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The Illustrated MumDesempenhar o papel de mães Estrela sente se muitas vezes revoltada e envergonhada pelo comportamento e atitudes da mãe enuanto Golfinho sente um enorme fascínio por ela considerando a brilhante oue a leva a adoptar uma postura de protecção face aos ataues da irmã mais velhaEntretanto surge Mickey o pai de Estrela e a filha fica encantada com ele preferindo o à mãe Apenas Golfinho mantém se com Crisântemo mas até ela começa a constatar ue a sua mãe é realmente demasiado diferente das outr. So the story in a nutshell follows Dolphin yep that’s her name and her sister Star which is a name that doesn’t actually seem that bizarre in comparison to some children I’ve met who live with their mother Marigold who is clearly suffering from some sort of manic depression throughout the story Star’s Dad Micky comes on to the scene and whisks Star who is the parental figure to both Dolphin and her mum Marigold away leaving Dolphin dealing her poorly mum as well as school bullies and trying to look after herself despite being only 11 There are some really dark points in this book that I hadn’t noticed or fully appreciated as a child For example Marigold steals or at least has in the past stolen some credit cards Also Dolphin shows some traits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder presumably the only way she can find control in her life It was also uite difficult to read as my Mum suffered with depression when I was a child so some parts were particularly relatable although thankfully not all In fact I think it was a frighteningly real portrayal of a parent who is suffering with their mental health and a very brave but important risk to take for a children’s book Spoiler alert There is no dramatic “happy ending” where everything is suddenly okay again and I personally appreciated that It’s not how life works and although the ending is upbeat and optimistic it’s also realistic and doesn’t patronise the children reading the book I think that’s so important There was a moment when Oliver and Dolphin call up a leisure centre and just so happen to manage to get in touch with Dolphin’s Dad who she has never met which did feel a bit too easy and very unrealistic Aside from that it was easy to forget that I was reading a book that is intended for children such is Wilson’s writing It really is a timeless book that I absolutely loved re reading and I’m excited to start the next one already

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Ustrated MOBI #234 devido à sua alienação acaba por descurar a educação das próprias filhas A sua enorme paixão por tatuagens faz com ue ela esteja constantemente e desenhar novas figuras para juntar à sua já vasta colecção ue lhe cobre o corpo uase por completo Entre elas tem um golfinho uma estrela e um coração com o nome Mickey o pai da filha mais velha e o grande amor da sua vida ue nunca esueceu por completo É por estas razões ue Golfinho e Estrela as filhas de Crisântemo acabam por. The Illustrated Mum by Jacueline Wilson is a book that really relates to my childhood experiences whilst growing up Marigold is a mother who is eccentric to say the least; is covered in crazy tattoos and tends to put the needs of her two daughters Star and Dolphin last Her daughters adore her but wish for her to become 'normal' The mood of the book is somewhat depressing yet hopeful with spurts of humour I can see this book relating to many children coming from broken homes and families Star is embarrassed by her mother and desperately wants her to change however Dolphin admires her mother and constantly wants to please her which is extremely difficult This is due to Marigold having a mental illness as she struggles to cope with her emotionshaving severe mood swings Growing up myself with a mother with a mental illness I found real comfort in this book that I was not the 'only one' Jacueline Wilson uses much dialogue between characters in this book to convey the messages of a mother living with the responsibility of two daughters while trying to manage a mental disability and the difficulties of two daughters hoping for change and being strong through everyday family difficulties Jacueline Wilson makes the characters come alive so well in this book which is what really reels the reader in The appropriate age range for this book would be age 10 This is due to the book covering many sensitive issues that a younger audience may not be able to connect with This book would be great for children to read in small groups where they could pause and discuss feelings and situations of the characters to help them recognize different family situations and increase sensitivity to particular life situations

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The Illustrated Mum review ´ 103 · [BOOKS] ✸ The Illustrated Mum Author Jacqueline Wilson – Esta obra ue marca a estreia de Jacueline Wilson na colecção Estrela do Mar tem como personagem central Crisântemo uma jovem mãe solteira com duas filhas para criar A história começa com o 33º Esta obra ue marca a estreia Esta obra ue marca a estreia de Jacueline Wilson na colecção Estrela do Mar tem como personagem central Crisântemo uma jovem mãe solteira com duas filhas para criar A história começa com o º aniversário da mãe Estrelaa filha mais velha oferece lhe o bolo de anos e Golfinho a mais nova um cartão repleto de desenhos feitos por ela Crisântemo é uma mulher de grande beleza e uma mãe muito diferente das outras ela criou o seu próprio mundo onde vive completamente afastada da realidade e The Ill. 🐬 A few days ago I had a spell where I simply could not concentrate on reading Just over three days I know because I was keeping track in my journal Since I read whenever I get the chance it always throws me off when this happens I caught up on some episodes of the TV show Heartland which I love very much but isn't uite the same It took me a bit to remember but generally when this kind of thing happens I reread a much loved book and it kind of restores my brain and gives me back my focus   Enter Jacueline WilsonI've mentioned in uite a few reviews how much I love her but I'm going to say it again I love Jacueline Wilson I love her new books there is usually at least one year often and I also love returning to her older ones The Illustrated Mum is one I especially adore though I say that about all of them Star and Dolphin's mother is clearly mentally ill and as she enters into a manic or perhaps hypomanic state things get uite scary Star's at the point of disengaging with her mum She is tired of being the mature and responsible one while Marigold reels from one disaster to another Dolphin still reveres her mother though eventually even she sees that things are getting out of handMarigold is not a villainous figure but she is a frustrating one She rejects hospitals and treatment traumatised by either past experiences or stories she has heard and absorbed Both perhaps This is understandable but she also had two children in her care and is often not a fit mother Both Star and Dolphin are frightened of being put into care especially because Marigold had such an awful upbringing which included living in care homesWhen Star's father returns thrilled to discover he has a daughter dismayed at the state of Marigold things change uickly in ways both good and badI love Dolphin so much She is sweet and out of her depth She is bullied at school is dyslexic so finds the classroom challenging and is trying to cope with a difficult situation She manages to make friends with a boy called Oliver and their friendship warms my heart    Star is at an age where she has realised that while their mothers illness is very real her refusal to address or treat it is causing serious problems that might be avoidable She is frustrated and upset and I can hardly blame herI love the way everything is portrayed in this book and the way the ending feels both hopeful and realistic