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Antiues Fate A Trash n Treasures Mystery #10 kindle Ñ Hardcover ✓ barbara allan ✓ [Reading] ➶ Antiues Fate A Trash n Treasures Mystery #10 ➬ Barbara Allan – Well drawn charactersfun to read BooklistBrandy Borne's exceedingly eccentric mother Vivian Characters add to the appeal of this humorous cozy mystery BooklistAntiues ChopThe characters shine with brassy humor series fans will applaud Publishers WeeklyAntiues DisposalA ditzy mother daughter duo a denouement out of Nero Wolfe antiuing tips an amusing mystery Kirkus ReviewsAntiues Knock OffScenes of Midwestern small town life informative tidbits about the antiues business and clever dialog make this essential for those who like unusual amateur sleuths Library JournalAntiues BizarreIf you delight in the absurd and enjoy manic humor you'll treasure the Trash 'n' Treasures mysteries Mystery SceneAntiues Flee Market One of the funniest cozy series going Ellery ueen Mystery Magazi Another great mystery from this husband wife writing teamOur plucky sleuth and her daughter go to a town in Iowa where they conspicuously display their British heritage There's the usual friction that every small town has Then the murders startGood stuff Lots of parody about all things British

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Y and Vivian are entangled in a progressively perilous murder plot Besides the cream teas and Chippendale chairs it seems there are skeletons lurking among Old York's charming pubs and enticing antiues stalls When a second victim turns up mysteriously murdered the dynamic duo knows they've got to step into the spotlight But the remorseless killer seems to be well rehearsed for the Borne girlsand won't leave even the smallest detail of their demise to fêteDon't miss Brandy Borne's tips on antiues fairsPraise For Barbara Allan's Trash 'N' Treasures MysteriesAntiues SwapBrandy and Vivian are engaging well drawn characters and their first person narration is fun to read uirky secondary Antiues Fate by Barbara Allan is the tenth book in the Trash n’ Treasure Mystery series Brandy Borne is enjoying some uiet time with her boyfriend Tony Cassato Chief of Police in Serenity when they are interrupted by Brandy’s mother Vivian Vivian is excited because she was just hired to perform her one woman MacBeth with hats at the Old York annual fete the play is as ridiculous as it sounds Vivian will perform at the New Vic Theater replica of Old Victorian Theater in England in Old York Of course this means that Brandy will be going to Old York with her mother Brandy is the one who hands her mother the various hats and her designated driver Vivian had her license taken away They arrive in Old York and meet with the New Vic Theater owner Millicent Marlowe prefers Millie Millie gives them a tour of the theater and they meet her grandson Chad Marlow Artistic Director for theater Then Millie drops dead Vivian uses her phone to contact Sheriff Rudder who Vivian has on speed dial Was Millie’s death accidental or intentional? Turns out that there is a controversy in the town Millie was on the Boards of Trustees for the town which has six members Half are for keeping the town uaint and old fashioned which draws in tourists The other three members want to allow changes modernization to the town With the vote always 3 to 3 nothing gets done Is someone trying to change that outcome? Unfortunately Millie’s death is just the first three to follow Vivian decides she must investigate and insists that Brandy help her Can they find the killer in time? Will people enjoy Vivian’s rendition of MacBeth?Antiues Fate was just too ridiculous daffy for me to enjoy Vivian’s character is extremely over the top daft and annoying It is her way or the highway The book is told from a first person perspective mostly from Brandy’s point of view but Vivian is allowed a few chapters to rant mostly about herself and how she is right Brandy comes across as a lackey doing her mother’s bidding The mystery was the best part of the novel It was complex with twists and turns I loved it It is a shame that the rest of the novel was not of the same standard I just did not enjoy the ridiculousness it just seemed farfetched I give Antiues Fate 3 out of 5 stars because of the mystery I have tried to like this series but it is just not for me other people will love it Antiues Fate can be read alone The author does a good job of filling in the readers on the characters and what has happened previously the main details The ending leaves us with a clue on the sparks that will fly in the next novelI received a complimentary copy of Antiues Fate from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel

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Antiues Fate A Trash n Treasures Mystery #10Well drawn charactersfun to read BooklistBrandy Borne's exceedingly eccentric mother Vivian has been invited to perform her one woman interpretation of the Scottish play sometimes called Macbeth with different hats for different characters at the neighboring town of Old York's annual fête The weekend festival celebrates the uaint village's English flavor Brandy sensing a possible theatrical disaster and savvy shih tzu Sushi sensing possible doggy treats tag along with the scene stealing septuagenarian As soon as they arrive in the cozy hamlet tragedy strikes the theater owner drops dead onstage while giving Vivian the grand tour That wasn't in the script and before they know it Brand When I need a break from non fiction and fiction that addresses issues I like to read a cozy mystery This series is good because it throws in tidbits about antiues which I adore