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A lustful young alpha meets his match in an older omega with a past Professor Vale Aman has crafted a good life for himself An unbonded omega in his mid thirties he's long since given up hope that he'll meet a compatible alpha let alone his destined mate He's fulfilled by his career his poetry his cat and his friends When Jason Sabel a much younger alpha i A for effort I adore Blake's writing style and story telling ability I'd never place Blake's writing in uestion so it's the story that fell flat for me hereThis book didn't know what it wanted to be1 Dystopian Sure technically It does take place in a future where the world as we know it today is over But it doesn't read that way There are phones with wires leading into walls GASP There are offices with desks and books paintings and it all felt very 90s 2 ABO universe but no shifters Sure technically But make no mistake this read like a shifter book There're alphas needing to breed There're omegas in heat overcome from the pain of excruciating lust There's knotting There's back arching and presenting one's ass There's imprinting There's a wolf god There's a wolf Bible FFS So while there may be no fur and claws to be found I'm still calling BS on that one3 A book in the ABO universe dressed up but really about women and non straight rights In this respect it didn't feel like the 90s it felt like 1800 The alphas are the male gender of current society The betas are a third gender and pretty altogether forgotten in this culture The omegas are the female gender of current society But there are no females in this world Everyone has boy partswell externally at least Omegas have a womb And they are treated as the weaker and less than gender Marriages are arranged with contracts in which omegas give everything over to their alpha And they have no rights especially with their own body It's illegal to prevent pregnancy and punishable by death to have an abortion And an alpha who wants to bottom for another alpha? Unmanned Abomination Good times4 A romance This is what I came for But because of all the other crap seriously this book had everything but the kitchen sink our MCs really didn't get much page time We didn't even get to the declarations5 Sexy That it was It was downright filthy Self lubing buttholes growly alphas pleading omegas who need their holes stuffed My girl parts were happy But this wasn't enough to make me enthralled with the story And there weren't as many scenes as one would think like I said not a lot of page time between the MCs Let me address an elephant in the room for a lot of readers While there is mpreg in this story in a major way it didn't include either MC I know that makes a difference for someMajor niggle While I was uncomfortable enough with all the oppression stink in the room our alpha MC has not one but TWO on page sex scenes with someone who is not his omega in this book I was downright suirming with discomfort especially the second time when he'd already imprinted on his omega SuickSo that's where I am After all that I have no idea what I think or how to write a coherent and organic review So I'll simply leave my word vomit here and let you take from it what you will A for creativity though

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Slow HeatMprints on Vale in a shocking and public way longings are ignited that can't be ignored Fighting their strong sexual urges Jason and Vale must agree to contract with each other before they can consummate their passion But for Vale being with Jason means giving up his independence and placing his future in the hands of an untested alpha as well as facing th Slow Heat is now available on and in KU May 11 2018 Slow Heat is now available in audiobook narrated by the amazing Michael Ferraiuolo

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Slow Heat Epub è 436 pages Download ✓ Gwairsoft ã [Reading] ➶ Slow Heat Author Leta Blake – A lustful young alpha meets his match in an older omega with a past Professor Vale Aman has crafted a good life for himself An unbonded omega in his mid thirties he's long since given up hope that hE scars of his own tumultuous past He isn't sure it's worth it But Jason isn't giving up his destined mate without a fight This is a stand alone gay romance novel 118000 words with a strong happy ending as well as a well crafted non shifter omegaverse with alphas betas omegas male pregnancy heat and knotting Content warning for pregnancy loss and aftermath I came to the MPREG universe like a bristled kitten attempting to get close to some strange creature I’ve never seen before hissing and spitting unsure of what I’d find Whatever I was expecting descending upon one of the sweetest love stories in the MM genre was not on my list I’m still in shock of how much I liked this book Although I must admit I would have liked it less if there were some on page births going around so thank the Wolf god for this small blessing There was something very gripping about Jason and Vale's that didn’t allow me to stay away from the book for long periods of time I’ve read it on my way to work at work before meetings in between meetings during one very boring meeting during lunch during dinner On the toilet A 19 year old alpha with hope and dreams of the future waiting for his destined omega A 35 year old omega resigned to the idea he will die without ever meeting his mate Until one day when baby alpha stops dead in his tracks and his world changes for everJason’s imprinting was my favorite moment from the entire book One moment Jason had his arm around Xan and the next his life as he knew it ended A raw musky scent flooded Jason’s nose and throat coating his mucous membranes His eyes rolled up in his head as the scent drilled deep into his brain awakening him with a soul deep shiver Pounding urgent lust peeled his humanity away leaving only animal instinct This book was a smorgasbord of emotions angst pain need loss love loneliness all nicely blended in a cocktail of pure entertainment I liked how it was filled with raw allegories of our modern worldthe celebrated bond in reproduction between the alpha and omega betas be damnedthe harsh world an alpha desiring another alpha had to live inthe strong regulations against abortion and birth control I don’t think I’ll ever become a dedicated MPREG fan but I’ve totally become Leta Blake’s fan Now I just need to figure out how much I care about Xan and Urho to decide how fast I should pick up the next book This was my first MPREG so I can’t say if this was the best MPREG story ever written but I enjoyed the bond between Jason and Vale very much Now off to tentacle porn to check how I feel about that too PS Jason is blonde so that cover triggers me a little