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Evolution's Captain The Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the WorldEvolution's Captain is the story of The Dark PDFEPUB #187 a visionary but now forgotten English naval officer but for whom the Darwinian Revolution would never have occurred When Captain Robert FitzRoy the twenty six year old captain of the HMS Beagle set out for Tierra del Fuego in the fall of he invited a young naturalist to accompany him That twenty two year old gentleman was Charles Darwin and perhaps no single voyage in history had a greater impact on how we would come to understand the world Evolution's Captain MOBI #234 in both religious and scientific termsWhen the Beagle's first captain committed suicide while at sea in he was replaced by a young naval officer of a new mold Robert FitzRoy was the most brilliant and scientific sea captain of his age He used the Beagle a survey vessel as a laboratory for the new field of the nat. There are different echelons in the fame that men win For his work on evolution Charles Darwin is among the gods who however assailed my true believers of the fundamentalist religious persuasion will be remembered alongside Newton Galileo and Harvey But what of the man who was the Captain of the HMS Beagle the ship on which Darwin sailed on a five year circumnavigation of the globe that included almost four years in Patagonia and Tierra Del Fuego Robert Fitzroy is remembered today primarily as the man who took Darwin on that journey that gave birth to Darwin's classic Voyage of the Beagle What did he do on his own Among his successes are the accurate mapping of the South American waterways that was so accurate that it was used for over a hundred years Later in life he founded the British Weather Service and was instrumental in making weather predictions that at that time were accurate than had been seenThe fly in the ointment in his life was a combination of rigid religious beliefs and a family predilection for suicide Darwin's theories of evolution galled him to no end and to be held responsible for giving him the opportunity to topple the superstructure of the Christian religion preyed on his mind Between the voyage of the Beagle and his role as head of the British Weather Service he had a series of notable failures most particularly his governorship of New Zealand from which he was cashiered after two years Another failure was his attempt to bring several Fuegian Indians to England and return them to their native land to help spread Christianity One of them called Jemmy Button was instead held responsible for a massacre of Christian missionaries at Woollya in 1859Nichols's biography made for an interesting read At times I felt as if I were looking through the wrong end of a telescope looking for Darwin and seeing Fitzroy instead But that's what the book was ultimately about As Ecclesiastes said the race is not always to the swift Fitzroy was perhaps not always swift but he played a role albeit secondary that changed the world as we see it I will think about that in November 2011 when I travel to Patagonia and view the Fitzroy Massif of the Andes from El Calafate

Free read Evolution's Captain The Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World

Free read Evolution's Captain The Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Evolution's Captain The Dark Fate of the Man Who Sailed Charles Darwin Around the World By Peter Nichols &Hey had reached startlingly different conclusions about the origins of the natural worldIn naval terms the voyage was a stunning scientific success But FitzRoy a fanatical Christian was horrified by the heretical theories Darwin began to develop As these began to influence the profoundest levels of religious and scientific thinking in the nineteenth century FitzRoy's knowledge that he had provided Darwin with the vehicle for his sacrilegious ideas propelled him down an irrevocable path to suicideThis true story part biography part sea drama and a subtle study of one of the defining moments in the history of science reads like the finest historical fiction It is a chronicle of the remarkable chain of events without which Darwin would most likely have lived and died an obscure English country parson with a fondness for collecting beetles. Not a book I would have chosen on my own but it was a book club selection Some interesting parts but way too many characters and too many details both scientific and religious

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Ural sciences But his plan to bring four savages home to England to civilize them as Christian gentlefolk backfired when scandal loomed over their sexual misbehavior at the Walthamstow Captain The Dark PDFEPUB #235 Infants School FitzRoy needed to get them out of England fast and thus was born the second and most famous voyage of the BeagleFitzRoy feared the loneliness of another long voyage with madness in his own family he was haunted by the fate of the Captain The Dark Fate of ePUB #199 Beagle's previous captain so for company he took with him the young amateur naturalist Charles Darwin Like FitzRoy Darwin believed at the beginning of the voyage in the absolute word of the Bible and the story of man's creation The two men Captain The Dark Fate of ePUB #199 spent five years circling the globe together but by the end of their voyage t. Peter Nichols has a knack for highlighting the pathos in the lives of tortured sailors In A Voyage for Madmen he shows us the characters of the lost Donald Crowhurst and the ethically tormented Bernard Moitessier in far greater relief than he does the eventual winner of the first Vendee Globe Robin Knox Johnston The same focus holds true for Evolution's Captain we see the tragic descent of the second captain of the Beagle Robert FitzRoy into madness despite his efforts to avoid the depression that FitzRoy sees looming The portrayal of Charles Darwin is a little bland just as was the portrayal of Knox Johnston in Madmen but this is fine FitzRoy gets his chance in the limelight and we can see how important his contributions to maritime and meteorological science wasTo add to Nichols' sympathetic tragedians are the three kidnapped Fuegian Indians Despite a slight dearth of information about these three Nichols is able to lead the reader through conclusions about their very human and complex motives and actions Couldn't put this down and read it in one sitting with tea breaks