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Download Salt Sugar Fat How the Food Giants Hooked Us Ebook å 480 pages ¾ Gwairsoft Ë ❮Reading❯ ➼ Salt Sugar Fat How the Food Giants Hooked Us ➵ Author Michael Moss – Every year the average American eats 33 pounds of cheese and 70 poundsEvery Fat How the Food Epubyear the average American Fat How PDF #180 eats pounds of cheese and pounds of sugar They ingest milligrams of salt a day double the recommended amount almost none of which comes from salt shakers It comes from processed food an industry that hauls in trillion in annual sales In Salt Sugar Fat Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Michael Moss shows how this happened Featuring Salt Sugar Epubexamples from som Probably like most of you I thought Michael Moss's Salt Sugar Fat would be about how these ingredients are not good for us how to eliminate them from our diets and perhaps a few recipes to get us started I was wrong This book is far fascinating than that It's a well written in depth look at the food industry and how the products we all know came into being and developed over the years It names companies like Kellogg's Kraft Campbell's and the soft drink giants that produce Coke Pepsi and even Dr Pepper as well as otherDid you know that the amount of sugar and cheese that we each eat today has tripled since 1970 No wonder there is an obesity epidemic today I was very interested in the story of how the US Government was responsible for the increase in cheese production how the excess was stored and how it finally made it's way into a lot of everyday foods as time went by There are stories about the science behind product development and how advertising and product placement get our attention and get us to buy One thing became very clear and that is that processed foods could not exist without salt sugar or fat Even some of the people who used to work for these companies now know that in order to avoid these substances they also have to avoid the very foods those companies produce While I do a lot of my own baking and seldom buy convenience foods I'm starting to think the cans and boxes that are currently in my house may be greatly reduced in the future I will likely make of my own soups and salad dressings and maybe even bread in the futureI think this is an important piece of literature that will withstand the test of time and will likely be a great reference book about the food industry for many years to come It's a thick book over 400 pages but not difficult reading It will be available for purchase March 12 2013 Look for it when the time comes I think everyone should read it

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Sugar Fat How Epub #226 of fat by manipulating its chemical structure He unearths marketing techniues taken straight from tobacco company playbooks to redirect concerns about the health risks of products He talks to concerned executives who explain that they could never produce truly healthy alternatives to their products even if serious regulation became a reality Simply put the industry itself would cease to exist without salt sugar and fat Several years ago I developed a candida infection; my doctor urged me to give up all sugar products for at least three monthsEasier said than done It didn’t take me long to realize that nearly everything in the grocery aisles contained sugar And now I know whyMichael Moss a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter has written a brilliant book that doesn’t scold lecture or patronize Rather it reveals the reasons why one out of four American children are at risk for diabetes and why high blood pressure and obesity is soaring out of control The average adult today is 24 pounds heavier than in 1960He brings us inside the industry game at companies such as Kraft Kellogg General Mill Coca Cola Frito Lay and Nestle Surprisingly John Ruff from Kraft gave up sweet drinks and fatty snacks; Luis Cantarell from Nestle eats fish for dinner Bob Lin from Frito Lay avoids potato chips like the plague and so on Many of the executives of the most highly profiled companies go out of their way to avoid their own productsThey are of course “in the know” than the average consumer who swallows whole the marketing ploys and behind the scenes science that turns us into their unwitting pawns As one executive said at Kraft “We don’t create demand We excavate it We prospect for it We dig until we find it”How First the companies locate the “bliss point” – that crucial point that identifies when consumers fall in love with a product without the need for the company to pay a penny Then they follow the “better for you” formulation It works like this when people clamor loudly enough for healthier products the companies provide a better for you formulation lower fat potato chips or sugar free ice cream for example If done right they can boost sales or the original full calorie and full fat version by drawing shoppers to the brandTo play it fair Mr Moss shows that it’s hard to really get the consumer on board for change When the “big three” – sugar salt and fat – are removed “Corn Flakes taste like metal fillings the Eggo rozen waffes like straw Cheez Its lost their golden yellow hue turning a sickly yellow and they went all gummy when chewed The buttery flavor of the Keeber Town House Light Buttery Crackers which contained no actual butter to begin with simply disappeared”Small wonder then that companies would not give these three up in any real way without a major