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SUMMARY Ö Superhuman Innovation ☆ ❰Read❯ ➮ Superhuman Innovation Author Chris Duffey – CES 2020 Gary's Book Club Top Technology Book of the YearArtificial Intelligence AI is the new electricity of our times It is revolutionizing industries the world over and changing how we fundamentall CES Gary's Book ClNsights and set sail for higher goals It unearths a powerful five pronged model which describes how AI enables innovation through the offerings of Speed facilitating work processes Understanding revealing and mastering deep insights Performance customization of delivery to customers Experimentation the iterative process of reinvention and feedback and Results tangible measurable and optimizable results The book is supported by varied and innovative case studies from a variety of industries. Interesting and well structured overview of artificial intelligence with the perspective of future development and integration in our lives If you don't know or have already some knowledge about AI still read the book I found the content engaging and informative Also the concepts are well explained


Businesses brands and agencies innovate but also what they innovate products services and contentIn a world of product and pricing parity the delivery of superior service experience has become the new marketing and the new real competitive edge With AI companies can harness the power of data personalization and on demand availability at the touch of an intelligent button Superhuman Innovation discusses how AI will serve the superstar innovators of tomorrow by enabling them to see deeper i. With “Superhuman Innovation Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence” Chris Duffey has authored a very comprehensive intriguing and interesting introduction to the topic of Artificial Intelligence He has a very impressive and expansive technology background which has provided him with first hand experience and insights Duffey also introduces the reader to a very creative approach applying AI as a collaborator in writing this book He provides numerous illustrations on how AI is already impacting our lives along with glimpses into the future about additional disruptive trends which he describes as his vision of the 4th Industrial Revolution in process Duffy introduces and devotes multiple chapters on his SUPER framework Speed Understanding Performance Experimentation Results as a strategic model for businesses to leverage AI as a competitive advantage In his final chapter Duffy provides interesting illustrations on how AI is impacting our lives and the lives of those around us I would recommend “Superhuman Innovation” to anyone who is curious and intrigued about how AI is and will continue to impact all of our professional and personal lives

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Superhuman InnovationCES Gary's Book Club Top Technology Book of the YearArtificial Intelligence AI is the new electricity of our times It is revolutionizing industries the world over and changing how we fundamentally view and understand work Superhuman Innovation argues that AI will supercharge the workforce and the world of work can be harnessed to deliver powerful change to how companies innovate and gain competitive advantage It is a practical guide to how AI and Machine Learning are impacting not only how. Disclaimer I got the book as a giveaway and I promised to provide my review I was initially excited to get the opportunity to read then got a bit concerned that I may not like the book and think this would be a waste of time Well I was wrong about the concern and it was very joyful until the last pageOverall this is a business book focused on AI The book felt like I am going through a business school class learning case studies and a framework to harness the power of AI This book touches practical considerations provides many real world business cases One of the lessons I learned curiosity helps to define the problem The well defined problem creates a solution Indeed Einstein's curiosity and his uestion on Newtonian physics must have been an incubator for the general theory of relativityThe book is structured as a dialogue between Chris Duffy and Aimé Aimé is an AI according to Duffy while I assume this could be an imaginary counterpart that represents AI's perspective I could tell Duffy is a big fan of science fiction and this is a nice touch that makes the book fun to read I was learning while listening to the conversations between the twoThe conversations cover a wide range of topics with a theme to provide a framework to harness AIPart 1 AI foundation a change in technology and its influence on our consuming behavior data for AI AI infrastructurePart 2 The AI activation the AI revolution SUPER framework speed understanding performance expectation resultsPart 3 The AI future defining the problem ethics past current and future of AISome uotes I liked There’s a saying attributed to Albert Einstein that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination; this is one of the major themes conveyed in this bookbuilding a tolerance for errors into a complex experience Errors can always happen and they are major sources of friction for customers and everyone else involveddata which is the fuel of AIBusinesses must practice both offensive and defensive data strategies A defensive strategy is needed to meet regulatory reuirements reduce expenses mitigate risks and fulfill other business objectives On the other hand an offensive strategy is intended to improve revenue create new products and services generate return on investment ROI and in general expand the business in some wayAimé Chris how many software engineers does it take to change a light bulb Chris I don’t know Aimé Aimé None That’s a hardware problemThe most difficult uestion to answer when starting an AI project is to determine where to begin The tendency is to jump straight into the technology without fully defining the problem or examining the marketThe problem led to curiosity and experimentation and they resolved it by building aueducts Without a problem the solution would never have been tried or even neededActionable curiosity is all about ideation which means to give yourself permission to be curious and then to use that curiosity to embrace workable solutions to problems