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READ & DOWNLOAD Out of AfricaShadows on the Grass 107 ¶ [Read] ➫ Out of AfricaShadows on the Grass Author Isak Dinesen – Out of Africa tells the story of a farm that the narrator once had in Africa The farm is located at the foot of the Ngong hills outside of Nairobi in what is now Kenya It sits at an altitudSix thousand acres is used for agriculture The remaining parts of the land are forest and of AfricaShadows on PDF #9734 space for the natives to live on. I start with the famous paragraph If I know a song of Africa of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back of the plows in the fields and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers does Africa know a song of me Will the air over the plain uiver with a color that I have had on or the children invent a game in which my name is or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for meI almost gasped when I read this the first time I certainly drew a slow breath in and re read it a few times Most of the book's paragraphs are almost as beautifully finished and as musical as that The graceful thing DinesenBlixen does is to write about the difficult mundane matters she faced as if the very farm and its people made the decisions for her You see what a ueen of a small country would have worried over and what would have amused and angered her as well Her Danish background gave her the framework to write this as fables in the daily epic of life in Africa and also allowed her to write friends and staff as archetypes and as heroes That means we are not reading a completely factual account of her time in Africa but the sensory story that we do have is tender and illustrative than any day by day account would or could ever be I also re read this often People who dream when they sleep at night know of a special kind of happiness which the world of the day knows not a placid ecstasy and ease of heart that are like honey on the tongue They also know that the real glory of dreams lies in their atmosphere of unlimited freedomThe thing which in the waking world comes nearest to a dream is night in a big town where nobody knows one or the African night There too is infinite freedom it is there that things go on destinies are made round you there is activity to all sides and it is none of your concernThat's what this is; a dream written about a moment long gone but still beautiful

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Out of Africa tells the story of a AfricaShadows on PDFEPUB #229 farm that the narrator once had in Africa The farm is located at the foot of the Ngong h. A Danish noblewoman comes to Africa gets married to a Swedish Baron her second cousin and starts a coffee plantation close to the Ngong Hills in the Kenyan Colony southwest of Nairobi then just a small town before the start of WWI Isak Dinesen nee Karen Blixen finds real love and tragedy while managing it 1913 1931 The unfaithful husband Baron Bror Blixen neglects the Baroness and not interested in the farm he enjoys the company of other women At an elevation above 6000 feet you can imagine the difficulties a great place for coffee beans are at lower levels she will discover to her immense regret These memoirs by the upper class woman of her African experiences tells mostly the truth the interesting stories with hidden secrets after all this was published in 1937 and reputations needed to be protected discretion ruled the age Denys Finch Hatton a British aristocrat Oxford educated oozing charm became her inevitable lover she adoringly writes about but keeps the relationship unstated but you can read between the lines He a big game hunter flyer the adventurer a lost soul escaping the restrictions of England for the freedom of a new untamed land still never comfortable in or anywhere else As the second son of a British Earlwell that says it all the restless man will always be that Numerous native servants some suatters the foreign lady has problems dealing with strangely she's very popular treating them kindly an amateur doctoring their illnesses unusual for those years abandoned by her husband she alone must prevail Still a Somali worker her main servant Farah Aden indispensable helps in her endeavors in the vast wilderness lions roam and roar nearby constant danger to humans and their animals which are many Disasters come regularly and the intervals much too short the intermission ends and the calamities begin again The variety of African wildlife seen and heard amazes insects also appear millions of ravenous locust swarm and darken the skies no place like this on Earth especially in the 1920's a sad memory of the past I will report the beginning of the book starts slow and picks up greatly in the second half when the author reveals about the local society with the complicated relationships between the various races inhabiting the area the rulers and the ruled A fine narrative for the patient reader if you like the colorful setting as the fortuitous couple fly into the clouds high over the incredible country just happy to be together and the rather obvious mournful conclusion A companion piece written almost a uarter century after Out of Africa Shadows on the Grass 1960 gives further details of Africa and what became of the legion of people there she the author met and loved some thrived others the oppositeIf you want information the short book is indispensable and I would recommend this to anyone otherwise an unneeded read

