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The Tiny WishAl friends Extraordinary photographs and enchanting text will leave readers wondering “Did that really happen” From the Hardcover edition. This book has a Fairy Tale uality that is sure to delight the young reader and a surprise ending to keep the young reader guessing I believe all of us at one time or another has fantasized about being small enough to live among the animals and that is just what Anja in the story does when playing hide and seek with her cousins on their goat farm one sunny summer afternoon The exuisite colored photographs both clarify and extend the text At the end when Anja wakes up in her cousin's bed covered with tufts of cotton grass and flowers both the reader as well as Anja are left to wonder if Anja's adventures were truly a dream or not I recommend this book

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O be tiny to win a game of hide and seek her wish comes true Just a few inches tall she must find her way home with the help of some new anim. Without a doubt this book is absolutely beautiful The photography and settings are enchanting However I did not like this book as much as The Christmas Wish Some of the photo shopping of Anja seemed awkward Anja was not as thoughtfully placed when she was hanging from a fetlock or riding a rabbit It seemed like a hurried job perhaps something I could have done on Photoshop myself It did not look as beautiful or natural as her interactions with the animals in the first book My husband was bothered by the proportion of the snail in relation to the pinecone haha The rabbit looked unreal and the suirrel looked like a mounted specimen Also I wonder if the book took a long period of time to create Anja looks older in her closeups than she does in the action shotsEven though it felt contrived than The Christmas Wish it is still worth taking a look at for its visual beauty and cute story I think children will love this story as much as the first I will definitely purchase a copy for my library

Summary The Tiny Wish

Summary The Tiny Wish ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø ❮Reading❯ ➷ The Tiny Wish Author Lori Evert – Anja the kind and brave heroine of the bestselling The Christmas Wish returns in a springtime adventure When Anja wishes to be tiny to win a game of hide and seek her wish comes true Just a feAnja the kind and brave heroine of the bestselling The The Tiny MOBI #234 Christmas Wish returns in a springtime adventure When Anja wishes t. Long long ago in the days when you could only see as much of the world as a horse could take you lived a curious little girl named AnjaThis book is one of a trilogy by wife and husband team Lori Evert and Per Breiehagen She writes he photographs He's from Norway unclear if they still live there ANYWAYAnja is their daughter and they have made a small series of picture books featuring her going on all kinds of adventures one involves her shrinking down to the size of a pinecone in order to beat her cousins in a game of hide and seek The whole book takes place in what appears to be outdoors 1800s Norway kind of a Heidi feel to it Anja and her cousins dress in traditional Norwegian clothes the kind that today would only be worn at festivals and such Her platinum blonde hair is fixed into two braidshttpis5mzstaticcomimagethumbPThe photography is beautiful and very obviously digitally altered it has to be in order to show a tiny Anja interacting with various animals SO beautiful this will enchant children She rides on a finch's back she wears a lady's mantle leaf on her head for shade rides a pinecone like a sled she helps a suirrel build a little boat she hugs and snuggles a bunny etc etc The book is visually stunning and will give children and adults much joyhttpis5mzstaticcomimagethumbPMy only complaint is the writing The snail led Anja to the water's edge He thanked her for the ride; then he withdrew under a patch of thistleAnja loved to swim so she waded into the water It was colder faster and deeper than ever now that she was so small I can't swim in this she said She sat on a rock and wondered what to do nextLet's make a boat said a baby suirrel He jumped down from a tree and landed next to her It will be funThey found a perfect piece of birch bark then lined it with moss and decorated it with buttercups and starflowers As they worked Anja admired the suirrel's nimble paws and sueaky songIt's fun to work on a little boatWith a friend with light long hairWhen you meet a new friend who needs a boatIt's good to be right thereWhen the boat was finished they dragged it to the water and the suirrel held it as Anja climbed in She had hoped her friend would join her but his mother was calling so they said goodbyeI don't know perhaps my standards are too high but I found myself sighing and rolling my eyes a lot at the writing and plot here Although I guess it isn't bad like some children's literature is I wish it could have been excellent Although the first page showcases excellent writing the book spirals downward from thereTl;dr One of the most gorgeous and visually stunning books you will ever read in your life LOL Amazing visuals Although the writing could have been stronger this is a fun if simple and predictable adventure story about a girl who gets a chance to shrink down very small and interact with her animal friends on a new levelAges 0 6