fossum writes