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Out of AfricaShadows on the GrassIlls outside of Nairobi in what is now Out of ePUB #199 Kenya It sits at an altitude of six thousand feet The farm grows coffee although only part of its. There is something strangely determinate and fatal about a single shot in the night It is as if someone had cried a message to you in one word and would not repeat it I stood for some time wondering what it had meant Nobody could aim at anything at this hour and to scare away something a person would fire two shots or There is some truly beautiful writing in this book When describing the land and the wildlife of Africa Dinesen ie Karen Blixen truly shines as a writer and I can only believe that it is this aspect of her book that resonates with so many who rate this book Out of Africa highly I mean the film of the same title is not really based on and has little to do with this book so clearly readers must see something else in the book that appeals to them and I'm guessing it is the lyrical description of the African landscape If the book contained itself to her impressions of the land I would have loved this book too Unfortunately no amount of lyrical prose was able to outweigh the aspects of the book that really drove me nuts none so than the way author writes about the people of Kenya and by doing so what we learn about the author herself After reading only a couple of chapter I was utterly conflicted whether the author's constant racism was a result of her genuine believe that white Europeans were supreme to the primitive natives or whether her offensive descriptions of the Natives was a result of some sort of mistake in articulating what she really meantSeeing the she continued to generalise about African people and compare them to animals throughout the book it leaves little argument against the assumption that Dinesen really believed in the superiority of the white Immigrants So the next uestion that occurred and as one fellow reader pointed out also is how much of the casual racism was a result of the time that Dinesen lived in Well seeing that she lived in Africa between 1915 and 1931 Out of Africa was published in 1937 it is of course to be expected that her views are reflecting the s of a less enlightened time which is somewhat ironic as she fills the book with literary and philosophical references in an attempt to show off her worldliness and pretends to present herself as an enlightened witty and intellectual woman This in particular made me want to smack her with a copy Markham's West with the Night Markham may have had her shortcomings but she did not need to fuel her self confidence by patronising anyone least her African neighbours As much as Dinesen's racism may have been a reflection of her time it became clear when reading the first story in Shadows on the Grass that Dinesen's believe of superiority must have been ingrained in her deeply than just as an expression of a sentiment that was popular within her social circles Shadows on the Grass was published in 1960 So at that time Dinesen had not only returned to Europe but had also widely travelled was at home in the artistic and literary circles of Europe and the US and as any enlightened intellectual of the time would have been exposed to current affairs of the world such as the beginning of the civil rights movement in the US the demise of the colonial systems as a result of the moral issues raised with supremacist theories after WWII etc Yet the first story in Shadows on the Grass contains the same racist bullshit as Out of Africa including the following The dark nations of Africa strikingly precocious as young children seemed to come to a standstill in their mental growth at different ages The Kikuyu Kawirondo and Wakamba the people who worked for me at the farm in early childhood were far ahead of the white children of the same age but they stopped uite suddenly at a stage corresponding to that of a European child of nine She even goes on to say that she found some pseudo scientific theory to support her musings on the ualities of different races Of course this only takes up one paragraph in the book and she does not present any arguments that may contradict her opinions How is this supportable by the justification that she was a writer of her time Had she been of her time I would have expected her to move on but no What the book also told me about Dinesen is that she had appreciation and compassion for animals than for human beings She was against killing animals for sport except lions lions were fair game apparently which was uite unusual for a member of the society she lived in and also considering that the love of her life Denys Finch Hatton organised safaris for wealthy big game hunters And yet when confronted with the victim of a shooting accident a child who had been shot accidentally all she can say is the following When you are brought suddenly within the presence of such disaster there seems to be but one advice it is the remedy of the shooting field and the farmyard that you should kill uickly and at any cost And yet you know that you cannot kill and your brain turns with fear I put my hands to the child's head and pressed it in my despair and as if I had really killed him he at the same moment stopped screaming and sat erect with his arms hanging down as if he was made of wood So now I know what it feels like to heal by imposition So her first instinct is to shoot the child The second insight she gains is that she deludes herself into thinking she could heal by laying on hands Actually there is about her delusional exploits as a medic when deciding to become the primary medical care giver to the Natives on her farm Granted any first aid may have been better than none but at no time does she pretend to want to find out if what she's doing is of any medical help and it looks like failures didn't make her stop to think either I knew very little of doctoring just what you learn at a first aid course But my renown as a doctor had been spread by a few chance lucky cures and had not been decreased the catastrophic mistakes that I had made So again while some of the writing is great I just cannot muster any sympathy or liking for the author who to me came across as an ignorant utterly delusional racist ever pretending to be something she was not