fight Salt sugar and fat are the foundation of processed foods and the American public clamors for convenience and taste not health benefits In a particularly unsettling chapter Mr Moss shows how the Department of Agriculture and the FDA are really looking out for the interests of the food industry not the consumer With a slew of bench chemists behavioral scientists package designers food technicians lobbyists Wall Street executives and the government on its side one can empathize when one executive tells Mr Moss “I feel sorry for the public”This is an important book for any one who is concerned about obesity or diseases – any one who cares about the future of their children – to read As Mr Moss concludes “We ultimately have the power to make choiceswe decide what to buy We decide how much to eat” Becoming informed – and in an engaging manner – is a vital first step

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Salt Sugar Fat How the Food Giants Hooked UsE of the most recognizable and profitable companies and Sugar Fat How the Food Kindle brands of the last half century including Kraft Coca Cola Lunchables Kellogg Nestlé Oreos Cargill Capri Sun and many Moss’s explosive empowering narrative is grounded in meticulous often eye opening research He goes inside the labs where food scientists use cutting edge technology to calculate the bliss point of sugary beverages or enhance the mouth feel Cynical people it's worse than you can even imagine Privacy infringements systematic exploitation of children and African Americans government corruption and a willful disregard of consumers' health Moss's three and a half years of investigative reporting for Salt Sugar Fat were well worth the effort though his writing isn't concise and boring when it came to describing the careers of food scientists he clearly admires the points he makes are startling and incredibly important Although America is the primary country talked about the problems discussed are global issuesChildren and people of African descent are the most vulnerable when it comes to salt sugar and fat because they're prone to acuiring a diet high in all those things and the food industry has been uick to take advantage by adding and SSFs to out compete other brands by appealing to people's taste buds instead of their health keeping an eye on their bottom lines and not their customers' waistlines Before reading I believed it was your responsibility to eat healthily but reading about America's neglectful and downright harmful governmental practices allowing food companies to fudge the nutritional information on their products stops the grocery shopper from making an informed decision about what they wish to put inside their bodies and therefore food companies are indeed responsible for various serious health conditions ie obesity diabetes hypertension heart disease cholesterol and cancers 'The top contributors to weight gain included red meat and processed meats sugar sweetened beverages and potatoes' in all its formsSSF addicts are referred to as heavy users by companies though even their ex presidents and CEOs many of whom Moss personally interviewed admit the harm they've caused feel guilty about their part in it and actively avoid consuming their own products Jeffrey Dunn ex president of Coca Cola developed Dasani bottled water and stopped marketing in schools but was ultimately fired for which he was grateful and now he only works with healthy foodsPrivacy infringements abound Coke data mined customer loyalty cards; General Foods 'had mass mailing lists composed entirely of the names and addresses of children in order to better target them with promotions'Insidious marketing strategies are plentiful pushing comics like 'The Adventures of Kool Aid Man' published by Marvel; multiple child friendly websites pushing junk food; advertising to those who've over indulged targeting people with diabetes for their sugar free products; adding vitamins or a smidgen of fruit for a false healthy image eg Capri Sun; or removing real ingredients that you'd think would be essential eg Cheez Whiz no longer contains real cheeseParallels are drawn with the tobacco industry and the health crises surrounding it and it just so happens Philip Morris having made its dough in tobacco now owns a cadre of food brands Our food is handled by large conglomerates controlling hundreds of brands who pump potentially harmful artificial additives and who knows what else oh wait horsemeat into our food Maybe it's time we invested in the little guys going it alone again where the people in control know exactly what's in their food and the distance between the guy on the ground floor and the one in the big office on the top floor is a lot shorter'Take than a little salt or sugar or fat out of processed food these experiments showed and there is nothing left Or even worse what is left are the inexorable conseuences of food processing repulsive tastes that are bitter metallic and astringent'Moss suggests taxing SSFs before they're added to processed foods though companies will probably pass on that cost to consumers He also advocates the use of herbs and spices but again since salt is so cheap compared to alternatives they'd rather stick with what they know than spend on higher uality healthier alternatives Or we as a society need to go back to eating the standard three fresh meals a day when we ate SSFs in moderation instead of snacking on convenience foods Now it's becoming harder to peddle SSFs to the public in developed