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Read ✓ Jessica's Older Guy Sweet Valley High #119 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ Jessica's Older Guy Sweet Valley High #119 Author Francine Pascal – If Zach Marsden finds out Jessica's really a high school girl visiting her big brotheIca's secret is going to be hard to keep especially when her boyfriend Ken Matthews shows up for a surprise Older Guy Sweet Valley High P. Welcome to These Chicks Wouldn't Last One Second in College or Jessica's Older Guy SVH #119No one does naivety uite like Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield This book is part of the College miniseries and you can read my review of the first book #117 here on Goodreads Our library didn't have book 2 College Weekend but all I can tell you is that in my experience book 2 of any series is generally uite useless This one was no exception because a bit of it was recapped in this book anyway all that was missed was a huge college party that Jessica threw and that she fell in love with hunky Zach Marsden Sounds like a celebrity name to meSo this title is misleading for two reasons 1 Jessica ALWAYS dates older guys it's fucking creepy she's 16 and 2 He's not really an older guy But on that in a minuteSo this book is basically identical to A Kiss Before Dying which I also recapped not that long ago Just take out a little less drama and add cheating and a pinch of honesty from Jessica and you've got the whole plot to this one Jessica is cozy in her sick college fantasy world with Zach Marsden She's cozy because being with him involves lying manipulating and scheming her only discernable talents She must do all of these things in order to avoid being seen by Magda the president of the Theta sorority that Jess is trying to break into two years early Not to mention that Zach thinks she is a college student and that Liz is her wait for it little sister These chicks are fucking IDENTICAL and Zach Super Awesome College Guy Marsden believes that they are merely sisters Honestly Zach makes Jessica looks like Albert Einstein Which come to think of it is probably why she likes him so much She's still peeved from #117 when Ken thought she really did cheat on her SATs So while Jess is off hootin' and hollerin' and being a naive idiot which you cannot deny she does spectacularly well Liz has received an internship at SVU's newspaper The Chronicle from Felicia Newkirk or somesuch somebody and she has decided to stay at SVU Which might have actually been a smart idea because it probably would have saved her from the stalker that is William White which I will review shortly So she gets into the Chronicle the first day and literally expects to poop a golden egg and hand it to her boss and be set for the rest of her life Yeah She really believes this Wakefields don't earn respect They're just respected Duh Turns out that her boss is a louse sexist instead Elizabeth becomes Dollface and runs around refilling his coffee and answering phones and making copies You know actual work I can see her anger at her boss but being pissed off about the work just makes you hate Liz even Which isn't that hard to do in the first place But before she gets fed up and leaves the internship in a huff and ruins her future except not really because she does write for the Chronicle in SVU she goes out with some hip intellectuals discussing capitalism versus Marxism one night Liz loves capitalism it's made her who she is after all and her sister even so and says that to her capitalism represents freedom She gets reamed for this natch I have to share this ironic gem from page 70 What was it like growing up in East Berlin Elizabeth wondered What was it like growing up in an oppressive regime that you couldn't escape How did one heal from a past like thatHilarious right Well I'll tell you in a letter LizDear LizGrowing up in an oppressive regime is much like growing up with Jessica Wakefield She beats you into submission and you let her she tells you what to do and you do it without protest she's only nice to you to get what she wants and she wouldn't hesitate to send you to a concentration camp or erect a new Berlin Wall if it could further her own gain So how does one heal from a past like that Well uite simply you never do I mean you've been chased by at least six or seven psychos been kidnapped both you and your sister been almost raped and the like and yet you seem to be on the same level of functioning as everyone else You just compartmentalize and brush things off no biggie After all you're a Wakefield You shit rainbows Who needs Post Traumatic Stress Disorder You just nibble Todd's shoulder and presto It's like nothing ever happenedSo anyway back to Jessica She is on the verge of being found out again because she has to go to a Theta party with Magda even though she'd already planned to go with Zach By this time she has also decided to stay at SVU with Liz Probably because they are completely codependent and she'd fail miserably at life if her doormat sister didn't sit underneath her and help her up every time But it's mostly because she met Zach So she devises a plan to make Liz and make Liz she does pose as her so that she can be herself with Zach while Liz is being her with Magda Confused Welcome to the head of a sociopath Liz seems really adamant against this plan but Jessica tells her as she always does that Liz owes her one and makes her go Liz agrees but she doesn't realize that Jess has told Magda horrible stuff about her which is really stuff about her own self that she would never admit to In the meantime everyone back in Sweet Valley has hatched a reverse psychology plan to get the twins to come back and ditch college since they know that guilt will not work on Jessica Ha They all act overly e

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Guy Sweet MOBI #245 If Zach Marsden finds out Jessica's really a high school girl visiting her big brother at SVU he'll dump her And Jess. This book is unintentionally hilarious Great stuff

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Jessica's Older Guy Sweet Valley High #119DFEPUBvisit Elizabeth has been offered a chance at SVU and everyone tells her what a great opportunity it is Isn't anyone going to miss h. I had way too much fun re reading this story arcAlso is this the only book where Liz meets a new guy but DOESN’T cheat on Todd with him I was completely shocked by this Jessica on the other hand doesn’t deserve Ken at all