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Baby Don't Hurt Me Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live Download ´ 2 ↠ ❰Read❯ ➮ Baby Don't Hurt Me Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live Author Chris Kattan – You may know him as Mango Mr Peepers the gibberish spouting Suel Forrester or one half of the Haracters as well as his many roles in film and television Kattan Don't Hurt Me Stories and PDFEPUB or has remained one of the most fearless and versatile comedians in the worldNot long after Chris was labeled one of the improv group Groundlings' must see performers in the company he was cast on SNL and within the first six weeks Chris's film career also took offNow for the first time Kattan opens up about eight seasons on SNL performing alongside friends and future legends including Will Ferrell Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey and guest hosts from Charlize Theron to Tom Hanks to David Bowie He also shares stories of his unu. It's hard to write a good biography when you are a comedian Mostly people will be only interested in the part where you make them laugh and can't care for the rest Most comedian biographies are really boring also because it just becomes a long slog of shows they played people they met and tv shows they guested onChris Kattan's book is allot of that but avoids most traps that would make it boring He does talk about his comedy roots in the Groundlings but also about his dad founding Groundlings member Kip King dragging a very young Kattan to some of the outfits earlier shows because he didn't want to pay for a babysitter His pretty ohtrodox opbringing in a zen retreat on Mount Baldy and how it influncied him a ton Also his medical problems which derailed his carreer foreverThings get kept short and punchy with a healthy slice of self mockery when needed but it also paints a really interesting image of mid 90s to early 00s SNL and Kattan's carreer nearly taking off but never doing so through reasons outside his reach It's a breezy very entertaining read where Kattan mostly comes off as someone who has regretsmostly in the romantic field and finally feels the need to really talk why he never really did allot after his SNL days Good stuff

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You may Hurt Me PDFEPUB #188 know him as Mango Mr Peepers the gibberish spouting Suel Forrester or one half of the head bopping brothers Baby Don't PDF in A Night at the Roxbury Maybe you remember him as the forlorn gothic kid Azrael Abyss Gay Hitler or the guitarist Don't Hurt Me PDFEPUB #187 in the More Cowbell sketch Whichever it is Chris Kattan has earned a spot in the hearts of a generation of comedy Don't Hurt Me Stories and PDFEPUB or fans Chris Kattan has defied comparison expectations and sometimes gravity with his inimitable style of physical comedy By creating some of the most memorable Saturday Night Live c. I really wanted to love Chris Kattan's Baby Don't Hurt Me but the truth is that I found it to be a slow cumbersome read and an underlying whine that permeates virtually every chapter of the book Yet somehow there are pieces of the book I genuinely enjoyed and it's not a book I would ever trash It's simply not a book that I found appealing I finished it but I'll openly admit that about halfway through I found myself struggling to finish Kattan spends about every other chapter recounting memories from his days on Saturday Night Live up to and including the neck injury he acuired during a skit that seemingly went as planned but was so physically demanding that he fell in just the right way to basically break his neck The problem is that Kattan seems to blame everyone but himselfthe Emmy winning props team that used a chair that he knew increased the risks and even in a kind of subtle way Tina Fey herself for having penned the skit that was so physically demanding This issue of blaming seems to float throughout the book from the divorce of his parents in his childhood to broken relationships to shattered friendships etc While on occasion he takes responsibility for his role in it all often than not he seems to lay responsibility on everyone else I always find these celebrity memoirs interesting Sometimes I end up really admiring the person Sometimes I think it would be really cool to meet the person Other times as with this one I think to myself I bet we wouldn't get along While much is made about the many scars in Kattan's life I must admit that I didn't see nearly as much as people are talking about I meanokay he's a child of divorce and grew up in an isolated rural area So He's had relationships end badly Again so He's had friends who found fame before he did It's Hollywood Those things tend to happen I mean I think we can all testify that Will Ferrell is in fact talented than Chris Kattan in pretty much every way Even with the neck injury a definite life altering tragedy the simple truth is that he made it immensely worse by significantly delaying treatment SNL only paid for 2 of 5 surgeries Well again you delayed treatment and made it worse You were concerned about burning that bridge but then you turn around and write a book accusing Lorne Michaels of essentially trying to get you to have sex with a certain film director which Michaels denies Again weird and why inconsistencies However my biggest problem with the book is thisThe vast majority of Kattan's humor is physical He himself in this book acknowledges that the actual dialogue isn't the thing So um reading about these sketches Not particularly interesting There's certainly very little spark Oh sure there's fun stuff in here including certain relationships friends encounters and such You just have to wade through the slog to get to it Baby Don't Hurt Me is occasionally entertaining but freuently maddening When he makes himself vulnerable the book hits a nice emotional core There's a section on the ending of his friendship with Will Ferrell for example that is rather touching However there's several other times where he'll wax elouently about someone but never identify them What's the pointI didn't hate Baby Don't Hurt Me but it almost seems like a book that Kattan should have waited to write maybe a couple years It seems like he's on the verge of an emotional breakthrough but it's hard to imagine this experience is going to help much It's not a particularly empowering book and I think it's fair to say he's burning a handful of bridges that could have helped him bounce back a bit We'll see For now I'll chalk this up as a decent enough read and probably a good re

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Baby Don't Hurt Me Stories and Scars from Saturday Night LiveSual childhood involving a secluded mountain with zen monks with Leonard Cohen and Alan Watts Baby Don't Hurt Me offers an unprecedented look into Chris's life from his fascinating relationship with Lorne Michaels a private Valentine's Day dinner with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes an unforgettable flight with Beyonc and even breaking his neck on live televisionBaby Don't Hurt Me is a candid revealing memoir from a timeless comedian and a window into the world of millennium era SNL from the rehearsals to the after after parties as narrated by your hilarious and inspiring friend who just so happened to be there for all of. Mid 90’s I moved to the US for my Master's degree Despite my busy schedule I never skipped SNL and I loved watching it I remember myself with a bottle of beer and a cup of noodles watching SNL I really enjoyed Chris Katten’s sketches loved every character he played and wrote While I was reading the book I kept pausing and watching all of these sketches from youtube although some are not available too bad It was uite fun to read the book and reminiscing the old times and remembering these sketches I had no idea he had such a bad injury while he put himself for 100% on what he loved to do If you watch SNL I would definitely recommend the book