countries they're despicably looking to exploit the Third World developing nations like India and BrazilI started my first official diet with the help of MyFitnessPalcom just before reading SSF and it's made me acutely aware of what I'm eating Now I read the back of every item while grocery shopping before deciding to buy it My nemesis are grain based carbs potatoes orange juice and butter I don't have a problem with salt and my 'bliss point' for sugar dropped considerably in my late teens which is the last time I drank soda Salt Sugar Fat is definitely a highly recommended readSUGAR a methamphetamine✺ Cocaine acts on the brain in a similar way to sugar 'researchers have conditioned rats to expect an electrical shock when they eat cheesecake and they still lunge for it' Drugs countering the effects of opiates curb the appeal of high fat high sugar snacks✺ Nearly every food contains some amount of sugar naturally occurring in fruit veg and milk so we have no need for 'added sugar'✺ Sugar is an analgesic a pain killer✺ Americans consume '22 teaspoons of sugar per person per day' yet 5 teaspoons are recommended that's half a can of Coke✺ Fructose is sweeter than glucose and table sugar combined and has been commercially available since the 1980s✺ Sugar has a 'bliss point' a Goldilocks amount that creates the most pleasure ✺ Sweetened foods make you hungry not less✺ Sweet liuids bypass the body's controls preventing weight gain Soda and fruit juice concentrates are liuid sugar✺ Cereals contain up to 70% sugar and some believe cereals over 50% sugar should be sold as candy✺ The Cola War with Pepsi saw Coke inventing supersizing endorsement deals and combination deals eg burger with fries they even put Cokes into the hands of soldiers in WWII at a loss all to encourage brand loyalty and addiction✺ Coke's biggest ingredient is water followed by sugar then caffeine Hypertention and diabetes in a bottle Mmm healthyFAT an opiate✺ 9 calories per gram twice that of sugar or protein✺ Sugar masks and enhances the taste of fat encouraging you to eat ✺ No 'bliss point' for fat the the better✺ Whole milk is only 3% fat✺ American eat up to 33 pounds of cheese per year 60000 calories triple the amount in 1970s It's the biggest source of saturated fat in American diets followed by red meat then cakes and cookies✺ Industrialisation of cows bred indoors on a diet of corn and fat has increased milk production but lowered the nutritious value of the milk✺ When Americans moved to low fat milk the excess fat was converted to cheese and the American government protected the dairy industry by ludicrously buying up the excess cheese and beef Cheese products were made mac cheese meaty pizzas etc Even celeb chefs were asked to promote cheese in cookbooks On behalf of producers the government aggressively marketed cheese and beef to the American public and in Mexico✺ Chilled prepared foods saw the introduction of Lunchables containing a child's maximum daily allowance of saturated fat and salt and than a can of Coke's worth of sugar✺ The Department of Agriculture has ignored experts in its Center for Nutrition and has conspired to get the public to eat ✺ 'Lean meat' doesn't necessarily mean low fat✺ McDonald's was the first to remove pink slime from its burgers✺ When opening a package containing multiple servings you're likely to eat the whole thingSALT✺ 'Sodium pulls fluids from the body's tissues and into the blood which raises the blood volume and compels the heart to pump forcefully' This causes high blood pressure✺ The least addictive of the big three✺ We learn this addiction it's not innate like sugar and fat✺ Low salt diets increase taste sensitivity to salt so less is eaten✺ It's a preservative masks bitterness sweetens sugar adds crunch to things like crackers✺ 2300mg recommended maximum per day✺ England's Food Standards Agency set a limit on how much salt a product could contain and discouraged of salt substitute potassium chloride effecting US based companies the most✺ Processed meats contain added salt eg bacon✺ Cargill one of the wealthiest privately owned companies in the world sells 17 types of sweeteners 40 types of salt 21 oils and shorteningsThe Horsemeat ScandalThe below paragraph shows me how easy it would be for the European horsemeat scandal to spread to the US'the Department of Agriculture is actually complicit in the meat industry's secrecy The burger that Stephanie paralyzed by EColi ate made by Cargill had been an amalgam of various grades of meat from different parts of the cow and from multiple slaughterhouses as far away as Uruguay The meat industry with the blessing of the federal government was intentionally avoiding steps that could make their products safer for consumers The E Coli starts in the slaughterhouses where feces tainted with the pathogen can contaminate the meat when the hides of cows are pulled off Yet many of the biggest slaughterhouses would sell their meat only to hamburger makers like Cargill if they agreed not to test their meat for E Coli until it was mixed together with shipments from other slaughterhouses This insulated the slaughterhouses from costly recalls when the pathogen was found in ground beef but it also prevented the government officials and the public from tracing the E Coli back to its source When it comes to pathogens in the meat industry ignorance is financial bliss'That's illegal in the UK under 'traceability' and 'safety' My thanks to Random House and Netgalley for the e ARC in return for an honest review