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Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection eBook ☆ Hardcover à gwairsoft Ú ❴EPUB❵ ✶ Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection Author Brandon Sanderson – Brandon Sanderson creates worlds and those worlds are linked His universe spans the Stormlight Archive thOllection brings together tales spanning the known limits of Sanderson's universe including the never before published Edgedancer a thrilling new novella of the Stormlight Archive along with charts illustrations notesand secrets The Cosmere Collection encompasses six worlds in all explored across nine astonishing works of short fiction Sel The Hope of Elantris and The Emperor's Soul; Scadrial The Eleventh Metal Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Brandon Sanderson is cannon than man He fires out works than any other author of fantasy Not only does he write an awe inspiring amount of novels but he also writes various short fictions that go alongside them And in here for the first time all the major ones are collected togetherThere is new material too 'Edgedancer' has never been published before It's the fastest short story in here with its food obsessed heroine despite it being one of the longest Lift is a clever little rogue and uickly gets into many scrapes as she plays with her magic She is a character I think we'll be seeing much of in the future Of particular note for myself was 'Mistborn A Secret History' This has only been available previously on kindle format It is such an incredibly clever resurrection of storytelling The Mistborn trilogy is driven by mysterious powers; it's not until the end that we were given the full facts Or were we? In this Sanderson reveals of what happened beyond the mistsIf that was not enough reason to praise this collection there's also the first issue of a comic called 'White Sand' in the middle After I read the Reckoners series a few years back I knew his writing would be perfect in this form It just carries with it such flair and style The issue is adapted from the first novel he ever wrote one that remains unpublished But that doesn't overly matter In these first few pages is enough material to launch an entire series one I'd gladly readI've read many of Sanderson's works though not each and every last one So I was very impressed to find spoiler warnings at the start of each story informing me of what series or book plots were exposed I read them anyway but I know some readers will be grateful for such warnings Before this was also a preface situating the story in relation to the rest of the cosmere At the end of each was a postscript explaining the process behind the work along with hints for the future I feel like I've just gone on a guided tour across Sanderson's universe and it was certainly a very good trip I'm likely to go again sometimeThe collection showcases much of what the author does best though as a returning reader I already have a working knowledge of his world building The stories I enjoyed the most were those that depicted characters I'd already read about Readers who have never picked up a Sanderson book before will miss much of the subtlety and complexity of the situations They have so many layers and are always constantly expanding You'd get out of this if you read a few of his other books first I would suggest starting with the Mistborn trilogy before moving on to other works

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Eltania Episodes Twenty eight Through Thirty and Mistborn Secret History; Taldain White Sand; Threnody “Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell”; First of the Sun “Sixth of the Dusk”; and Roshar EdgedancerThese exciting tales will catapult you onto an unprecedented journey across a cosmos only Brandon Sanderson could have envisioned Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection is an indispensible volume no Sanderson fan can do withou This is my first hardcover by Brandon SandersonThe collection includes nine works in 'Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere Collection book''Edgedancer' The Stormlight Archive'The Hope of Elantris' Elantris'The Eleventh Metal' Mistborn'The Emperor's Soul' Elantris'Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltantia' Mistborn'White Sand''Shadow for the Silence in the Forests of Hell''Sixth of the Dusk''Mistborn Secret History' Mistborn'The Emperor's Soul''The Emperor's Soul' is one of 'Elantris' seuel books of 'Elantris' because 'Elantris' and 'The Emperor Soul' take place in the same world but with different characters different regions different religion and different magic systemMy favourite character is ShaiI love this novella AlhamdulillahI don't expect 'Mistborn Secret History' set into past with Kelsier Oh Kelsier I actually forget why I like you I am enjoyed reading 'Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Elantia''White Sand' is an unusual because it is a graphic novel I actually enjoy it'Shadows for the Silence' is very spooky It grabs my attention and 'Sixth of the Dusk' is a good book to read Brandon Sanderson is very good storytelling as he knows how to engage the readers to read his books He has wonderful imagine He always inspired me to believe in myself that I can write a story I always gripped to read his booksLift is one of my favourite characters I love the relationship between Lift and VoidbringerI love Cosmere UniverseI am really enjoyed reading all of these stories Alhamdulillah

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Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere CollectionBrandon Sanderson creates worlds and those worlds are linked His universe spans the Stormlight Archive the Mistborn series the tales of Elantris and others comprising a uniue constellation of vividly imagined realms known as the CosmereNow for the first time anywhere stories representing each of these planets and their fully realized and distinct magic systems have been collected in a single spectacular volume Arcanum Unbounded The Cosmere C 55BESTBOOKEVER Cosmere Solar SystemIt was so fabulous That I died This review was written from my grave I swear I say this with every Sanderson book but this one was actually incredible I originally was given this book as a gift the person who brought it for me brought the UK edition Don't get me wrong I'm not usually this mean or selfish but I asked the person to return it and get the Tor hardcover instead I know I'm a terrible person But I just needed the addition with the illustrations the person agreed oops and I got my wish I'm so glad I'm a mean person because the Tor hardcover is honestly a lovely edition to any book shelf and I'm so grateful to own such a piece of treasure Honestly one of my favourite owned books because of the cover and content I love everything about it like it couldn't be any PERFECT It's so wonderfully glorious that everyone should feel honoured for its existence I'm an pernickety book hoarder and i like reading my hardcovers with the dust cover off and upon taking the dust cover off this book my mouth gaped It is so freaking beautiful The pattern carved into the front is so goddamn gorgeous and I even gaped at the title on the spine I know I'm a freak but I stroked the front of the cover for like an hour Everytime I picked it up to put the dust cover back on I needed one last touch Even thinking about stroking it makes me want to stroke it Oh and it smelt like heaven I may or may not have cried tears of love at a few of the illustrations Sanderson is a God and he is the God I worship I'm changing my religion to BS I'm not even sorry for talking incoherent shit because this book is worthy of all admirationThis book is an anthology of short stories in The Cosmere I highly suggest reading Mistborn 1 6 Elantris Stormlight Archive 1 2 before starting this book Some of the novellas are continuations of the above series so you must read this book last This book was like a gift that just kept giving Every story had a new secret And in the edition I own of this novel at the start of every chapter there is an illustration for the story Sixth of DuskI loved this book Just incase you needed to hear it again One thing I just can't get over is Sanderson writing like it is NEXT LEVEL GREATNESS Every little thing in the plot has meaning and it's mind blowing good I can't flail my arms and fangirl enough over it I have done reviews for all the short stories within this anthology and you can find them here;Emperors Soul The Eleventh Metal Allomancer Jak and The Pits of Eltania Mistborn Secret History Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Sixth of Dusk Edgedancer I must say I loved all novellas but definitely had four favourites; Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell Emperors Soul Mistborn Secret History and my favourite was definitely Edgedancer I love anything set in Rosher so this book was like a special treat for a starving fan before Oathbringers release in Nov 2017 I suggest reading this novel before Oathbringer as it is pretty much a continuation of Words of Radiance only from Lifts POV Note there is also two other novellas including Hope of Elantris a Whitesand Excerpt Brandon's graphic novel I haven't written a review for either however I will say I loved the Whitesand excerpt and I am definitely rushing out to purchase the graphic novel Recommended to all Sanderson Cosmere fansThis was a Buddy read with my children who are also voidbringersWhorefart Dewi Breadstick Wifey My brother from another mother