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PDF ï BOOK First Lessons A Medieval Tale #1 î GWAIRSOFT ↠ ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ First Lessons A Medieval Tale #1 By Lina J. Potter ❃ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Aliya is a medical school graduate gifted with both smarts and an athletic body Her life seems perfectuntil she finds herself in a fatal car accidenEr own hands First Lessons is the opening book of the bestselling historical romance and time travel fantasy series A Medieval Tale by Lina J Potter The heroine finds herself in the alternate world at the very beginning of a thorny path to progress and happiness On top of everything she has to go up against the unprogressive and sexist society of the Middle Ages armed only with her knowledge experience and willpower Still AliyaLilian has to act carefully in order not to draw too much attention to her innovations she knows she could either get praised for her geniusor be accused of witchcraft The bestselling time travel and historical romance A Medieval Tale series has been carefully translated into English and already gained a strong English speaking fan bas Fun writer fun storyI thought this was a time travel novel but discovered it was a fantasy The characters are very interesting both in motivation and action There's plenty of room for deviance from historical development and events because it's an earth like world but not the middle ages earthThe story moved fast and some would probably say too fast I would agree with them but in the main character's situation I would probably do the same or something similar The dangers from poor hygiene poor diet lack of medical knowledge and stifling of innovation are very powerful drivers for making change as uickly as feasible for the sake of survivalSince this isn't Medieval Europe the power of the guilds and the rise of the early cities doesn't have to be mirrored too closely in this world That said between the charging ahead by the main character and the lack of opposition to changes in merchant goods farming and other things the story does speed along almost too fast to develop many of the charactersOn balance it's a fast fun read in a plausible universe and the series could be very entertaining

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Aliya is a medical school graduate gifted with both smarts and an athletic body Her life seems perfectuntil she finds herself in a fatal car accident Instead of dying however she wakes up in a completely different body in the middle of a half ruined castle during alternate medieval times Confused and dismayed Aliya realizes she was given a second chance in life so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work on restoring the castle and her new life Aliya’s situation is confusing and challenging Reborn as Countess Lilian Earton she has to adjust to an unfamiliar world while trying to introduce everyday conveniences from the world she knows Her first goal is taking care of the collapsing estate of Earton and its inhabitants and learning to navigate a society I am not a genre reader in general but I was up to trying something new I very much loved the opening of the tale I found it very captivating and how she interlaced the lives of both Aliya and Lilian a soul that hungers to live vs a soul that wants to die Reading this double character that is conflicting but also cooperative in a way and its development was very refreshing and interesting to me The first book is uite scattered but I guess it is necessary for worldbuilding I was confused at times but the you progress in the book the the scattered stories integrate into one another Needless to say that it was nice to read a strong female protagonist with an outspoken opinion about gender relations

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First Lessons A Medieval Tale #1Unused to a woman in charge Constant attacks of robbers and slave traders never seem to stop plaguing Aliya and killers and spies sent by the narcissistic aristocracy are just waiting for her to show a bit of weakness so that they can strike even if as she finds an alternative solution to her troubles developing alliances with the Highlanders and Vikings called the Virmans In the meantime she is terrified with the prospect of finally meeting her perpetually absent husband whom incidentally Aliya has never seen ever since her rebirth as Lilian Her plan is to make the best of her unusual circumstances and to change this alternate world for the better She is not a girl in trouble waiting for a knight in shining armor; all that Aliya has to do she’ll do with h I love this adventureWhat a nice change this story is No vampires no blood and Gore no crude sex scenes or filthy language and what do you knowit's still a great fun interesting story with wonderful characters A talented Author that can truly write and does not reuire any gimmicks Love Lillian What a trooper