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Billierosie once again shows that she is a true master at writing hotter than hot BDSM erotica Her new book Enslaving Eli is a must for fans of the genre When Jasmine the beautiful Dominant meets tall hunky Eli at the dullest party in the world Eli wants to see her again He doesn’t understand her reluctance they’ve had fun together and it isn’t as if he is asking her to marry him just maybe a cup of coffee When Jasmine tells Eli of her sec. Enslaving Eli is a femdom themed work of erotica that primarily chronicles a young writer’s entree into sexual submission Eli entertained fantasies of submitting to a dominant woman for many years but never pursued that lifestyle or even had an opportunity to do so until he met Jasmine at a social gathering and offered her a ride home Unaware of her rather outre sexual appetite he overcame her reluctance to invite him in for coffee because she preferred submissive men and he didn’t appear to fit the profile and his life changed forever But Jasmine wasn’t just a strong woman with a penchant for BDSM she was also a card carrying member of the Coterie an ancient and powerful female centric society that demanded total control of a submissive male’s sexuality and routinely trained and sold male slaves throughout the worldThe relationship ultimately transcended that of mistress and slave Eli and Jasmine fell in love Their reverse yin and yang lifestyle appeared to be idyllic until Jasmine died in a self caused auto accident leaving Eli as the property of the Coterie his fate out of his control The conflict in the story emerges when Eli flees the Coterie’s estate and retreats to an abandoned cottage where he hung out with friends during his youthAuthor Billierosie is skilled at evoking mood and writing sex and corporal punishment scenarios in such a way that readers can project themselves into them or at least visualize them clearly She excels at creating dynamic imagery through her descriptive narrative In general the story flows well enough to not be obtrusive this is an erotic novel after all but there are some minor flawsFor me the Coterie is yet another variation of an overused story element in femdom literature Of course without it there’s no story but even so I find it a little tiresome Some aspects of the passages dealing with Jasmine’s death are a bit overdramatic And finally this book could have benefited from a thorough proofreading There are instances of incorrect pronouns singular nouns instead of plurals and typos all of which do not belong in a professionally published book

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Enslaving EliTress and slave they have fallen in love When Mistress Jasmine is killed in a road traffic accident Eli is devastated Officially Eli now belongs to The Coterie He is property He is told that he is to be sold to another Mistress Eli has other ideas The story explores a much under discussed orientation that of the male submissive Relinuishing control is not seen as a masculine way to go about things But in relinuishing control Eli's life is fulfill. Warningmay contain spoilersThis is a beautifully written FemDom novella After Eli drops Jasmine off at her place after a very nice date she's reluctant to bring him up He wants to come up but he doesn't understand that Jasmine is a Domme She likes her men submissive and doesn't think Eli fits the bill What she doesn't know is that he doesHe does come in and she does things to him that are on the humiliating albeit sexual side of things He goes home embarrassed and angry although turned on and he's reluctant to realize he wants enjoys and craves all that she did and can do to him So he goes back to her and completely submits himself to her She owns him The only part I didn't like is that there's a bit of a tragic end that results in someone's death and that made me sad I liked that character But other than that it's very poetic elouently written and exactly what erotica SHOULD be All these guys who are all of a sudden writing what they think is erotica need to read Billierosie

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free read Enslaving Eli ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ì ❤ Enslaving Eli pdf ⚣ Author Billierosie – Billierosie once again shows that she is a true master at writing hotter than hot BDSM erotica Her new book Enslaving Eli is a must for fans of the genre When Jasmine the beautiful Dominant meets talRet life Eli is intrigued and gradually he is initiated into a world of BDSM that as Jasmine’s submissive is impossible for him to walk away fromJasmine tells Eli tales of a secret exclusive organisation The Coterie The Coterie is centuries old Its members are Dominant women their ethos in life is total submission of the male Eli endures humiliation depravity and absolute control at the hands of Mistress Jasmine But Eli and Jasmine are than Mis. I really enjoyed BillieRosie's blog and her Rebellious Slave eBook so I was definitely excited when she offered me a free copy of Enslaving Eli in exchange for an honest review I knew I would like it based on my previous encounters with her work What I wasn't prepared for was the degree to which I would like itI was expecting another encounter with the Coterie a secret society of Dominant Women who engage is some practices which would probably raise than just eyebrows if word got outWhat I wasn't expecting was the complexity of Eli's character or the relationship Eli had with his Mistress Jasmine I also wasn't expecting the story to transcend the usual slew of erotica titles on Don't get me wrong there are some great fuck scenes I don't find FemDom too appealing but in BillieRosie's hands it can become exuisite The complexity of some of the scenes is amazing And they are hotBut this is than just a fuck storyThere are highs and lows and an ending which is perfect It's both touching and true without a hint of sentimentality The ending fits And that is probably the best thing you can say about an endingAnd it's hot as hell