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The RunawaysChildren thrown together by force of circumstance A hard hitting well crafted story of great emotional range that has an important message about personal growth and friendship this novel is suitable for strong readers between the ages of and. I really enjoyed this book It has an interesting plot and doesn't romanticize running away; the characters face realistic conseuences for their actions This a great read for a rainy day My only criticism the characters are a little bit flat However this is overshadowed by Ruth Thompson's fantastic writing

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Ey stumble across some money with which they try to buy friendship in their class but with teachers and parents closing in the two are forced to run away The story centres on the brilliant and unusual friendship that develops between these two. Ah My favourite children's book read this aged 13 and it hasn't left my mind since those glorious well they weren't for pimpled me at the time days Found a copy in a 2nd hnd bookshop today and knew I had to buy it

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The Runaways Summary ñ 102 ✓ [Epub] ➚ The Runaways By Ruth Thomas – Winner of the prestigious Guardian Children's Fiction Award in 1988 this book is the compelling and uniue story of two children Julian and Nathan from inner city London Outsiders at school and unhappy Winner of the prestigious Guardian Children's Fiction AWinner of the prestigious Guardian Children's Fiction Award in this book is the compelling and uniue story of two children Julian and Nathan from inner city London Outsiders at school and unhappy at home the two are strangely drawn together Th. Twice a week every week my year six teacher would march our class to the tiny primary school library for 'reading time' We had ten minutes to select a book find a comfy spot to sit and start readingOn this particular day I couldn't find a single thing to read I'd scoured every shelf but every book in the fiction section I'd either read which was most of themit was a small library for a big reader or considered reading but dismissedThen I saw a book I'd never ever seen before It was relatively old with a cover I probably wouldn't go for normally but the title seemed ok Ten minutes are up my teacher announced Everyone finish choosing your book and sit down I hadn't even read the blurb and there wasn't enough time to look for something else anyway The Runaways was in my hand and I was now stuck with itAs soon as I opened it I was enthralled There's around half a dozen books that I only read once during my childhood but had such a massive impact on me that I never forgot them this was one After finally tracking it down and re reading it after almost ten years I can understand why; and I was totally enthralled all over againThe book follows two eleven year old London children Nathan and Julia Both have problems at home and due to their poor behaviour are not looked upon kindly by their teachers Julia made a few social mistakes and became the school reject and Nathan is an introvert with anger management issues Both are bullies purely because nobody taught them how to be nice The world doesn't understand them and they hate the world because of it I found myself even now relating to the characters my problems obviously weren't anywhere as bad as theirs but I'd been through something similar and it hit me hard Basically the kids who hate each other find thousands of pounds and decide to run away from their hellish lives It's every kid's dream at one stage or another to escape from home and school and rules and expectations But unfortunately for Nathan and Julia this isn't an Enid Blyton tale They face some horrifying problems that they didn't anticipate and have to think on their feet to survive on their own and escape the police While none of these types of stories are ever truly realistic Ruth Thomas got reasonably closeBut by far the most touching part was watching Nathan and Julia's friendship grow If I was a crier I totally would have bawled my eyes out They start out insulting each other kicking each other discouraging each other and thinking horrible thoughts about each other But over the course of the story they learn what it means to care They teach each other important lessons about self sacrifice forgiveness and loyal love They become better people because of itI know a lot of people didn't like the ending but it didn't worry me I was satisfied and actually enjoy the idea of getting to imagine what happens nextOverall this story marks one of the cornerstones of my childhood Right now as I type this I want to read it again and again and again I want to write my own replica story I want play out an entire seuel in my mind I never ever want to forget the magic of The Runaways